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Journeys By way of the Radiant Citadel explores wealthy cultures new to Dungeons & Dragons by means of 13 standalone adventures. These cultures intermingle in the Radiant Citadel, a mysterious metropolis on the Ethereal Airplane. Whereas the Radiant Citadel is a spot for these searching for respite or journey on the Ethereal Airplane, quite a few founding civilizations have robust ties between the town and the place their folks originated on the Materials Airplane. Probably the most mysterious and highly effective of those connections are the Daybreak Incarnates, which function keepers of information and historical past.

On this article, we’ll discover what the Daybreak Incarnates are and the way they can be utilized in your marketing campaign.

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What Are the Daybreak Incarnates?

The Ruby Pangolin, Obsidian Eagle, Moonstone Water Lily, and Amber Scorpion Dawn Incarnates

Incarnates are sentient collections of gems that reside within the dome-shaped Protect of the Ancestors, a sprawling wilderness inside the Radiant Citadel. Whereas traversing the Ethereal Airplane, spirits are sometimes drawn towards the beckoning heat of the Auroral Diamond that the Radiant Citadel is constructed round. As soon as they arrive on the Protect of the Ancestors, they coalesce into gems and kind Incarnates with spirits of an analogous origin.

Probably the most highly effective Incarnates, known as Daybreak Incarnates, are made up of 1000’s of spirits and originate from the Radiant Citadel’s founding cultures. Different Incarnates that kind within the Protect include solely a handful of gems and thus have much less data and energy than the Daybreak Incarnates.

Every Daybreak Incarnate has a major persona mirrored by the sum of all of the spirits it represents. If it have been to lose or add spirits, its persona may shift barely as a consequence of a brand new spirit’s affect or the dearth of a spirit that left. Every Daybreak Incarnate has manifested into an emblem that represents their explicit tradition.

These are the Daybreak Incarnates of the 15 founding cultures that rediscovered the Radiant Citadel:


Daybreak Incarnate

Akharin Sangar

Turquoise Lion


Yellow Quartz Kapok Tree


Serpentine Banyan Tree


Water Opal Saltwater Salamander


Jasper Pecan Tree

San Citlán

Fireplace Opal Xoloitzcuintle


Amber Scorpion


Moonstone Water Lily


Ruby Pangolin


Sard Elephant


Obsidian Eagle


Pearl Carp


Amethyst Tiger


White Jade Flowering Pear Tree


Bastite Caiman

What Position Do the Daybreak Incarnates Play within the Radiant Citadel?

Daybreak Incarnates are vessels of information and knowledge. When the Radiant Citadel was rediscovered by its present inhabitants, the town was utterly deserted by all however the Incarnates. Whereas Daybreak Incarnates present data relating to their tradition’s historical past, questions concerning the creation of the Radiant Citadel and why it was deserted have gone unanswered.

The Daybreak Incarnate’s major duties are to carry accountable the Audio system for the Ancestors—elected officers that govern the Radiant Citadel. Every Speaker is elected by the civilization they characterize and should bear trials decided by the Daybreak Incarnates to be accepted into the place. 

Aside from their roles as an overseeing physique to the federal government of the Radiant Citadel, the Daybreak Incarnates are a font of historic data that residents can use to be taught extra about their tradition’s previous.

Together with the Daybreak Incarnates in Your Sport

A visitor to the Preserve of the Ancestors presents the Amethyst Tiger a gift

The Daybreak Incarnates are distinctive in comparison with spirits we’ve been launched to in earlier fifth version supplies. In D&D, there’s a notion that spirits are harmful undead creatures which have some unfulfilled function. The Daybreak Incarnates flip this notion on its head. As an alternative of some stressed spirit making an attempt to sap the life pressure of creatures in a haunted home, the Daybreak Incarnates are peaceable and clever beings primarily centered on passing data down by means of generations.

