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The Wild Past the Witchlight is Dungeons & Dragons’ first journey set within the Feywild. It would introduce two playable races when it releases on September 21: the fairy and the harengon. Harengons are rabbit-like folks which might be as fast on their ft as they’re fortunate, and so they’re liable to get lost into different realms, just like the Materials Airplane.

Here is a sneak peek on the harengon and the way you may play and construct one:

Harengon racial traits

Harengons originated within the Feywild, the place they spoke Sylvan and embodied the spirit of freedom and journey. In time, these rabbitfolk hopped into different worlds, bringing the fey realm’s exuberance with them and studying new languages as they went.

Supply: The Wild Past the Witchlight

Harengons are bipedal and share a rabbit’s attribute tall ears and lengthy ft. Just like the White Rabbit in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, harengons are energetic and at occasions jittery. Though creatures of the Feywild, harengons are labeled as humanoids in The Wild Past the Witchlight. This units them other than the accompanying fairy race and even the beforehand launched centaur and satyr races present in Mythic Odysseys of Theros.

Harengons are fast on their ft, have a contact of fine luck, and have the eager senses of their animal counterparts. The next are notable racial traits. Not all the harengon’s traits are represented under.

Harengon in D&D 5EHare-Set off. You are fast in your ft. Once you roll initiative, you’ll be able to add your proficiency bonus to the roll.
Fortunate Footwork. Dexterity saving throws be damned. For those who fail a Dexterity saving throw, you can add a d4 bonus to it as a response. There are limitations to when you need to use this racial trait, nonetheless.
Rabbit Hop. Harengon can leap as a bonus motion. The gap you’ll be able to leap is the same as 5 occasions your proficiency bonus. You do not provoke alternative assaults whenever you leap on this manner, making it an excellent possibility for escaping an enemy’s attain. Simply be aware that you just get restricted makes use of of this trait per lengthy relaxation and may’t use this trait in case your pace is 0.

What about skill rating will increase?

Once you create a harengon or fairy utilizing the foundations from The Wild Past the Witchlight, you can select to extend one skill rating by 2 and one other by 1, or select to extend three totally different scores by 1.

A harengon’s outlook on life

Vacationers at coronary heart, harengons will be discovered throughout the multiverse, though your Dungeon Grasp will determine how commonplace they’re in your marketing campaign. If a permitted race, harengons could make for excellent allies. Nonetheless, they’re creatures of the Feywild, and that can have an effect on how they work together with the world round them.

The Feywild is a realm of utmost emotion. The summer season eladrin are as fast to start out a dance occasion as they’re to chop the music and draw swords. Think about how rising up round such creatures would have an effect on your harengon character. Would a harengon who left the Feywild for the Materials Airplane be afraid of the occasion’s barbarian who falls right into a rage with out a second’s discover, or really feel at house? You may also discover that your harengon’s pursuits are extra akin to obsessions. What a harengon may describe as a pleasure for journey a human may see as wanderlust.

Surviving the Feywild requires you to be cautious of placing offers, accepting items, and even giving somebody your identify. A harengon might be particularly nitpicky when negotiating a contract with an adventurers guild, treating it with as a lot care as they might with an infernal contract. Whereas this stage of cautiousness will enable you safely navigate the Feywild and its individuals, it could possibly make you seem untrustworthy or suspicious to folks of the Materials Airplane.

Make your harengon character your individual

The way you strategy your harengon character is completely as much as you. Maybe you play a harengon who wholly rejected the trickster methods of the fey and has dedicated to being trustworthy to a fault. Otherwise you fell in love with the legalese of contracts and realized it is simple to trick individuals of the Materials Airplane into unfavorable offers. You may even determine that your harengon comes from a household of harengons which have lived within the Materials Airplane for hundreds of years, and thus, have little in frequent with their Feywild counterparts.  

Constructing a harengon character

The harengon’s racial traits make them well-suited for surviving fight encounters. Fortunate Footwork helps them succeed on Dexterity saving throws, equivalent to towards a stray fireball. Rabbit Hop can get them out of melee vary of enemies which have wandered too shut. With the flexibleness to enhance skill scores as you see match, a harengon works effectively with any class, however listed below are a couple of issues to think about as you construct your character:

  • Hare-Set off helps you go first in fight. Spellcasters profit drastically from taking their flip earlier than others. Think about attending to drop hypnotic sample earlier than enemies can fireplace off arrows or transfer into melee vary to strike. Rogues with the Murderer subclass get benefit on assault rolls made towards enemies who have not taken their flip in fight but. 
  • Fortunate Foot provides a wanted bonus to Dexterity saving throws. For characters that do not depend on Dexterity, like your typical Energy-based paladin, Fortunate Foot may help you succeed on Dexterity saving throws whenever you in any other case may need to eat the total harm of a burning fingers.
  • Rabbit Hop provides motion pace and features as a pseudo Disengage. For characters who haven’t got lots of makes use of for his or her bonus motion, Rabbit Hop provides some nice utility. A barbarian can use it to get into place to land some blows on enemies who may in any other case be simply out of attain of their melee assaults. A cleric can transfer into vary to ship inflict wounds after which leap again to security with out triggering a possibility assault. 
Construct your harengon on D&D Past

When The Wild Past the Witchlight releases on September 21, you need to use D&D Past’s character builder to discover totally different builds to your harengon character. Rapidly change between lessons, modify your skill scores, and extra to discover a construct that most accurately fits your imaginative and prescient of a hopping warrior.

See extra from The Wild Past the Witchlight

The Wild Past the Witchlight is almost right here, however there’s extra to find earlier than its launch. Hold a watch out for extra previews from D&D Past. And hey, in case you’re getting ready to enterprise into the realm of the fey, listed below are our suggestions for subclasses to play within the Feywild:

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