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Did you launch one of many Nice Outdated Ones into this world from the Far Realm? Get misplaced in mystical woods till you met a creature product of leaves and bark, smelling of candy sap and providing sweeter offers? Have you ever just lately grow to be finest associates with a unicorn? Regardless of the specifics, if you happen to’re studying this, you’re a warlock on an journey, and it’s time for some magic objects.

Listed below are a number of of our favourite magic objects for the warlock class. In the event you’d like so as to add one thing to your character sheet, go to the D&D Past market to choose it up. It may also be shared with you by a buddy or Dungeon Grasp with a Grasp-tier subscription.

  1. Amethyst lodestone
  2. Rod of the pact keeper
  3. Bell branch
  4. Dark shard amulet
  5. Hunter’s coat
  6. Ring of shooting stars
  7. Staff of power
  8. Talking doll
  9. Voyager staff
  10. Wand of fireballs / wand of lightning bolts 

Dungeon Masters’ Discretion

A few of these objects could not exist in your DM’s setting. In the event you’re eager about one of many objects listed beneath, talk about this along with your DM. Nonetheless, needless to say there are various explanation why they may not allow sure magic objects of their marketing campaign.

Prime 10 Magic Objects for Warlocks

A warlock uses a genies vessel to battle a cyclops

1. Amethyst Lodestone

Wondrous Merchandise, very uncommon (requires attunement)

Beginning with what your DM may deem essentially the most tough merchandise on this record to seek out, the amethyst lodestone is a fist-sized rock infused with an amethyst dragon’s skill to govern gravity. Whereas carrying the lodestone, it grants you benefit on Power saving throws.

The lodestone holds 6 expenses. For one cost, you should use your bonus motion to fly (equal to your strolling pace) for 10 minutes, throughout which you’ll be able to hover. Sadly, whereas the fly spell provides you a quicker flying pace, it additionally prices one in all your valuable few spell slots and requires focus. 

In the event you choose to maneuver an opponent across the battlefield, use the lodestone’s Gravitational Thrust skill. You possibly can try and push a goal 20 toes in a course of your selection. Lastly, you possibly can expend 3 expenses to forged reverse gravity from the lodestone, a spell not usually accessible to the warlock.

2. Rod of the Pact Keeper

Rod, varies (requires attunement by a warlock)

The rod of the pact keeper is a warlock’s finest buddy. It will increase the accuracy of your spell assault rolls and your spell save DC based on its rarity, as much as a +3 bonus. Boosting your spell save DC will assist guarantee spells like hypnotic sample stick. Improved spell assault rolls, in the meantime, will profit your castings of eldritch blast.

However the rod of the pact keeper has one different profit. As soon as per lengthy relaxation and as an motion, you possibly can restore one warlock spell slot. With as few slots as you’re getting, this impact can tip the stability of an encounter.

A warlock wielding the rod of the pact keeper

3. Bell Department

Wondrous Merchandise, uncommon (requires attunement by a druid or warlock)

The bell department requires attunement by a druid or a warlock. Maybe it’s not ideally suited to stealth missions, what with the golden bells and all, however what it lacks in subtlety, it makes up for in safety. 

The department, which you should use as your spellcasting focus, holds three expenses. As a bonus motion, you possibly can expend one in all these expenses to detect aberrations, celestials, constructs, elementals, fey, fiends, or undead inside 60 toes of you. Constructs are a useful inclusion since different spells like detect evil and good will in any other case miss them. Additionally they may be hiding in plain sight, immobile, indistinguishable from an inanimate statue. The bell department received’t inform you exactly the place such creatures are, however it should point out which varieties of creatures are current. In the event you don’t like what you hear, use your motion to expend one other of the department’s expenses and forged safety from evil and good on your self or an ally. 

4. Darkish Shard Amulet

Wondrous Merchandise, frequent (requires attunement by a warlock)

A unbelievable early recreation merchandise in your warlock, the darkish shard amulet is product of extraplanar materials originating from the realm of your patron. Whereas carrying it, you should use it as a spellcasting focus. Uniquely, the amulet permits you to forged a warlock cantrip that you simply don’t know as soon as per lengthy relaxation, if you happen to succeed on a DC 10 Intelligence (Arcana) examine. These makes an attempt can present wealthy roleplaying alternatives between you and your patron, whether or not you’re begging for entry to relax contact for a regenerating enemy or simply hoping to make use of mage hand that can assist you make breakfast.

