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Spell Highlight is a sequence the place we do a deep dive on a few of Dungeons & Dragon’s most attention-grabbing, helpful, and sophisticated spells. At the moment, we’re taking a look at enlarge/cut back, a helpful spell that permits you to change the dimensions of a creature or object of your selecting. Whereas it may appear easy on the floor, there are many inventive methods to make it one of the potent and versatile spells in your arsenal, each out and in of fight.

Whether or not you need to make your barbarian pal much more menacing, otherwise you simply need to shrink that fish your neighbor caught so that you win the fishing contest, enlarge/cut back has bought you lined.

What Does Enlarge/Scale back Do?

A gnome artificer and his Iron Defender companion

Enlarge/cut back is a 2nd-level transmutation spell. For as much as 1 minute or till you lose focus, you may trigger a creature or object of your selecting to develop bigger or smaller. Remember that an unwilling creature, like an enemy you’re combating, could make a Structure saving throw to keep away from this impact. Many creatures chances are you’ll face in your adventures are fairly good at Structure saving throws, so this spell won’t be a dependable choice to make use of towards your foes. So as to add to this, you can not goal an object {that a} creature has on their particular person, so that you gained’t be capable of flip your enemy’s weapons into mini toy variations.

Enlarging a goal doubles its bodily dimension and drastically will increase its weight, thereby rising its dimension class by one, that means {that a} Medium creature would develop into Giant. The largest draw right here is that the goal features benefit on Power checks and Power saving throws, and their weapons deal 1d4 additional injury. The obvious use of enlarge is to present an ally an edge in battle.

Lowering a goal primarily does the alternative of what enlarging it might do. The goal’s bodily dimension is halved, its weight is drastically decreased, and its dimension class goes down by one. On condition that the goal will get drawback on Power checks and Power saving throws, and its weapon injury is lowered by 1d4 for the period, lowering a creature is meant for use in your enemies.

One of the contentious points of casting enlarge/cut back on a creature is that something they’re carrying or holding additionally modifications dimension. Creatures which might be dimension Small have drawback on assaults with heavy weapons, so the query is: Does this maintain true for shrunken weapons? The weapon would retain the heavy property, however it might additionally scale down with you from Medium to Small. That is in all probability a query finest left as much as your DM.

There aren’t many guidelines for participant characters which might be a dimension aside from Small or Medium, however we are going to focus on what we do know.

What Creature Sizes Imply

Creatures in D&D are divided into six dimension classes: Tiny, Small, Medium, Giant, Big, and Gargantuan. Measurement dictates fairly a couple of attributes when creating monsters, however on the subject of participant characters, dimension is much less of a figuring out issue.

One of many biggest impacts dimension has is on carrying capability and the way a lot a creature can push, drag, or raise. Every dimension above Medium will get to double these quantities, whereas Tiny creatures halve these quantities.

Measurement additionally impacts interactions on the battlefield. Naturally, you’re taking up extra space if you find yourself bigger, successfully rising the alternatives for different creatures to depend as adjoining to you. You’ll be able to solely grapple and shove creatures which might be no higher than one dimension bigger than you, so enlarging a pal might open up the potential for them with the ability to grapple a very cumbersome enemy. Moreover, you may transfer via the area of a hostile creature that’s at the very least two sizes bigger or smaller than you, so managing to develop into Tiny would provide you with an edge there.

Word that you simply can’t get larger than Giant utilizing enlarge/cut back, as all playable races are Small or Medium and a number of situations of the spell don’t stack with one another.

Who Can Solid Enlarge/Scale back?

Enlarge/cut back is simply obtainable to a few courses: artificers, sorcerers, and wizards. There are not any subclasses that achieve this spell, and since it’s a 2nd-level spell you gained’t be capable of entry it with a feat like Magic Provoke. Your solely choice, then, can be to play considered one of these courses, multiclass into one to get entry to 2nd-level magic, or to seek out an merchandise that has expenses of the spell.

Why We Love This Spell

A gnome artificer and her Homunculus Servant

Maybe the very best use for enlarge/cut back in fight is to help an ally that focuses on grappling after they struggle. Even with the Grappler feat, grappling typically doesn’t really feel like a robust technique. By inflicting your grappling ally to develop, they won’t solely get benefit on their Power checks and further injury on weapon assaults, however they’ll be capable of grapple and shove even bigger creatures. If the spell will increase your ally’s dimension from Medium to Giant, they’ll be capable of grapple a Big creature like an grownup black dragon! Alternatively, lowering an enemy will give your ally a a lot simpler time in sustaining the grapple.

Utilizing cut back on a Small ally may also be attention-grabbing since they’ll develop into Tiny. Tiny creatures may have a a lot simpler time transferring across the battlefield as they’ll be capable of transfer via the area of hostile creatures and discover cowl extra simply. Tiny creatures can even be capable of squeeze themselves into smaller areas, opening up a brand new choice for infiltration. 

So far as objects go, the makes use of for enlarge/cut back are close to countless and are solely restricted by your creativeness and your Dungeon Grasp’s leniency. As with many points of D&D, sure issues are left as much as your discretion and what your desk finds enjoyable. For instance, Jeremy Crawford was requested in 2016 if a cut back spell can be utilized to bypass locked doorways by shrinking them. He acknowledged that it is best to ask the participant which a part of the door they need to cut back as doorways are fabricated from a number of objects (source). The fundamental guidelines state that “an object is a discrete, inanimate merchandise like a window, door, sword, guide, desk, chair, or stone, not a constructing or a automobile that’s composed of many different objects.” A door is talked about, however it doesn’t make clear whether or not it means simply the door, or additionally the handles, locks, and different issues that is likely to be connected to it. One might argue {that a} guide can be fabricated from a number of objects, particularly the duvet and the tons of or hundreds of items of paper inside. As an alternative of getting misplaced in these debates, simply make your case to your DM and allow them to decide if what you’re asking goes to negatively affect your recreation.

FAQ: Enlarge/cut back

Can You Stack Enlarge/Scale back?

No. Two situations of the identical spell don’t stack. Nevertheless, you may enhance your dimension class additional by stacking the spell with the Rune Knight fighter’s third degree function Large’s Would possibly.

Can You Upcast Enlarge/Scale back?

No. There isn’t a greater degree model of this spell to get the impact a number of occasions.

Does Enlarge/Scale back Have an effect on Weapon Injury?

Sure! Creatures deal an additional 1d4 with enlarged weapons and 1d4 much less injury with lowered weapons, although the injury can’t be lowered to decrease than 1.

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