Why Does Rime of the Frostmaiden Have Just One Magic Weapon?

Spoilers for magic objects in Rime of the Frostmaiden.

As written, Rime of the Frostmaiden features a typical variety of magic objects, however just one helpful magic weapon, a +2 trident. That rely excludes the Berserker Axe, which attaches a harsh curse, and 6 laser rifles, which I don’t rely as magic. Some gamers will relish letting their rogues and rangers turn out to be raygun-blasting snipers, however many gamers, together with these with greatsword-wielding barbarians, could not fancy the place a laser rifle steers their character.

Dunegon masters can change the journey’s loot to suit their gamers, and also you, I, and the designers all realize it. Certainly although, the dearth of magic weapons comes by design, from a selection the authors made as a result of they felt it enhanced the journey.

What motivated this selection?

The stinginess reinforces the shortage and wrestle that units the journey’s early tone. ThinkDM writes, “It’s meant to convey desolation on the floor stage of Icewind Dale, actually and figuratively. This units a distinction to the excessive magic stuff occurring later within the journey.”

The journey primarily avoids granting magic objects that solely swimsuit a specific class or character, favoring wondrous objects, protecting objects, and even a wand of magic missiles that any character can use. This avoids the awkward second when the social gathering finds a +2 longsword regardless that everybody needs a rapier. (DM trace: Whenever you announce the discover to that social gathering, pronounce “longsword” as “rapier.”)

D&D’s fifth version design goals to play tremendous with out magic objects, however an absence of magic weapons weakens fighters, rangers, and rogues towards creatures immune to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from non-magical assaults. Each character suffers moments like when the fireball-blasting sorcerer enters the forge of salamanders. Nonetheless, the sport makes creatures immune to non-magic weapons widespread sufficient to steer the designers to offer monks and druids fist and claw assaults that rely as magic. The D&D Adventurers League provides out magic weapons to any fifth-level character who needs one. This avoids each penalizing the courses that want them and the awkward moments when a bunch finds the unsuitable sort of magic sword.

In Frostmaiden, a sure infestation of vampires may overwhelm a celebration with out magic weapons. At greatest, that barbarian spends an evening feeling ineffective. Hope you discovered a laser rifle.

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