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The Vecna File is a homage to certainly one of the best villains in Dungeons & Dragons, the archlich Vecna. Inside, you may discover info concerning Vecna’s previous, in addition to a stat block for utilizing him in your video games. 

From June ninth to June sixteenth, 2022, all D&D Past customers can declare their copy of the Vecna File for gratis! Merely head to the redemption web page by clicking the button beneath. From there, you may unlock its contents to be used in D&D Past’s digital toolset! After June sixteenth, the Vecna File will solely be obtainable to assert by subscribers throughout June and July.

What You will Discover within the Vecna File

The Vecna File incorporates all the info you may have to run Vecna in your recreation, together with:

  • Lore surrounding Vecna’s backstory and rise to energy.
  • Tidbits of data concerning legendary magical artifacts, just like the Sword of Kas and the E book of Vile Darkness.
  • A CR 26 stat block for Vecna which can be utilized in D&D Past’s Encounters instrument.

Who Is Vecna?

Vecna is the last word Large Dangerous Evil Man (BBEG) of D&D lore. Referred to as the Timeless King or the Whispered One, Vecna is an immensely highly effective wizard that turned to lichdom with the intention to obtain immortality. Along with his timeless life, Vecna has searched for methods to extend his magical would possibly. After amassing an empire on the world of Greyhawk, Vecna turned his gaze to the multiverse and now seeks godhood above all else. In some tales, Vecna has achieved the facility he sought. In others, a heroic band of adventurers might be able to cease him earlier than he succeeds in his targets.

Tales of Vecna’s evil have been round for the reason that first version of D&D and now, with the Vecna File, you may convey his horrible energy to your individual video games!

New Digital Cube Set: Manipulate Your Destiny With the Cube of Vecna

Do you dare conjure Vecna’s darkish magic to assist you in battle? The Cube of Vecna at the moment are obtainable within the market for $5.99. This cube set represents a legendary artifact referred to as the Eye of Vecna—an artifact that holds nice energy for its wielder but in addition comes at a ugly value. 

When rolled, the Cube of Vecna shows the consequence within the pupil of the Eye. Whether or not success or failure is had with the Cube of Vecna, one factor is definite: the Whispered One is watching.

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