The DND Minotaur Miniature

The DW Minotaur miniature figure has become an instant favorite with fans of both miniatures and role playing games. The minelayer DW Miniatures sculpts figures in a way that they are very much like the traditional miniatures, but they are hand painted and sculpted by award winning artist Andy Price. Price is one of the most accomplished and creative artists of modern miniature sculpting and miniatures. His work is truly a sight to behold.

dnd minotaur miniature

The minotaur is a hydra sized creature. It stands nearly four feet tall and can be considered the size of a large dog. Its large body is covered with a soft, furry, velvety exterior layer. The inside of its large fur covered exterior is home to a pulsating heart. The minotaur’s internal organs are visible through this external exterior coating of fur.

The minotaur looks fantastic. He is painted a rich brown color that has a bit of a bronze glow to it. His eyes are very shiny and his teeth are a row of perfect white teeth. He wears a large gold heart-shaped charm on his right ear and a large copper ring on his left.

The minotaur’s right claw is covered in a bright gold color. His left claw is painted a beautiful golden color. His legs appear to be segmented like those of a worm. His tail is a smooth metallic silver color and has tiny pearly blue spines. He also sports a set of long, pointy black pointed ears.

The minotaur stands on four strong legs that are strong enough to carry him about on his back. He stands just over one foot tall and weighs about one hundred and forty pounds. His appearance will suggest that he is strong, if not obese. His stocky build might account for this conclusion. He walks with an unsure gait.

The minotaur wears no clothing. In fact, he wears nothing at all! His fur is a deep red that matches his painted face. His tusks are black with two white spots on each.

The right half of his right arm has several white spikes protruding from it. The left side of his arm has another row of spike protruding from it. On his belly is a single white spot. His lower stomach has several white spots on it as well. The minotaur sleeps in a hole at the bottom of his purple robe.

There is some assembly required. The minotaur comes with a plastic base and a five-pronged tail. To add accessories you will need to purchase additional plastic pieces. You can paint the minotaur to match your home’s decor. Other painted toy miniatures with a flamboyant lion theme are available.

The minotaur has no horn or hooves. It is covered with a smooth, purple skin that moves when you move it. A small hole in the middle of the top of the head allows you to view its eyes. There are also holes in its body and on its tail.

You can find the minotaur in a number of designs. The most common design is a dark purple color with black stripes. The minotaur usually stands on four legs but can be designed to have two legs or a tail. The painted minotaur stands on a plastic “base” that easily slips over your hand.

The minotaur hums or creses when approached. This is a sure sign that the minotaur wishes you good luck or requests that you avoid trouble. It can also be turned into a ferocious bull if that is what you wish. When the minotaur is turned into a bull it will charge and attack any human that crosses its path.

When the minotaur is finished glowing and charging you can blow its glowing horn. This will drive away all of its other neighbors. It will become peaceful again and leave your room. When it is finished glowing you can touch it and cause it to glow. As a fun and safe pet you may want to keep this little creature as a pet.