frogfolk in Da2 on steroids!

The frogfolk are a collection of diversities, each dwelling far underground, away from the prying eyes of civilization. In their home there they commune with nature and observe the world around them. Many times these frogfolk become a part of the ecosystem as part of the functioning of the ecosystem, sharing food and other resources with all the creatures it interacts with. However, some frogfolk remain on the surface, only conversing with human civilizations who seek to understand them and their ways. There are several types of frogfolk that can be found both underground and out in the open, each different species represented by its own physical traits and customs.

The common frogfolk known by most people to exist on earth are the red-nose albino frogs of the Eastern U.S. and Canada. They are known for their red coloration and for having large rear feet like those of salamanders, but with no front legs at all. The albino version has a white face, a red belly, gray skin, and gray spines. These amphibious creatures jump up to half a meter in height, using their rear feet for support while jumping.

Many different types of frogfolk have evolved over the years, as different habitats have developed and been occupied. There are frogfolk of the desert, those of the forest, those of lakes and rivers, and those of warmer climates, such as the desert. They can all walk on their back legs, although those of the desert type can likely run very fast when needed. Frogfolk do have a regenerative quality to them as well, so they can easily heal wounds and have high resistance to poison.

One of the primary capabilities of frogfolk is their incredible ability to regenerate. This allows them to avoid being killed by enemies, or at least minimizing damage taken by them. Their high str score allows them to get off a high jump without taking a long jump, allowing them to reach high places very quickly and be ready to attack.

frogfolk have a few different subspecies, including the Ensiphonopus. This frogfolk has large, red eyes, and can breathe both underwater and in air. These traits make this subspecies uniquely capable of seeing in both the water and on land. The Phascolarctos cinereus is the only other known species that can breathe both underwater and on land. It has also been said that this froglike race sometimes bites its own tail to keep it from falling into the water. All other types of frogfolk only breathe on land.

A few other common frogfolk traits include being able to wear light armor, have a low Str, and having a high Int. They can use some dark magic, but are not as powerful as wizards. They have the ability to cast enchantments and potions, though they are prohibited from using necromancy on a soul, due to the inherently evil nature of the undead.

frogfolk get two racial bonuses to their name, which help them stay interesting for longer play sessions: the frogfolk are anura-immune, and the modricorn gets the Song of Xuthal. frogfolk are strong swimmers and well-equipped fighters. They are strong against all forms of magic, especially sunlight, and can survive almost any encounter with dragons. However, being an anura-immune makes them highly susceptible to sunlight damage, so they will often have to retreat or turn away when fighting a dragon.

Frogfolk are one of the most unique races in the game, offering both an intriguing flavor and deep mechanical design. The combination of good air and water resistance, combined with the frog’s ability to breathe both on land and in water, makes frogfolk a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, because there are so few frogs in Baldur’s Gate, the rest of the expansion is sadly lacking in content, and the story line is rushed. However, by taking a look at the unique characteristics of this unusual race, players should find that frogfolk are a fun and interesting race to play. With a bit more work, I believe they could easily compete with the other races in DA 2: Age of Reckoning.