Gamers received’t want a communicate with lifeless or see invisibility spell to work together with the Daybreak Incarnates. As a result of the Radiant Citadel is on the Ethereal Airplane, the spirits that compose the Incarnates can manifest into gems, giving them a bodily kind. This ends in highly effective adventurers and on a regular basis residents alike with the ability to seek the advice of with these sensible beings to be taught extra concerning the cultures they characterize.

Adventurers or residents serious about talking with the Daybreak Incarnates are welcome to. Nonetheless, earlier than asking one of many Daybreak Incarnates for recommendation or data, one must be conscious that the Daybreak Incarnates are curious beings. Although they don’t seem to be deceiving or malicious, they don’t essentially give data away with out a worth. Some require the completion of a quest to make sure the recipient of the data is worthy. Others may pose a riddle or puzzle that may assist seekers of information to seek out their very own solutions. Typically, particularly when asking concerning the historical past of the Radiant Citadel earlier than its rediscovery, the Daybreak Incarnates refuse to talk in any respect.

Utilizing the Daybreak Incarnates as Plot Hooks for a Journeys By way of the Radiant Citadel marketing campaign

Available at no cost until June 28th, the primary chapter of Journeys By way of the Radiant Citadel permits DMs to make use of the Radiant Citadel as a house base for his or her get together whereas they strike out on adventures throughout the multiverse. If the Radiant Citadel is used as a central hub for adventuring to the multitude of areas featured within the journey anthology, the Daybreak Incarnates can function the drivers behind the adventures.

Journeys By way of the Radiant Citadel means that Daybreak Incarnates are usually not immortal beings and that the founding civilizations of the Radiant Citadel have mysteries hidden of their previous:

“A grim anomaly, a lifeless Daybreak Incarnate referred to as the Sapphire Wyvern, disturbs the tranquility of the Protect of the Ancestors. It lies inert, its gems blackened and cracked. Students consider it was the Daybreak Incarnate of one of many Radiant Citadel’s twelve misplaced civilizations, however all efforts to awaken it have failed. What occurred to it and the eleven absent Daybreak Incarnates of the opposite founding civilizations, none know.”

Supply: Journeys By way of the Radiant Citadel

Should you’re on the lookout for a technique to tie the 13 standalone adventures in Journeys By way of the Radiant Citadel collectively, you can have the Daybreak Incarnates prone to succumbing to an analogous destiny because the Sapphire Wyvern. Solely by finishing the adventures set out within the guide can the get together save the repositories of the Daybreak Incarnates’ historic data. Alternatively, the adventures within the guide may very well be used to find out if the characters are worthy of studying the secrets and techniques of the Radiant Citadel’s preliminary abandonment and the destiny of the opposite 12 civilizations. 

Utilizing the Daybreak Incarnates in a Standalone Journey

The Daybreak Incarnates are a improbable plot hook for DMs trying to run a single journey from Journeys By way of the Radiant Citadel as a part of a extra in depth marketing campaign. These beings of huge data may very well be the get together’s motivation for journeying to the Radiant Citadel within the first place. Not solely will the get together need to navigate the Ethereal Airplane, however as soon as they get to the Radiant Citadel, they’ll be capable to discover the town and get launched to the factions that reside there.

As soon as they’ve developed a relationship with the right faction, they will search counsel from one of many Daybreak Incarnates. From there, the Daybreak Incarnates can ship them on one of many adventures featured within the guide earlier than answering their questions. As soon as the duty is full, the get together might proceed exploring the Radiant Citadel and the adventures it gives, or they may head again to their marketing campaign’s location on the Materials Airplane to proceed the story there.

Develop Your Horizons on the Radiant Citadel

The Daybreak Incarnates are repositories of information for the various cultures that make up the Radiant Citadel. By way of these mysterious beings, the characters can uncover new lands throughout thrilling and distinctive adventures featured in Journeys By way of the Radiant Citadel. So whether or not your get together is heading to the Radiant Citadel for data or journey, it’s assured they’ll discover loads of each!


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