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The dragonborn race is getting a facelift in Dungeons & Dragons! Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons introduces three variant dragonborn, every reflecting one of many three dragon households — the chromatic, the gem, and the metallic. We received a sneak peek of the metallic dragonborn in D&D Celebration 2021. This is the way it improves on the unique dragonborn and its breath weapon discovered within the Participant’s Handbook.

Metallic dragonborn racial traits

Dragonborn with metallic ancestry lay declare to the tenacity of metallic dragons—brass, bronze, copper, gold, and silver—whose hues glint of their scales. Theirs is the hearth of fireside and forge, the chilly of excessive mountain air, the spark of inspiration, and the scouring contact of acid that purifies.

Supply: Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons

5E Metallic dragonborn previewThe unique dragonborn gives two key traits which can be based mostly in your draconic ancestry: harm resistance and a breath weapon that can be utilized as soon as per quick or lengthy relaxation. The race lends itself to martial lessons — notably the paladin — by providing +2 in Energy and +1 in Charisma at character creation.

The metallic dragonborn nonetheless gives harm resistance and a harmful breath weapon, however there are key variations to how the breath weapon works. On high of that, the variant dragonborn additionally positive aspects a second breath weapon at third stage!

This is a abstract of the metallic dragonborn and the way it compares to the unique:

  • You should utilize your breath weapon a lot of instances equal to your proficiency bonus. The makes use of of your breath weapon reset on a protracted relaxation. For adventuring events that do not typically take quick rests, this transformation will increase what number of breath weapons you get per lengthy relaxation. Extra importantly, it can save you your breath weapon makes use of for combats that matter, slightly than being restricted to only one use per quick relaxation.
  • Your breath weapon is a 15-foot cone. With the unique dragonborn, your breath weapon offers harm in a cone or a line relying in your ancestry.
  • The typical harm on the breath weapon has elevated. The harm scales from 1d10 as much as 4d10 at seventeenth stage. Comparatively, the unique dragonborn’s harm scales from 2d6 as much as 5d6 at sixteenth stage.
  • An assault could be changed together with your breath weapon. The metallic dragonborn breath weapon replaces one in all your assaults slightly than makes use of an motion. For instance, when you’ve got the Additional Assault characteristic, you possibly can substitute one or each of your assaults with a breath weapon!
  • You achieve a second breath weapon. At third stage, you get Metallic Breath Weapon, a 15-foot cone assault that can be utilized as soon as per lengthy relaxation. While you use your Metallic Breath Weapon, you may select from one in all two results: Enervating Breath and Repulsion Breath. Enervating Breath forces enemies to make a Structure saving throw or be incapacitated till the beginning of your subsequent flip. Repulsion Breath forces enemies to make a Energy saving throw or be pushed again 20 toes and knocked susceptible.

Potential rating will increase for the metallic dragonborn

Beginning with the harengon and fairy races present in The Wild Past the Witchlight, Dungeons & Dragons races now not include set potential rating will increase. As an alternative, gamers will get to decide on one of many following choices at character creation:

  • Improve one rating by 2 and enhance a unique rating by 1
  • Improve three totally different scores by 1

A metallic dragonborn’s outlook on life

Dragonborn adornments Very like their ancestors, dragonborn are prideful folks. They usually stand tall and are conscious however unbothered by the truth that others generally discover them intimidating. In contrast to many dragons, nonetheless, dragonborn not often isolate themselves from their very own form. A dragonborn respects the clan to which they belong and can honor their place in it. Nevertheless, folks of this race are all the time looking for to enhance and earn their place on the planet.

Though it is but unclear whether or not there shall be variations in how chromatic, gem, and metallic dragonborn conduct themselves, we are able to draw inspiration from the dragons to which their ancestries are tied. Should you’re making a metallic dragonborn, check out the persona traits and pursuits of the next dragons, summarized from the Monster Handbook.

Metallic dragon persona traits
Kind Character Traits
Brass Gregarious tricksters; irritated by those that don’t interact with them; honest in shelling out punishment
Bronze Tacticians; love studying about warfare; despise tyrants; joyful to intrude in conflicts
Copper Witty; prankers and jokesters; grasping
Gold Clever and honest however aloof and grim; will eat absolutely anything
Silver Pleasant and sociable; take pleasure in studying historical past

Constructing a metallic dragonborn character

The metallic dragonborn’s breath weapon traits not permit your character to deal harm to a number of enemies, however they provide crowd management, too. Take into account the next as you method character creation:

  • You should utilize Breath Weapon and Metallic Breath Weapon on the identical flip. Characters that may make two assaults in a single flip can substitute one assault with their Breath Weapon and one other with their Metallic Breath Weapon to wreck havoc on mobs.
  • Repulsion Breath permits melee builds. Think about a metallic dragonborn monk that knocks an enemy susceptible with Repulsion Breath after which follows it up with a flurry of blows made with benefit!
  • Structure issues. That is true just about the entire time. However if you need your enemies to constantly fail their saving throws towards your breath weapons, you may need to discover room in your construct for increased Structure. For the reason that barbarian’s Unarmored Protection cares about Structure and the fighter has further Potential Rating Enhancements, these two lessons may very well be a great pairing for the metallic dragonborn.
  • Bronze dragonborn can maximize their breath weapon harm. The Tempest area’s Channel Divinity, Damaging Wrath, means that you can deal most harm while you roll for lightning or thunder harm. A bronze dragonborn’s breath weapon offers lightning harm. Not a nasty pairing at low ranges!

Extra to return in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons

The metallic dragonborn is only one of three variants coming for the basic race. However Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons shall be chockful of different goodies, together with two new subclasses, tons of dragons, and extra. Keep tuned for extra previews forward of the e book’s launch!

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