How Do Clan Wars Work?

Are you one of those clan game fanatics? Do you enjoy competing with your friends in head to head game play? Do you want to learn more about this game? Do you want to know how the game is played? Would you like to know some tricks and tips that you can use to make your game play even better? If so, read on as we take a look at the basics of how do clan wars work?

Clan Wars has a few defining characteristics that set it apart from other online games. One of those characteristics is the ability to play with friends and family members who are either on your friends list or on your family list. Once you have reached a certain level of play and prestige within the game, you can invite these people over to play and compete with them.

In order to play with friends, however, you will first need to get them to join up. This is where the game starts to get tricky. You will want to open up the War Chest, which is where you store your players’ gear and weapons. Upon joining the game, you will be given a War Chest. Once you have opened the chest, you can transfer gear and weapons from it to your character inside the game. To do this, you will click on the chest icon on the upper right corner of the main screen.

Now that you have your characters loaded up inside the game, you will want to invite them to join your friends list. Click on the little box near the top of the screen that says ” invites”. It is a good idea to change your name and email address as well. The War Chest is where you will send the invites to your friends.

You will then want to go into the game and create a new war. This will be your first combat encounter. Once the battle begins, you will be at the center of the action, and you will be the one calling the shots, although your friends will be able to take control of their characters and do some fighting as well.

After the player versus player combat, you will need to choose which player you would like to pit against your rival. To do this, click on your opponent and view his statistics. This includes the hit points, the xp needed for each level, and the energy needed to fight him.

When you see the statistics for your rival, make sure to click on the clan he belongs to. When you click on the clan, you will be brought to a page where you can add a member to your family. Your family members will each be assigned a rank. You can move up or down in ranks as you see fit.

When you have found a worthy brother to join you in your cause, you will be able to communicate with each other through an in game chat system. If there happens to be a fight, this will be typed out for your players to witness. How do clan wars work? By taking turns being the clans’ leader, you can earn more recruits and battle experience.

As you begin to see the benefit of being a leader, you may be tempted to use the power of your position to get yourself promoted. If you wish to be elevated in your position, you must prove that you are a good leader by winning battles and earning experience points. If you are promoted, you will be given a new clan to work with, along with a new family to join.

You will also find that you can make friends and communicate through the in-game messaging system. How do clan wars work? Through the communication system you and your Clan can agree to a payment plan. When this is agreed upon, your family will submit a payment that they will donate to your upkeep and battle progress.

The clan with the most money at the end of the month will be declared the winner of the monthly competition. This process would continue until the deadline has been met. The winner of the game will get the largest cash payouts. If you would like to make more money, another competition may occur. Each month there are new ones that have come into the game. So you are constantly changing and growing.