New Gunslinger by Glen Cook

“There was once a human gunslinger.” That is a statement that could apply to almost any of history’s great heroes. I recently reread an old sheriff’s patrol book and noted that gunslingers in the past were not always human. In many cases they were animals, creatures created to walk among human beings with a purpose. We’ll look at some of our most memorable gunfighters from the past and how they began their particular careers.

human gunslinger

The sheriff’s patrol books were full of tales about brave men who never showed their faces. One story was about a man who had lost his left hand in a hunting accident and used it to ward off hunters. He never lifted it, nor did he have the help of a hand surgeon to help him fix his stump hand. Instead, he reached behind him and holstered his gun, making his left arm tiny and helpless. After this he darted into the woods and disappeared. I thought to myself, there is a reason that human gunslingers never displayed their strength, but rather hid them.

Another amazing story from the book of the sheriff of New York was about a human gunslinger who was never quite able to relinquish his dream. This gunslinger was an Irishman who trained other outlaws to fight the Irish. He never carried a gun except for a pistol, but he was more than a match for anyone when it came to hand combat. He also had a talent for rousing fellow men’s spirits. In a series of daring adventures the gunslinger saved the city of Boston and its citizens many times.

One of my favorite stories from the book of the same name was written as a sequel to “The Old Man’s Gold.” This story featured the return of a gunslinger who had left a long forgotten and dead wife. The story told by the gunslinger’s daughter was about the way that his love of his wife had faded after his death. His daughter was very concerned that her father did not love her anymore and would not come home. After searching for her father for some time she located him in a mental institution.

Just when the father was about to be released from the mental hospital and safe again his daughter had a tragic vision. She saw her father shoot himself right before her eyes. As she continued to see the vision the strength and courage that had previously been hidden in the dark became visible. The strength and courage that helped save the human gunslinger from becoming another history. This book of the same title was later made into a motion picture starring Clint Eastwood.

I was excited to read this story because it seemed that Eastwood was once again having the same dream that inspired him to such success with “Gunslinger” years ago. I was also happy to see that the author, Glen Cook, has chosen to weave this story into a movie instead of making an entire novel. I know many readers are probably waiting for the second book in the series and I know I can’t wait to see where this story will take us.

In this newest book of the series the human gunslinger is called back into action only this time with a brand new mission. This time he must rescue an engineering project that has gone wrong and captured an escaped terrorist. As the gunslinger tracks the terrorists to his next battle with the Engineer he gets help from some unexpected sources and makes contact with the former Sheriff who captures the terrorists instead. Now the human gunslinger must help the authorities capture the Terrorists before they can harm anyone else.

If you are a lover of science fiction and adventure than these two books written by Glen Cook will hook you instantly. You will enjoy all the action, mystery, and suspense that comes with any great story. If you are a tough read then this one will not be your cup of tea but it will make a great read with your children and grandchildren.