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The Wild Past the Witchlight is sort of upon us! Releasing September 21, the journey e-book will take gamers into the Feywild for a romp by means of the Witchlight Carnival and Prismeer, a website of enjoyment! Gamers may have new character creation choices, together with two new races: the fairy and the harengon, a rabbit-like humanoid.

Fairies are central to the Feywild and as diversified because the realm’s individuals. However whereas the fairy race shares bodily traits with the creatures you is perhaps conversant in, there are some key variations that carry them in step with different Dungeons & Dragons races.

Click on beneath for a sneak peek on the fairy race and the way you would possibly construct one:

Fairy racial traits

Fairies are a wee people, however not almost as a lot in order their pixie and sprite mates. The primary fairies spoke Elvish, Goblin, or Sylvan, and encounters with human guests prompted a lot of them to study Frequent as effectively. Infused with the magic of the Feywild, most fairies appear to be Small elves with insectile wings, however every fairy has a particular bodily attribute that units the fairy aside.

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Fairies have an extended, storied historical past within the Feywild. Showing as diminutive elves with insectile wings, fairy creatures are available every kind of types. If you select the fairy race, you may get to resolve what sort of fairy creature your character takes after. Will you’ve the midnight blue pores and skin tone of a quickling and moth wings, the sunshine inexperienced pores and skin of a pixie and butterfly wings, or one thing else?

Not like your typical fairy creature, you will not be Tiny. The fairy race is measurement Small. fairy race from The Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe next are different notable racial traits. Not the entire fairy’s traits are represented beneath.

Fairy Magic. Fairies are magical by nature. At 1st stage,  the druidcraft cantrip. As you stage, you may choose up two extra spells, faerie fireplace and enlarge/cut back. You possibly can forged certainly one of these spells at no cost as soon as per lengthy relaxation. When you have spell slots of the suitable stage, you should utilize them to forged both of those spells.

When you choose the fairy race to your character, you may select Intelligence, Knowledge, or Charisma as your spellcasting skill for these spells.

Flight. Your wings aren’t only for present. You have got a flying pace that is the same as your strolling pace. Just like the aarakocra, you’ll be able to’t fly should you’re sporting medium or heavy armor.

What about skill rating will increase?

If you create a harengon or fairy utilizing the principles present in The Wild Past the Witchlight, you can select to extend one skill rating by 2 and one other by 1, or select to extend three completely different scores by 1.

A fairy’s outlook on life

Fairies are as distinctive because the fey realm. When deciding how your fairy character would possibly act, you’ll be able to look to fairy creatures for inspiration:

  • Pixie: Kindhearted and naturally curious, pixies could be seen as childlike, however they’re clever sufficient to establish pal from foe. As a result of they’re delicate creatures, pixies want to play methods on enemies quite than face them head-on.
  • Quickling: These fast-moving and mischievous fey are temperamental.
  • Sprite: Chilly and calculating, sprites are natural-born warriors. These fey defend others from evildoers.

Characters that develop up within the Feywild will rapidly study the artwork of trickery, and that warning is a advantage. Seemingly innocuous requests within the Feywild can be harmful. Has a sort previous girl stopped you on the road and requested to your identify? A personality from the Materials Airplane won’t bat an eye fixed over such a request. However within the Feywild, you may grant somebody energy over you by giving them your identify. To get a greater concept of the distinctive risks of the fey realm, take a look at this text on surviving the Feywild.

Make your fairy character your individual

Do not feel obligated to dig by means of monster descriptions to find out your fairy character’s persona. Your character and their backstory is your individual. Maybe your fairy character has insectile legs and is vulnerable to rage each time they’re mistaken for an outsized insect. Or they appear just like a pixie however are mopey like a winter eladrin. The Airplane of Faerie is a wild and untamed place, so let your think about run free!

Constructing a fairy character

Fairies aren’t simply mischievous and exquisite to the attention. They’ll make mighty warriors relying on the way you make the most of their racial traits. Take into account the next as you brainstorm character concepts:

  • Fairy Magic enables you to be Tiny. Should you’ve all the time dreamed of being Tiny measurement, enlarge/cut back will permit you to dwell out that dream in one-minute increments. Use this spell to get into in any other case inaccessible areas. Alternatively, forged it on the social gathering fighter to spice up their injury and extra.
  • Fairy Magic provides faerie fireplace to your spell listing. Faerie fireplace is a potent 1st stage spell. It grants benefit on assault rolls towards creatures who’re affected by it and does not permit them to learn from being invisible. However positioning this area-of-effect spell to keep away from hitting allies can be tough in tight quarters. Sorcerers, which do not usually get faerie fireplace, can apply the Cautious Spell Metamagic to keep away from affecting allies. Equally, wizards can apply Sculpt Spell from the College of Evocation subclass.
  • Flight is a strong racial trait. If the aarakocra have taught us something, it is that having a flying pace at 1st stage is a giant deal. Have to scale a cliff to retrieve a roc’s egg?  Fly. Afraid of trapped flooring tiles in a dungeon? Fly. Orcs charging at you with greataxes? Fly.
Construct your fairy on D&D Past

When The Wild Past the Witchlight releases, you should buy the e-book or simply the races and backgrounds within the market after which use D&D Past’s character builder to discover completely different builds to your character. Take a look at out completely different courses to your fairy, alter their skill scores, and extra to carry your new character to life.

Extra previews from The Wild Past the Witchlight

The newest D&D journey does not simply introduce extra participant choices, you may additionally discover new monsters to problem your gamers! For longtime followers of the sport, you may even uncover some previous mates lurking between the covers of this e-book.

Try Amy Dallen’s interview with Chris Perkins to study extra about The Wild Past the Witchlight:

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