How to Get Access to Clan Games?

There are literally thousands of people playing Clan Wars on Facebook every single day. If you have not played in years, it is still one of the most popular online games to be played today. However, to play the game you must first get some good clan options that will help you build your team and earn the right amount of bonus medals each time. The best way to do this is to use a site that offers not only custom made clan helmets but also other resources like message boards and forums. These are great tools to help you learn more about your favorite game and keep in touch with your friends who play it often.

clan games clan

The helmet you should be using is not just any ordinary one that you can find anywhere. It must be one that represents your clan. Choose a helmet that will not only represent your clan, but also the kind of players that your clan represents. Here are some tips to help you get started with earning the right helmet:

o Earn the maximum amount of head caps each time you play the game. As you collect more helmets, you will also earn more reward points and special prizes. In order to earn the maximum amount of prize money, you must ensure that all players on your team can join in the activity. In order to do this, make sure you pick teams wisely based on their skills and experience level. Make sure to pick players who have the ability to work as a team since they will be your strongest weapon against your opponents.

o Win more games against other teams. Winning a game grants you points which can later be traded or sold. To do this, make sure you team up with players who have the same skill level as yours. This way, you will be able to acquire more powerful weapons and armor that can help you win more games. It might take a while for you to accumulate enough resources to buy these powerful items, but in the long run, you can expect to gain a lot of money.

o Earn more honor. In addition to earning credits, you can also be rewarded with the special honor trophy that players are awarded based on their performance during a match. The honor trophy can grant a player special items such as a helmet or emblem that can be used as a collector’s item. You can earn the most honor by winning a game and the highest honor award is a helmet.

o Purchase game tickets. Game tickets allow you to be able to play several different types of games for free. These are available for various websites that features various games that you can play.

o Join a clan. Joining a clan gives you access to its main site where you can read and learn more about the game and meet other players. Since you are now part of a clan, you can easily earn the needed credits and earn more honor. This way, you can easily get game tickets and even get helmets. It is also possible that other clan members will want to purchase your helmet or emblem, which you can also earn additional prizes from.

Once you have earned the required amount of game tickets, you can now get access to the clan website. Here, you can read more information and learn tips and strategies that other players use in the game. Here, you can also request to be part of a team, depending on the requirements indicated in the website. If you successfully fulfill the requirements, you can become an official member of the clan. With this, you not only enjoy the game but can earn more game tickets as well.