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Information is energy, and that is no more true than for the Method of the Cobalt Soul monk. These erudite warrior students function the key operatives of the Library of the Cobalt Soul on this planet of Exandria. In the event you consider one of the best ways to really know somebody is to battle them, then this is the monk subclass for you.

Made well-known by Marisha Ray in marketing campaign two of Crucial Position, the homebrew subclass was designed by Matt Mercer to suit immediately into his world as a part of one of many predominant factions. However that doesn’t imply they’re confined to campaigns set in Exandria. A Cobalt Soul monk might be a wonderful slot in any marketing campaign the place monks are identified for his or her knowledge gleaned by the artwork of fight and the understanding of ki.

Subclass replace

The Method of the Cobalt Soul subclass noticed an replace in February 2022. Though no mechanical modifications have been made, in case you have an older character that makes use of this subclass, double-check its construct as issues might have modified.

Method of the Cobalt Soul monk options

The Method of the Cobalt Soul is the embodiment of “information is energy.” Their mastery of ki permits them to not solely develop their very own minds—gaining expertise and languages—but additionally pull forth truths and information from their enemies. The Method of the Cobalt Soul has the next options:

  • Cobalt soul insigniaExtract Side (third degree): Extract Facets permits a Method of the Cobalt Soul monk to research their foes, not solely granting them the flexibility to make further assaults utilizing their response but additionally studying key particulars akin to resistances and vulnerabilities.
  • Extort Fact (sixth degree): By way of their mastery of ki, a Cobalt Soul monk can rob a goal of their potential to lie and deceive. You should use this characteristic to make an assault with or with out dealing injury.
  • Mystical Erudition (sixth, eleventh, and seventeenth degree): Increasing their thoughts, the Cobalt Soul monk not solely features a brand new language at every related degree but additionally an extra choose talent proficiency. If you have already got proficiency in one of many out there expertise, you may as an alternative select to double your proficiency bonus for that talent.
  • Thoughts of Mercury (eleventh degree): A strong characteristic, Thoughts of Mercury permits a Cobalt Soul monk to regain their response as soon as per flip by expending a ki level.
  • Debilitating Barrage (seventeenth degree): The best-level characteristic of the Cobalt Soul subclass, Debilitating Barrage lets a monk spend 3 ki factors to render their goal extra weak to wreck.


The Method of the Cobalt Soul opens up some distinctive methods to play a monk, particularly if you wish to present extra assist in fight, and extra utility outdoors of it. In fight, they will determine traits of monsters, assault many occasions per spherical, and even impose weaknesses on their enemies. Outdoors of fight, the Cobalt Soul monk might be extremely efficient at data gathering, each by way of questioning people below the impact of their Extort Fact characteristic and by utilizing expertise which have benefitted from Mystical Erudition.


The Method of the Cobalt Soul monk lags behind different monk subclasses by way of uncooked injury output, focusing as an alternative on gathering data on enemies fairly than killing them as rapidly as doable. Whereas the bottom monk class gives a strong injury basis, the Cobalt Soul doesn’t increase it as a lot as different subclasses would possibly.

Outdoors of fight, the relevance of their options depends closely on the Dungeon Grasp and the kind of sport you are enjoying in. In a sport the place potential checks aren’t used as readily or the place there aren’t NPCs to extort the reality from, it’s possible you’ll discover your options going to waste. It suffers loads from the identical sorts of drawbacks that afflict the unique ranger class and the Murderer rogue subclass; the DM wants to present you alternatives to shine.

Constructing a Method of the Cobalt Soul monk

Monk artwork from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

Potential scores

As a monk, you’ll naturally need to prioritize Dexterity first. Though Power monks, affectionately known as “Stronks” by some, are completely viable, focusing in your Dexterity boosts your assaults and your Armor Class. Subsequent up, you’ll need to take a look at elevating your Knowledge as this can enhance the saving throw DC of not solely the highly effective Beautiful Strike characteristic of the core monk class but additionally the DC of Extort Fact. It’s going to additionally increase your AC additional due to the Unarmored Protection potential. Lastly, you’ll need to elevate your Intelligence rating with a purpose to leverage the broader pool of expertise you’ve gotten entry to.


