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Name of the Netherdeep is Dungeons & Dragons’ first main marketing campaign set in Important Function’s expansive realm of Exandria, and it begins within the wastes of Xhorhas. This area, as soon as a decrepit land prowled by demons, has advanced to turn out to be a various setting filled with every thing from reincarnating drow to communities that actually rise and fall on the backs of large tortoises.

For a primer on a number of the fascinating landmarks in Xhorhas, take a peek at our fast tour right here. Whenever you’re able to brainstorm a personality hailing from this area, click on beneath:

Goblins, drow, and dragonborn abound

Metallic dragonborn

Explorer’s Information to Wildemount provides us a very good take a look at the folks inhabiting Xhorhas. Races widespread in different elements of the world, like people and halflings, are decidedly a minority right here, and making a Xhorhasian character affords gamers the prospect to delve into often-underrepresented ancestries. Goblins, for example, embody the bulk in communities like Jigow, a coastal city composed of ramshackle fishing buildings which are constructed on the shells of gargantuan horizonback tortoises. Bugbears, gnolls, kobolds, lizardfolk, and orcs are additionally frequently-met residents of those areas.

The drow kind one other giant swath of Xhorhas’ populace, significantly in Rosohna, the middle of the Kryn Dynasty. For Dungeons & Dragons gamers unfamiliar with Important Function, it is necessary to know that the drow of the Dynasty are a far cry from the darkish elves on different worlds who had been corrupted by the Spider Queen Lolth. Xhorhas’ elves rejected Lolth’s teachings in favor of worshiping a deity of sunshine known as the Luxon, and Lolth has as a substitute dug her hooks right into a group of hobgoblins positioned within the fortress of Dumaran.

Final however not least are the dragonborn of Xhorhas, who dispersed throughout the area after the destruction of Draconia, a floating kingdom that longtime Important Function followers will acknowledge. Dragonborn can primarily be discovered within the forest hamlet of Charis and town of Xarzith Kitril, which was constructed close to Dreemoth Ravine, the place the stays of Draconia fell to earth.

Xhorhas is a land of survivors

Xhorhas was as soon as managed by a bunch of deities often known as the Betrayer Gods. These gods had been defeated through the Calamity, a cataclysmic struggle that scarred the land and resulted in large casualties. Regardless of their ache, the folks of Xhorhas have risen within the aftermath of this struggle and carried on, and if there’s one factor that defines the folks of the area, it’s the grit of surviving hardship and specializing in future ambitions. Your character is likely to be:

  • Hollow one from Explorer's Guide to WildemountA ravenite dragonborn descended from a line of enslaved Draconian. When Draconia nonetheless floated within the skies, the tailless ravenites had been dominated by the tailed draconblood ruling class. Your loved ones now freed from draconblood dragonborn, you search to outline your personal future in Xarzith Kitril and past.
  • A goblin combating in opposition to the lingering curse of Bane the Strife Emperor, the Betrayer God who created goblins. Bane nonetheless haunts his youngsters with nefarious whispers and visions, and each good deed you commit takes you one step nearer to defeating the corruption that encroaches on the sides of your thoughts.
  • A drow cleric who ardently hates Lolth and the corruption she has brought on all through the multiverse. You see how the hobgoblins of Dumaran have fallen for her seductive dogma based mostly on violence and political intrigue, and hope to assist them discover a higher method in life.
  • A Hole One, an undead ancestry stemming from Blightshore, Xhorhas’ jap coast. Sustained by necromantic magic, you lead a twilight existence between life and loss of life, in search of to take advantage of your second likelihood on this world.

The Luxon permits for the potential for rebirth

Faith in Xhorhas’ Kryn Dynasty revolves across the Luxon, which splintered way back into a number of dodecahedron-shaped beacons. 4 of those beacons are within the dynasty’s possession and are utilized in a rebirthing course of often known as consecution. When a faithful follower of the Luxon proves their religion, their soul may be sure to a beacon. Upon loss of life, their soul will likely be reborn in an toddler’s physique inside 100 miles of the beacon.

These reborn through consecution sometimes bear in mind fragments of their earlier life round adolescence, including additional dimension to any Xhorhas adventurer’s beliefs, flaws, and bonds. Your character is likely to be an orc who as soon as lived as a drow and now seeks to attract nearer to what the Kryn Dynasty calls an “Umavi”—a state of perfection solely achieved when a soul has undergone a number of cycles of rebirth and discovered its true function. 

Alternatively, you possibly can be an orc overwhelmed by the reminiscences of your earlier drow life. Maybe the data of your rebirth causes you to shun the Luxon and escape the bounds of the Kryn Dynasty. The selection is yours, and the storytelling prospects in your character’s backstory are boundless!

Luxon beacon

The Kryn Dynasty and the Dwendalian Empire do not get alongside

Warning! Spoilers for Important Function marketing campaign two lie forward!

Watchers of Important Function’s second marketing campaign will know of the tensions between Xhorhas’ Kryn Dynasty and the Dwendalian Empire to the west. In a nutshell, the Dynasty accused the Empire of authoritarian expansionism and the Empire considered the Dynasty as a fanatical kingdom far too obsessive about the Luxon. The open battle between each superpowers, often known as the Struggle of Ash and Gentle, finally ended with peace negotiations, however any residence marketing campaign may be set earlier than this armistice, and even ignore it altogether.

When crafting your Xhorhasian character, think about how they may really feel in regards to the Dwendalian Empire. Will they let mainstream political opinions in regards to the Empire’s expansionist authorities shade their views of its folks? Or maybe they hate the classist, theocratic tendencies of the Dynasty, the place the Luxon is seen as superior to all different religions and the present of consecution is managed by the higher class?

When setting up the second Important Function marketing campaign, Matt Mercer leaned closely into shades of grey, and the end result was a richer world the place each the Dynasty and the Empire got here throughout as flawed societies. Lean towards this course when discerning how your character may initially really feel in regards to the wider world—and be sure you give them wiggle room to alter their perceptions of the Empire if they only so occur to ally with a reliable group of Dwendalian comrades.

Observe the decision of journey throughout Exandria

Xhorhas is a wealthy start line for Name of the Netherdeep, however the marketing campaign guarantees to increase throughout all of Exandria, taking gamers to the continent of Marquet and eventually depositing them within the Netherdeep, a mysterious locale harking back to the Far Realm and the deep ocean. Sharpen your sword, prepared these survival abilities born on Xhorhas’ gritty wastelands, and prepare to reply the decision of journey. Name of the Netherdeep drops on March 15 and is obtainable for preorder on D&D Past.

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