5. Hunter’s Coat

Armor (leather-based), very uncommon (requires attunement)

Launched in Exandria, the hunter’s coat supplies a trendy, albeit delicate increase to your warlock’s AC and harm output. 3 times per day, you possibly can add 1d10 necrotic harm to an assault towards a creature that doesn’t have all its hit factors. Flip your common eldritch blast right into a useful essential hit by including 1d10 harm or make pure 20s much more prone to drop the goal.

6. Ring of Capturing Stars

Ring, very uncommon (requires attunement)

A beautiful silver ring embedded with purple stonesA gorgeous silver ring embedded with blue and purple stones, the ring of capturing stars is filled with tips not in any other case accessible to the warlock—or anybody else, in some instances. 

With out costing any of its 6 expenses, this ring permits you to forged dancing lights and lightweight at will whereas in dim mild or darkness. As well as, for one cost, you possibly can forged faerie hearth from the ring, a spell not usually accessible to warlocks until they serve an Archfey patron. 

However the ring is most well-known for its extra evocative skills: Ball Lightning and Capturing Stars. These highly effective magical results mean you can create spheres of lightning that harm close by enemies or hurl hearth harm onto all creatures inside an space. 

The warlock, with its restricted spell record and few spell slots, advantages considerably from this magic merchandise.

7. Workers of Energy

Workers, very uncommon (requires attunement by a sorcerer, warlock, or wizard)

As has been stated earlier than, right here and elsewhere, warlocks love objects that increase their spell record or enhance the variety of spells they’ll forged per day. The employees of energy, a classically highly effective magic merchandise, does each in spades.

Whereas attuned to this employees, you acquire a +2 bonus to assault and harm rolls made with it, in addition to your Armor Class, saving throws, and spell assault rolls. As well as, the employees has 20 expenses, which can be utilized to gasoline varied spells. A number of of those should not usually accessible to the warlock, together with globe of invulnerability, magic missile, and wall of power.

Whereas this merchandise is highly effective sufficient to be clearly precious for any caster that may attune to it, the warlock advantages most.

A metal staff with arcane inscriptions

8. Speaking Doll

Wondrous Merchandise, frequent (requires attunement)

Not each warlock embraces the “creepy” trope, but when your warlock delights in scary buddy and foe alike, then look no additional than the speaking doll. You possibly can train the doll as much as six phrases, every phrase as much as six phrases lengthy, and also you set a situation that should happen inside 5 toes of the doll for it to talk every phrase. You possibly can put this to sensible use, delivering it to somebody with recorded directions relating to a future assembly, with programmed solutions to frequent questions corresponding to “When?” or “The place?” Alternatively, terrify your enemies or (lovingly) prank your allies! Maybe your DM gives you inspiration if you happen to can handle to take action with the identical phrase.

9. Voyager Workers

Workers, very uncommon (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

Whereas there are various nice decisions among the many accessible staffs and wands, the voyager employees boasts a well-rounded spell record, helpful in exploration, utility, and fight. 

Use passwall to maneuver the get together by way of a dungeon, or outright teleport the get together to your vacation spot. Misty step your method across the battlefield and blink out and in of vary of your enemies’ magic. And if all that fails? Properly, you possibly can at all times banish your troubles away.

The voyager employees additionally supplies glorious alternatives to taste spells that you simply may not have in any other case been in a position to forged in any respect. For instance, what does it appear like when your Archfey warlock teleports the get together or when your dao warlock makes use of passwall?

10. Wand of Fireballs / Wand of Lightning Bolts

Wand, uncommon (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

A wooden wand with silver accents and a fiery glowing tipClassics for a purpose, the wand of fireballs and wand of lightning bolts reside as much as their commercial. Every wand boasts 7 expenses and might forged its eponymous spell, fireball or lightning bolt, on the third degree for one cost. When its final cost is expended, it dangers crumbling into ash; even if you happen to save the wand’s ultimate cost and by no means use it, this wand may characterize an additional six spells in your warlock per day.

In the event you choose to upcast a spell somewhat than forged it a number of occasions, these wands mean you can spend extra expenses when casting. So, go forward, kick off the primary spherical of fight by rolling 14d6 harm.

Constructing a Warlock

Now that you simply’ve acquired a number of magic objects to make use of once you aren’t eldritch blasting, it’s time to move over to the character builder and get began on that warlock! I’m certain they’ll be everybody’s favourite little arcane dealmaker very quickly.

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