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You’re a paladin with a trigger, born to smite and heal after which smite some extra. Finally, nevertheless, you’ll encounter a monster that may pierce your nonmagical armor or resist your odd weaponry, and it is going to be time for an improve. In case you’re uncertain of what gadgets to decide on, listed here are our high picks for magic gadgets for the paladin class. In case you see one thing you want, you possibly can snag it within the D&D Past market. Alternatively, you probably have a buddy that owns the gadgets they usually have a Grasp-tier subscription, they will share them with you.

  1. Amulet of the devout
  2. Cloak of displacement
  3. Corpse slayer
  4. Guardian emblem
  5. Holy avenger
  6. Mace of disruption
  7. Necklace of prayer beads
  8. Ring of resistance
  9. Sun blade
  10. Winged boots

Dungeon Masters’ Discretion

A few of these gadgets could also be unobtainable in your marketing campaign. Discuss to your DM about particular gadgets that you just’d like on your character. However take into account that they’ve the ultimate say on which magic gadgets they hand out and allow within the sport.

Prime 10 Magic Gadgets for Paladins

A novice paladin devotes himself to an oath

1. Amulet of the Religious

Wondrous Merchandise, varies (requires attunement by a cleric or paladin)

The amulet of the religious is specifically crafted for clerics and paladins. It grants a bonus to spell assault rolls and your spell save DC (decided by the amulet’s rarity) and offers your paladin with one free use of their Channel Divinity. The merchandise is as invaluable as it’s simple.

In case your DM is permitting the optionally available class characteristic Harness Divine Energy, you possibly can convert a Channel Divinity use right into a spell slot. With this amulet, you received’t have to fret about whether or not you’ll want that Channel Divinity later—simply thank Tasha for the additional spell slot on your Divine Smite and hold swinging.

2. Cloak of Displacement

Wondrous Merchandise, uncommon (requires attunement)

You’re doubtless already wrapped in heavy armor, and maybe additionally shielded, however why cease there? With the cloak of displacement, all creatures have drawback on assault rolls in opposition to you. Notably, if an assault does sneak by, this property ceases to operate till the beginning of your subsequent flip. It’s also suppressed in case you can not transfer, similar to when you are incapacitated or restrained. (Do not forget that some situations, such because the paralyzed and surprised situations, incapacitate as a part of their results.)

Cloak of Displacement

3. Corpse Slayer

Weapon, uncommon (requires attunement)

A corpse slayer weapon and a paladin is a match made in Elysium. Although many magic gadgets (together with some on this listing) are restricted to at least one kind of weapon, a corpse slayer weapon is available in any base weapon kind, permitting you to select your most well-liked taste and maybe apply some specialised feats.

The corpse slayer offers an additional 1d8 injury of the weapon’s kind to undead creatures, and provides them drawback on saving throws in opposition to results that flip undead till the beginning of your subsequent flip. The previous potential will profit any paladin in fight in opposition to undead no matter their playstyle or celebration composition, whereas the latter potential particularly encourages teamwork and permits for added synchronicity in case your paladin is working alongside one other paladin or cleric.

4. Guardian Emblem

Wondrous Merchandise (holy image), unusual (requires attunement by a cleric or paladin)

One other merchandise on this listing requiring attunement by a cleric or paladin, the guardian emblem leans closely into the paladin’s potential to help and defend their staff. This emblem features as your holy image, and may be connected to a go well with of armor or defend.

There was a time when solely adamantine armor might negate a crucial hit, however the guardian emblem permits its bearer to take action 3 times per day. If you find yourself wielding or carrying the merchandise bearing this emblem and also you or a creature you possibly can see inside 30 ft of you suffers a crucial hit, you should use your response to expend 1 of the defend’s 3 expenses to show the crucial hit into a traditional hit as an alternative. Positive, you possibly can already drop a mountain of d8s along with your smites, however nothing feels extra highly effective than negating a crucial hit.

5. Holy Avenger

Weapon (any sword), legendary (requires attunement by a Paladin)

Holy AvengerWe couldn’t make an inventory of paladin magic gadgets with out together with the beloved holy avenger. 

