How To Level Your Bounty Hunter In Aion Online

If you’re looking to join the life of a bounty hunter then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to share with you my current experience playing D&D with a bounty hunter (BG). This is not a ‘one size fits all’ type thing. There is a lot more to being a bounty hunter in today’s rules and game than just having a gun. The first part of joining the game that I’ll talk about is being a thieve. This is pretty easy, just stealing things and running away.

bounty hunter dd

When you first start playing as a bounty hunter in Baldurian King you will be given a limited number of skills. I’d highly suggest picking up stealth as one of your abilities right from the start. While you are restricted to what you can do initially there is always something good to gain by using your skills, so consider upgrading.

You’ll find that when playing as a bounty hunter in Baldurian King that you can choose between two paths. Your first choice is to become a marksman. This will give you a good overall damage ability and increase your stealth ability which is always useful. As far as marksman goes you want to go after head shots, pistol shots, arrows, and other melee weapons. These are the easiest weapons to injure other players with so keep that in mind.

The second path you can take as a bounty hunter is to become a thief. Obviously being a thief is much better since you’ll never have to worry about being attacked so long as you don’t get caught. The problem with being a thief though is that your maximum dexterity is lowered by thieves. So it’s not as good of a choice as it seems. But hey, this is still the second best option after being a bounty hunter.

For thieves there are a couple options. The first path you can take is to go into the sewers and do massive damage with either physical attacks or lock picking. This is my personal favorite. If you’ve done enough leveling up you can get some decent weapons and armor which will greatly increase your ability to run.

The second path is to run with a companion. A thief can’t do this solo, so they need a companion to help carry them through the maps. The two I recommend are a gnome and a rat. They will give you a lot of help while you’re bounty hunter and won’t let you down when it comes to navigating the maps.

Once you have reached level 10 as a bounty hunter then you’ll have a new option. You can choose to become an enchanter. These guys are used more for their communication skills than anything else, but they still have some pretty nice skills. The enchanters are recommended for those who like to be the “voice” in negotiations, providing what information the other party needs to know and calming them down.

You should remember that there are many more options available to you as a bounty hunter. You can choose to remain a bounty hunter, you can become a thief, a mage, or even a warlock. The choice is yours. It’s better to use your character than the other options, because you start as a blank slate.

Of course, this also means that you will have to put a bit more time and effort into your character, so you should plan on spending more time in game to level it up. When choosing which path to take, make sure you choose the one that fits your character best. If you have a slow leveling character then going the thief route may not be the best idea. Your experience will be pointless if you never learn how to use a sword in WOW.

After you have reached level 40 then you are allowed to change your bounty hunter profession. I suggest that you take the thief path. This will ensure that you gain the most experience and the highest possible rewards. Of course, it’s always good to take on something you are sure to enjoy.

The last thing you should do in Aion Online is get a PvP Quickshot. Use it to shoot a opponent and then escape. It will come in handy when outnumbered, but be careful of other players. Keep your distance from them until they are all dead. This is the basic strategy you need to use when playing a bounty hunter in Aion: The Tower of Eternity.