How to Choose Your 28mm Mammoth Miniature Train

28mm mammoth miniature

How to Choose Your 28mm Mammoth Miniature Train

One of the most popular miniature trains is the 28mm Mammoth Mini. This is one of the largest scale manufacturers and can be found in a number of hobby shops as well as being supplied by the manufacturer themselves. The manufacturers website will be able to direct you to where the sizes and stock availability are. As with any toy scale there are some considerations that need to be taken into account. These include;

Size: A good rule of thumb is to choose the correct size for your child. It is always best to be safe rather than sorry, if you are unsure ask your child what they want their model train to be. As with most machinery, it is advisable to allow for shrinkage, as the models shrink in size over time. Also bear in mind that the manufacturers larger sizes are generally easier to transport and assemble. Most manufacturers allow the model train to be delivered to your home in three to five working days.

Set Up: A good rule of thumb is to allow ample space for the train to move around. For example, if you intend to fit a child sized set up then make allowance for their height. Also measure out how much space you have available around your work area. Bear in mind that the larger the scale the more complex the components will be, which will result in you having to buy more accessories to support the structure.

Options: There are several different types of these type of model trains including; single, two or three passenger, four-passenger, and ten-passenger. Which one to buy is ultimately down to personal choice. The smaller ones are easier to operate and handle when working with them. However, if you have a large child or live in a busy house then a larger size would be safer and more practical.

Wheels/Ride: This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new model train. Again, the bigger the scale the more weight and bulk you will be faced with. So think about the weight of the engine that will be carrying the model. The more heavy the engine the higher the weight and size of the track you will need.

What Style Of Track? Some hobbyists choose to go with the traditional wooden tracks whereas others prefer the metallic designs. As with any purchase there are a range of different types including; metal, plastic, resin and so on. Most hobbyists would recommend the resin tracks; they are relatively inexpensive and also very easy to assemble. They are available in many different colours which can further enhance their appearance.

Will You Be Trains Only? If so, this might be your only option for transporting your model train from home to field. If so then it is imperative that you ensure that the tracks you choose are able to cope with the extra strain of carrying the model and its passengers. Check to ensure that the track is robust enough to take the extra weight. Additionally, make sure that it is not too narrow or wide for your trains to pass through. You do not want your model train running into the power wires, which can be very dangerous.

Once you have purchased the track it is necessary that you prepare it correctly to ensure that your model train runs smoothly. A good quality set of track hangers are highly recommended to ensure that your model is not damaged during transportation. There are a range of specialist websites where you can purchase track hangers; it is a good idea to visit some of these sites before you purchase your own.