This magic merchandise requires attunement by a paladin, grants a +3 bonus to assault and injury rolls, and offers an additional 2d10 radiant injury to fiends and undead. If shredding ghosts and demons alike with radiant mild isn’t sufficient for you, take consolation within the holy avenger’s 10-foot radius aura granting benefit on saving throws in opposition to spells and different magical results. In case you degree all the best way as much as 17 within the paladin class, this aura will increase to 30 ft.

Although this merchandise is unlikely to be sitting round in a store ready to be bought, it might function a superb plot system. Maybe in a stone of some variety, destined for a real king or queen of some type, I don’t know.

6. Mace of Disruption

Weapon (mace), uncommon (requires attunement)

The mace of disruption might be acquainted to longtime and new Dungeons & Dragons followers alike. Formally debuting in second version and extra just lately put to glorious use by a well-known Exandrian gnome cleric, the mace of disruption is able to sort out your entire undead-slaying wants. 

The mace offers an additional 2d6 radiant injury to fiends and undead and has the potential to destroy them outright if they’ve low sufficient hit factors after being struck and fail a Knowledge saving throw. Even a profitable save renders the goal fearful of you—and why shouldn’t they be?

7. Necklace of Prayer Beads

Wondrous Merchandise, uncommon (requires attunement by a cleric, druid, or paladin)

Necklace of Prayer BeadsAs half casters, paladins don’t have as many spell slots as a few of their fellow divine casters. Happily, your paladin can use a necklace of prayer beads to assist bridge the hole.

Every bead can be utilized to forged its corresponding spell as soon as per day. Most of those spells are already in your spell listing, however the true boon of the necklace is permitting you to nonetheless have entry to spells effectively after you have burned your entire spell slots on Divine Smite. Whereas your DM decides what spells the necklace holds, you’ll have a good greater option to make: over the plate armor or underneath the plate armor?

8. Ring of Resistance

Ring, uncommon (requires attunement)

Typically the important thing to success is preparation. When questing to defeat a foe with an apparent aptitude—for instance, psychic injury for thoughts flayers, hearth injury for pink dragons, or necrotic injury for necromancers—you would possibly wish to discover a ring of resistance. There could also be potions accessible, however the ring will shield you even in case you are ambushed or pressured to struggle your means by many minions over a number of encounters.

In case you choose one thing like a set of armor of resistance, such issues do exist. Nonetheless, taking this route would possibly ultimately lead you to having to decide on between armor with a bonus to its Armor Class and your most well-liked injury resistance.

9. Solar Blade

Weapon (longsword), uncommon (requires attunement)

Sun BladeDoes your paladin’s tragic backstory comprise vampires? Let the solar blade make them a brighter future. 

This weapon offers a +2 bonus to assault and injury rolls, however extra evocatively, its injury is radiant reasonably than slashing, and it offers an extra 1d8 radiant injury to undead. Maybe its strongest potential is its dazzling shimmer: the solar blade emits daylight in a radius of as much as 30 ft of brilliant mild and 30 ft of dim mild. Helpful for once you want a greater view of the vampire standing earlier than you!

In case your paladin prefers warhammers over blades and is snug swapping half of the max daylight vary for a as soon as per day casting of the sunbeam spell, they could wish to look to the Duskcrusher.

10. Winged Boots

Wondrous Merchandise, unusual (requires attunement)

You’ve trekked by an entire layer of Baator and located your self face-to-face with a pit fiend. However your foe has met paladins earlier than and takes flight. The wizard is slinging spells, the ranger is firing arrows, the druid is preserving all people healed because the pit fiend hurls fireballs, and also you … are ready for the pit fiend to get inside attain.

Wait now not! Match your self for some winged boots and fly your fearsome self into melee vary. With these boots, only a few enemies will be capable of escape your wrath. When you’ve got your eye on different magic boots, or just don’t wish to spend the attunement slot, you might be able to go for a brush of flying—although you could wish to inventory a feather token (feather fall) in case you go for that route.

Winged Boots

Constructing a Paladin

Now that you just’re equipped and able to journey, it’s time to go to D&D Past’s character builder! A world of smiting the unholy awaits you.

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