The Mafia Wars – Who Are the Gangs Involved in the New York Correction Center?

The D&D Gang is a gang of prison inmates that started out as a small group but eventually swelled to many more members. These gang members have been proven to be brutal and ruthless. They are known for beating other inmates and using them as targets. The gang also tortures its victims with a homemade ice pick.

dd gang

Although it is believed that the size of these gangs are very different, each one seems to have its own agenda and have its own ways of carrying out its activities. These organizations were formed due to lack of formal gang activity in their respective prisons. However, they are similar in nature in carrying out their operations and targets. Despite being formalized, there are differences among them too. They are all notorious for conducting violent prison gang activities.

One of the most recognized gangs is the crews. It is a combination of Bloods and Crips. These gangs promote criminal activity in general. However, they are not as organized as the Bloods and the Crips although they do have some kind of hierarchy. The inmate assigned as the leader of a crew is called a PM.

The CDB or the Committee on Death and Life Threatening crimes and Drugs is another well-known gang. They are known for promoting gang violence and crimes involving drugs and people. Most members of this group are former drug dealers and robbers. They are mostly former law enforcement agents or corrections officers. The CDB usually targets politicians, businessmen and anyone else who represents authority and represents people who commit crime.

The ODB or the Old Maid Promotes Gang Activity. This gang is believed to be made up of female inmates. They are known for promoting gang activity like extortion, robbery, racketeering and even murder. They are considered to be a serious threat to the safety of other inmates because they can kill other inmates if given a chance. According to prison records, the Old Maid is believed to be a leader of the racketeer crew which was responsible for the fatal shooting of another inmate.

The THG or the Thugs and Greed gangs are believed to be formed from prison inmates who are weak and want to find a way to make more money. They are believed to be behind the unsolved murder of an prominent gangster in Queens. The ODB and the THG are believed to be behind a string of murders committed by inmates over the last few years. The prison records show that most of the murders were carried out by a small clique of hardened inmates. None of the groups have so far been linked to any unsolved homicide case.

A new clique has formed and this one is called the Southside Choppers. This particular clique has links to the criminal world and would like to use the prison as leverage to get their way. Most of the crimes committed by this group have been related to robbery. The members of the Southside Choppers would like to take control of the CDB and become a major force in the street.

There is another faction called the theocratic group of three or more people who are believed to be running the criminal network. They are believed to be controlling the operations of the prison through extortion and prisoner exchange. Theocrats are believed to have links with the Eastern Slope Flock which is also believed to be running a prison within a prison. Theocratic gangs are believed to be behind a lot of murders in the prison and are also involved in trafficking drugs. Most of these crimes were committed by the theocrats who have ties with the Eastern Slope Flock. This information was provided by an inmate who was serving a long term in the New York City jail.