Why Would Anyone Want to Bet On Turdle Racing?


Why Would Anyone Want to Bet On Turdle Racing?

We have all seen the tote bags that sit in the back of the pickup truck and they may as well be called the “turdle bag.” The tote bag has been around for decades, but its usefulness has only recently been recognized. Now you can own your own “turdle bag” to use in the comfort of your own home. Here is how the new tote bag concept works.

DESCRIPTION. The revolutionary TurDle Replicates the benefits of sit-down squatting in order to aid bowel constipation by giving direct bowel acupressure relief. The new TurDle is an ingenious, but simple device designed to fit comfortably into individuals of all heights, shapes and ages. The convenience of not having to lug around a heavy stool makes the tote a must have item for folks who often have to use the restroom while waiting for a meal or quick service at a fast food restaurant.

LISTED NOTE. According to TurDle inventor, the tote has the capacity to hold up to twelve pounds of loose fecal matter. This information is taken from the website of the patent pending product. The turdle also measures approximately.5 inches high and four inches wide, with a side opening of approximately five inches. The side opening is listed as the biggest selling point on the website.

BENEFITS. The device is said to provide a high level of comfort while also increasing one’s chances of relieving constipation. Some users have even claimed to feel less stress while sitting in the chair, and a higher “bio resistance” according to one review. The turdle also claims a low profile, so it does not have to hang down while traveling on public transportation.

WHY Turdle? Most people wait to relieve their colic until their baby comes home. However, it has been reported that even newborn babies can be inconvenienced by not being able to use the toilet during the early months of life. This is where the turdle comes in handy. It is a portable device that can be put to use for most any purpose where one needs relief from a bowel movement or other problem, such as constipation. The turdle can be used to prevent a hemorrhoid from becoming worse, by helping to keep the anal area clean and dry.

WHY IT POPULAR. One reason why the turdle is so popular, and why many people wait for the opportune moment to try it out, is the promise of a large refund when the turdle is not fully used. If you are hesitant about trying the product, you are then allowed up to 120 trials. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always request a refund.

WHO BENEFITS. Many parents who would prefer not to give up their regular sleep schedule, are those that need to be able to go to sleep before their baby due to both health and economic reasons. This way, they can continue to get a good night’s rest while allowing the baby to go to bed at his own time. Those that are concerned about the amount of money spent on prescription medications are now able to use the turdle to help prevent a small loss of sleep.

WHY IT HAS BETTER WIN Rate The makers of the turdle claim that their design makes the device more appealing to those that may be skeptical of new technology like this. They say that the turdle racing game is more attractive than the traditional wheel-based games. The racing turdle has a smoother surface and seems to have less of an edge when it comes to handling bumps. They say that this has made the racing experience more realistic, thus helping increase the chances that your child will win. If you are looking for a way to reduce the risk of losing more sleep over the long run, consider giving the turdle racing game a try. It’s safe, entertaining and a great educational choice!