Pre-Selected Best Spells for Wizards

Though I like taking part in wizards, I generally want I may skip spell choice. I can simply get mired amongst all of the choices—so many appear interesting.

This web page serves gamers like me who desire a shortcut via the spell catalog. The web page additionally helps newer gamers who need to concentrate on stronger decisions with out getting misplaced in spell descriptions.


For a typical wizard, decide these cantrips: Mage Hand, Minor Phantasm, Surprising Grasp, and Firebolt. As a substitute of Minor Phantasm, many gamers favor Mild, Prestidigitation, or Mending.

Spell picks

To pick spells for an efficient wizard from ranges 1-17, fill your spell e-book with the second column as much as your stage, after which put together the spells listed within the third. If you’d like some customization, the final column provides some robust alternate options you can swap for the common picks. For these spells, I be aware the varsity of magic so specialists can choose extra spells that match their specialty.

Stage Add to Spell e-book Ready (Wizard Stage + Int Bonus) Robust Options
1 (Int 16) Detect Magic
Discover Acquainted
Mage Armor
Magic Missile
Appeal Particular person
Mage Armor
Magic Missile
Appeal Particular person (ranges 1-2)
Stage 1
Sleep (En)
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter (En)
Safety from Evil and Good (A)
2 Comprehend Languages
Thunderwave (ranges 2-5)
3 Misty Step
Misty Step
Shatter  (ranges 3-4)
Stage 2
Detect Ideas (D)
Dragon’s Breath (T) (for familiars)
Flaming Sphere (C)
Phantasmal Power (I)
4 (Int 18) Suggestion
See Invisibility
See Invisibility (Ranges 4-10)
5 Fireball
Fly (Ranges 5-6)
Stage 3
Hypnotic Sample* (I)
Leomund’s Tiny Hut (Ev)
Summon Undead (N)
6 Dispel Magic
Dispel Magic
7 Higher Invisibility
Stage 4
Banishment* (A)
Appeal Monster (En)
Summon Aberration (C)
Wall of Hearth (Ev)
8 (Int 20) Dimension Door
Dimension Door
9 Rary’s Telepathic Bond
Wall of Power
Wall of Power Stage 5
Animate Objects* (T)
Conjure Elemental (C)
Contact Larger Aircraft (D)
Synaptic Static (En)
10 Bigby’s Hand
11 Chain Lightning
True Seeing
Chain Lightning
True Seeing
Stage 6
Mass Suggestion (En)
Otto’s Irresistible Dance (En)
Programmed Phantasm (I)
12 Disintegrate
13 Aircraft Shift
Teleport Stage 7
Forcecage* (Ev)
Reverse Gravity (T)
14 Crown of Stars
Crown of Stars
15 Antimagic Subject
Antimagic Subject Stage 8
Dominate Monster (En)
Incendiary Cloud (C)
Energy Phrase Stun (En)
16 Contingency
Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion
17 Foresight
Foresight Stage 9
Meteor Swarm (Ev)
Want (C)

The spell choice desk assumes your Intelligence matches the scores within the stage column. Most will. For various Intelligence scores, it’s possible you’ll want to regulate the variety of ready spells.

Particularly at decrease ranges, some spells get surpassed by extra highly effective choices. For these spells, the desk lists a really helpful stage vary to organize the spell. Larger-level wizards can nonetheless put together these spells, however which means dropping different choices. As soon as your stage rises above the really helpful vary for a spell, cross it off your record of ready spells. Should you create a higher-level wizard, simply skip getting ready the spells that advocate a stage beneath yours.

Just a few highly effective spells could diminish the enjoyable of the sport, for instance Banishment and Animate Objects each seem on my lists of annoying spells. I put asterisks by these spells and just one, Counterspell, seems amongst my common picks. In different instances the record favors extra enjoyable spells that fill related roles. For instance, like Banishment, Polymorph can take away foes as threats, plus it provides extra versatility.

How would your decisions differ from mine?

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