For the Method of the Cobalt Soul, there are two key issues to search for in a race selection. The primary is something that synergizes nicely with gaining talent proficiencies and doubling your proficiency in them by Mystical Erudition. The second predominant factor to search for is races with reaction-based choices, as these might be extremely efficient when mixed with Thoughts of Mercury. The next solutions assume the usage of the custom-made origin guidelines from Tasha’s Cauldron of Every thing.

  • Cobalt soul insigniaVedalken: Launched within the Guildmasters’ Information to Ravnica, vedalken have the Tireless Precision trait, which not solely grants them a talent and a instrument proficiency however a d4 bonus to potential checks made with that talent or instrument. Select a talent like Arcana after which double your proficiency bonus with Mystical Erudition to be a font of magical information!
  • Ravenite dragonborn: The variant dragonborn race from Explorer’s Information to Wildemount presents Vengeful Assault, which permits a Cobalt Soul monk to increase Extract Facets additional when mixed with Thoughts of Mercury. By regaining your response, you need to use Vengeful Assault to get in an additional, surprising assault. Pair that additional assault with Beautiful Strike and it may show to be lethal to your foes.
  • Mark of Discovering half-orc: The half-orc variant race with the Mark of Discovering from Eberron has the Finder’s Magic trait. This trait is beneficial for a Cobalt Soul monk who desires to trace down a particular goal from which to extort reality. Finder’s Magic grants the flexibility to solid hunter’s mark, a helpful spell for an intelligence-gathering monk!


For feats, you’ll need to take a look at any choices that enhance your Knowledge or Intelligence as these won’t sustain together with your Dexterity. Outdoors of that, feats that enhance your out there expertise are all the time helpful, as are those who grant you talents that synergize nicely with the subclass’ knowledge-based focus.

  • Eager Thoughts or Observant: Each of those feats fill comparable niches on the subject of constructing out your Cobalt Soul character. They every grant a +1 to your Intelligence rating (or Knowledge within the case of Observant) and include a sequence of perks that construct in your character’s potential to achieve and retain information.
  • Cellular: A basic selection for the monk, Cellular makes you even quicker and permits you to successfully Disengage totally free from a creature while you make an assault in opposition to them. Mix this with Extract Facets and you may collect intel on all of your foes in a short time!
  • Expert or Talent Skilled: Each of those feats develop the Cobalt Soul monk’s repertoire of expertise. Expert grants you proficiency in three expertise or instruments, which means you could be a veritable jack of all trades, whereas Talent Skilled offers you one talent proficiency and a +1 to a capability rating of your selection. The place Talent Skilled actually shines with the Method of the Cobalt Soul is the flexibility to get one other supply of doubled proficiency.

Method of the Cobalt Soul monk pattern construct

This Method of the Cobalt Soul monk is constructed as an espionage-style character specializing in finding their goal and gathering as a lot data on them as they will. The Mark of Discovering grants them hunter’s mark, whereas the Talent Skilled feat offers them a lift to Intelligence and experience in Investigation. But when subtlety and covertness fail, they will all the time throw fingers with the very best of them!

What truths will you uncover with the Method of the Cobalt Soul?

The Method of the Cobalt Soul monk permits you to play the monk class in a really totally different vogue to a lot of the different subclasses, opening numerous fascinating play kinds and roleplay alternatives. Will you be a covert agent, a dauntless reality seeker, or a shadowy manipulator?

To construct a Method of the Cobalt Soul monk, head on over to the D&D Past character builder. Be sure that “Crucial Position Content material” is turned on below the “House” tab, choose monk as your class, and degree them as much as third degree so you may choose the subclass. Then begin experimenting, expositor!

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