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Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos introduces the owlin, a brand new race of owl-like humanoids, to the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse. Distant descendants of big owls from the Feywild, these fluffy fliers make for the right Strixhaven bookworms. They will additionally match into any marketing campaign as heroes who take pleasure in dodging the assaults of enemies whereas flapping within the air and delivering their very own blows with raucous hoots.

Right here’s a sneak peek on the owlin, together with some concepts for taking part in and constructing your individual avian adventurer.

Owlin racial traits

Owlin race artworkOwlin are available all sizes and shapes and are as assorted because the strigiformes of the actual world. Some may need the majestic, multicolored feathers of an ideal horned owl with huge tufts round their eyes, granting them a distinguished, wizened look. Others could seem strikingly white like snowy owls or possess the seemingly mild faces of barn owls.

No matter their exterior look, owlin are all labeled as humanoids, and upon first look, their racial traits bear a resemblance to the eagle-like aarakocra. There are a couple of key variations, nevertheless, since owlin can are available both Medium or Small measurement. Owlin additionally possess a sooner strolling velocity of 30 toes.

The next are different notable racial traits:

Darkvision. Owls are famend for his or her nocturnal habits, and owlin aren’t any exception. They will see in dim gentle inside 120 toes.

Flight. Owlin can fly at their strolling velocity of 30 toes. Their flight capabilities aren’t fairly as highly effective as their aarakocra cousins, who can fly at 50 toes. However each races share an identical handicap: they’ll’t put on medium or heavy armor in the event that they hope to take to the skies. It’s powerful to spiral up into the air for those who’ve bought plate mail weighing you down, in any case!

Silent Feathers. Owlin have proficiency in Stealth, which makes excellent sense contemplating that owls are birds of prey identified for snatching mice out of the darkness, making nary a sound.

What about skill rating will increase?

If you create an owlin utilizing the foundations from Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, you may select to extend one skill rating by 2 and one other by 1, or select to extend three completely different scores by 1.

An owlin’s outlook on life

Owlin might simply be roleplayed as smart creatures, just like how their namesakes have been portrayed in historical Greek and Roman mythology. One can simply think about teams of owlin delving into the traditional tomes that exist in Strixhaven’s miraculous Biblioplex, mastering all method of arcane data. The nocturnal nature of some owlin also can make them the type of Strixhaven college students who’re susceptible to pulling all-nighters, or no less than sleeping in and lacking the occasional class or two.

Their Feywild heritage, nevertheless, implies that the owlin’s aptitude for finding out may be tempered with an underlying present of caprice and unpredictable mischief, maybe giving the race one thing in frequent with different Fey ancestries like harengon and faeries. Don’t assume that your owlin have to be restricted to the world of Strixhaven — these birds might be glorious carnival employees in The Wild Past the Witchlight, an journey that may additionally give them an opportunity to discover their Fey lineage.

Make your owlin character your individual

Whereas frequent owl stereotypes are a strong begin for creating an owlin adventurer, be happy to defy these tropes or have a look at lesser-known folklore for inspiration. In lots of myths from African nations, as an illustration, owls have been related to witchcraft and seen as heralds of demise. That is excellent fodder for an owlin who’s a bit grimmer and gothic than one may count on.

Constructing an owlin character

With the liberty to extend skill scores as you see match, the owlin race works effectively for all kinds of characters and might simply embody spellcasting and martial archetypes. For a couple of centered ideas, contemplate the next:

  • Silent Feathers makes owlin naturally stealth-inclined. An owlin rogue might creep up on an enemy from above and ship a devastating dive bomb strike, then Disengage as a bonus motion to keep away from retaliation. Keep in mind that owlin can solely fly in the event that they put on gentle armor, so plan your gear, melee strikes, and escape routes accordingly.
  • For individuals who wish to mix spell-slinging with roguish backstabbing, an owlin Arcane Trickster is the best way to go. Alternatively, an owlin monk following the Manner of the Shadow could be an fascinating character with each magic and melee at their disposal, and the Shadow Step skill that enables for teleportation in dim gentle and darkness works completely for a predator of the night time. For inspiration, try the Talon assassins who perform wetwork for the Court docket of the Owls, the shadowy group featured within the Batman comics and the upcoming Gotham Knights online game.
  • Going again to African myths concerning owls as harbingers of demise, strive creating an owlin who makes use of the subclasses from Van Richten’s Information to Ravenloft. An owlin with an unnerving face — maybe customary after the Sri Lanka bay owl — who communicates with ghosts as a School of Spirits bard would immediately be a memorable character. In the event you’re enjoying as a warlock, maybe your owlin might even flip his head 180 levels as he makes use of a scrying ball to talk along with his warlock patron, an historical lich!
Construct your owlin on D&D Past

When Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos turns into accessible on D&D Past, you should purchase the e-book within the market or just purchase the owlin race individually. Then, use D&D Past’s character builder to experiment with completely different builds and courses to deliver your imaginative and prescient of those stealthy avians to life.

Research extra about Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos

Owlin aren’t the one new addition to Dungeons & Dragons with Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos. Releasing December 7, the e-book accommodates a bunch of recent backgrounds, spells, and magic gadgets to make your tenure on the most enchanting college throughout the planes all of the extra memorable, in addition to loads of monsters to match wits towards. Maintain your eyes peeled for extra previews from D&D Past!

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