How to Build a Fantasy High Miniature Figure – Part 2 of 2

If you like fantasy but do not wish to get involved in the more serious pen and paper role playing hobby then fantasy high miniature figures might be for you. Many fantasy figures are based on famous fantasy works such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and the Wheel of Time series. You might also choose to go with a more whimsical range of figures. For example, a fantasy figure of Triton was based on the comic book artist’s rendering of the character.

fantasy high miniatures

Miniature figures are becoming increasingly popular with hobbyists. While they have traditionally been used for play, they are starting to show up in hobby shops more often as collectors’ items. Fantasy miniature figures come in all shapes and sizes. They are made from a wide variety of materials and are sometimes combined with other miniature accessories. The most common materials for fantasy miniatures are plastic and metal.

A popular choice is to start with a completed storybook or novel. If you choose a book based on a popular fantasy genre then it is likely that there will already be established characters and places in the fantasy world. It can be a lot of fun simply having to recreate the scenery and take out what does not fit into the story. The only limit is your imagination.

When creating a fantasy world you first need to choose your miniature sculpts and figure accessories. What type of creature will you be creating? Do you want to go for a warrior, a wizard, a burglar, or a healer? You could also create creatures that are highly specialized such as a flying animal or a walking tank.

Next, you will need to decide where in the fantasy world you would like your miniature figures to go. Will they roam the wilderness or be stationed at a castle? Perhaps your hero will have a secret mission that he must fulfill. Plan ahead and think about where you would like your figures to go before you start creating the miniature world. It will help to map out where everything will be in the finished fantasy world.

Now you are ready to begin creating the fantasy world. Create your starting city or town. This is where your miniature figures will come from. You can look at old western books or movies to get some ideas for your starting location. Be sure to include a few landmarks in the background for some of the interesting aspects of your miniature figures to be found in the foreground while you are adding more buildings and structures to your fantasy world. Make sure to add a few rivers, a smelter, an arena, and other such points of interest in order to set the stage for your story.

Your next consideration should be the creatures that you are adding to your fantasy world. Some common fantasy creatures include dragons, unicorns, hobbits, and elves. These are very common miniature figures and you will probably want to include many of them. Other creatures that are more rare and beautiful though, may not be as easy to find miniature representations of. These are the creatures that you will want to bring into your fantasy world in order to give it life.

Lastly, consider your weapons as you create your fantasy world. These are important because they make the story much more realistic. A great sword is one of the most powerful items a fantasy character can have. Try to make your weapon as unique as possible to make it especially powerful in your fantasy world.