Ice Goblins – Why Do Ice Golems Attack Humans?

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Ice Goblins – Why Do Ice Golems Attack Humans?

The Ice Goblins belong to the tribe of the Ice Trolls. The Ice Goblin is only found in the coldest part of North America: the Ice Barrens. The Ice Goblins were first discovered by scientists during the early 1970’s. They have been frozen into an iceberg and the only way to get them out is to send people in ice boats. The last ice goblins were frozen in Alaska in July 2021.

The Ice Goblin has two colorings: green and blue. Their skin color is mostly white, except for their red eyes. They have webbed feet with black claws and greenish green coloring on their heads, shoulders and groin area. During the nights they shine in the dark, as they are nocturnal. The ice goblins are usually found in large numbers in the winter months, and at that time they are considered to be plague carriers.

The Ice Goblins can be found anywhere in the North American continent, except for the Ice Barrens. They prefer the cold climate of Alaska, which is why they live in ice caves. The ice caves are extremely cold and inhospitable for the ordinary human beings. Only the most brave and strong people can survive in the ice caves.

The Ice Goblins can live up to fifty years if they are well hibernating. This hibernation allows them to stay underground and avoid being discovered by their enemies, who will surely hunt them down once they are sighted. The Ice Goblins hibernate in winter because they are the only species capable of living in such a cold winter environment. During winter they sleep deep inside the ice cave. Their body and head is covered with ice, so even their usual camouflage techniques are useless.

During the day, the Ice goblins are harmless. They move around using their large arms and legs, and they even have the ability to jump up to two meters from the ground. However, at nightfall, they begin to transform into little monsters that terrorize the area by screeching and howling all over the ice cave. The more hungry they are, the greater is the transformation into monsters that frightens the residents of the ice cave.

The ice goblins usually attack humans when they are drunk. In fact, they can easily catch somebody unawares and kill him with just one strike. However, if you are attacked by ice goblins, do not panic. Do not try to run away from them because it is their natural instinct to flee, but fight back if you are able to.

The first thing to do when you are attacked by the ice creature is to run away as fast as you can. However, you should not run too fast or your escape route may be blocked. Once you are safe outside of their attack zone, you should try to make some kind of disguise so that the humanoids do not realize that you are not an ordinary person. After hiding, you should either use a potion or freeze yourself with ice, and then attack.

When you are fighting ice goblins, you should be careful and take precautions. Since they are known to attack during the night, it would be wise to wear a mask and stay out of sight and out of reach of your enemies. You should also use some kind of freezing spell or a fake ice armor, so that the humanoids who attack you will not be able to harm you. If necessary, you could also hire the services of a professional fighter to battle against these cold-hearted creatures.