Psychic Versus Outsider: How the Races Benefit from Each Other

The Genie Charmed is a character from the Tarot, played by Jennifer Saunders. She is a elemental planetouched who was brought to Earth by her brother, destined to become a Cleric. She possesses several unique abilities, including telekinesis and elemental projection. She can also summon a genasi djinn for assistance. However, this is only when she chooses to use it.

Although not a true elemental being, the genasi have some Earth and Fire abilities. They can manipulate both Water and Fire at will. As a result, they are very good at battlefield control. Genasi are not telepathic. Instead, they are capable of gathering information through their senses, and using that information to help them with their plans. This allows them to plan effectively, but at the same time, they are often prone to over-confidence.

Earth genasi are typically airy and delicate, although some earth genasi are more solid than others. Earth attains a +5 deflection bonus against damage from weapons that are made of metal. They usually learn detect magic as a first level spell, although they can learn other spells too. Earth genasi can shape shift, but it is usually done as a secondary ability.

Fire genasi have a racial bonus on saving throws against spells and effects of evil. This bonus increases to +4 at level ten. Fire attains a +5 bonus on all attack rolls, and can cast dominate spells as a third level spell.

Every genasi starts with one to three extra skill points as an outsider. These skill points can be spent to prepare one of four types of spells. The specific type of spell depends on the elemental bloodline racial feats that a character has. These types of spells are firebolt, flame blade, ice spear, lightning bolt, prismatic spray, or summon elemental. Generally, a genasi begins play with these three spells.

Every member of the genasi class has access to a domain, which grants a specific elemental attunement ability. Domains can vary anywhere from two to four levels. Domain spells are based on the elemental bloodlines of genasi. A character may begin with one domain, and can later attain another. Most domains are spread throughout the entire multiverse, while only a few can be found in a single plane of existence.

Every member of the genasi race has access to a specific, narrow set of spells known as elemental spells. These spells are divided into specific school of magic that affects Outsiders. Outlanders are not allowed to cast spells that will harm the planetouched characters. Additionally, Outsiders can only use the spells that are aligned with their element. For example, an Outsider with the water domains able to cast detect poison or locate animals will have a difficult time casting a genasi ally spell that would affect water elementals.

The greatest skill of the genasi is their knowledge of Outsider spells. They can learn about any spell cast by an opponent that they do not know. This allows them to develop their own personal spell castings using a familiar source that is not among their native elements. At 5th-level, the genasi Cleric can learn a finalist level spell cast that not only affects Outsiders, but all creatures they can perceive with their senses.

Earth genasi usually were born with earth domains, and are often confused for Outsiders with a similar heritage. When a person with earth elemental origins meets another with another domain, the battle is often heated and terrifying. Although there are similarities between Outsiders and earth genasi, the differences between the two are vast. Outsiders are usually considered Outsiders simply because they cannot turn into something other than what they are, whereas earth genasi usually have a chance to change into creatures such as earth elementals, creatures with a telepathic bond, or creatures with telekinesis.

Outsiders and genasi share a common ancestry as both races are technically considered creatures of the planetouched. However, there are key differences. Genasi have neither the mental nor the spiritual ties to others that Outsiders possess, nor do they have a telepathic link to a powerful being. This is one of the main reasons that the relationship between a genasi and an Outsider is so different – out of frustration, a genasi may kill another out of anger, while an Outsider will not.

As far as racial abilities go, genasi do not have any inherent racial bonuses for being a psionic, or psychic. Instead, their saving throws, skills, and spellcasting scores are affected by the type of Outsider that they are, as indicated by the Outsider class descriptions. Outcasts are always considered to be “eless”, while all others are considered “blooded”. Outsiders have access to a number of different racial traits, depending on their type, which can range from bonuses for certain skills and abilities to penalties for others. Some Outsider races also have access to traits that other Outsiders do not have; for example, half-orcs and half-fiends have +1 charisma, while every other race has a -2 charisma overall.