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In “Don’t Say Vecna,” the gamers are tasked with investigating a wizard tower that mysteriously disappeared from the Materials Aircraft. Their exploration will reveal the forbidden secrets and techniques three students found and what fates befell them.

This free D&D journey is homebrew and makes use of info from the Vecna File. Meant for a gaggle of three to 4 Twentieth-level characters, the journey concludes with a lethal encounter towards the archlich Vecna. The journey might be accomplished in about two to 3 hours. Dungeon Masters want solely the essential guidelines and the Vecna File to run it.

In the event you want to run a harder encounter with Vecna, you’ll need the Ebook of Vile Darkness from the Dungeon Grasp’s Information.

What Is the Vecna File?

The Vecna File brings the famed archlich to undeath in fifth version Dungeons & Dragons. It’s a primer on Vecna’s legacy and contains statistics so you’ll be able to problem your gamers in a showdown towards some of the highly effective spellcasters in D&D lore.

D&D Past customers can unlock the Vecna File for free of charge from June 9 to June 16, 2022. All it is advisable to do is join, click on the button beneath, and choose “Declare!” After this era, the file will probably be out there solely to subscribers throughout June and July 2022.

Journey Abstract

VecnaThis one-shot journey takes place in a wizard tower owned by three students—Kalene, Aden, and Brin—who had been researching Vecna. When their research caught Vecna’s consideration, the archlich planeshifted the tower to Limbo, a aircraft of chaos. There, he imprisoned the students and tormented them till their premature ends.

Vecna now makes use of the tower to lure in and kill people who dare to be taught extra about him. The tower incorporates lethal traps, forbidden information on Vecna, and a gate to the archlich’s personal sanctum.

Participant Targets

  • Examine Cientia Tower.
  • Retrieve the uncovered secrets and techniques of Vecna.
  • Discover the three keys to open the Merciless Gate.
  • Defeat Vecna.

Content material Warning

This journey incorporates depictions of physique horror, torture, and dismemberment. A session zero earlier than you run the journey will can help you make changes to deal with gamers’ delicate and laborious limits.

Character Creation

The characters are seasoned adventurers researching the disappearance of Cientia Tower. They need to have an curiosity in uncovering the secrets and techniques discovered within the wizard tower. For instance, they could have a connection to one of many lacking students or be burdened by fleeting visions of horror.

Magic gadgets could also be essential to survive the encounter with Vecna on the finish of the journey. Vecna is resistant to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing harm from nonmagical assaults, so martial characters may discover themselves in a difficult state of affairs with out entry to magical assaults. Nonetheless, be aware of which magic gadgets you allow and the way they could have an effect on the challenges offered right here.

Cientia Tower

Previous to its sudden disappearance, Cientia Tower was fairly abnormal. Standing at 100 ft tall and 20 ft in diameter, this round, unassuming tower was product of plain grey stone. The tower was house to 3 reclusive students that spent their time inspecting previous tomes and artifacts that they’d introduced in from varied libraries, archaeological expeditions, and hero-for-hire adventuring events.

The tower was spartan in its ornament, as every scholar gave the impression to be extra involved with their work than luxurious comforts. Naked stone partitions and flooring, plain wooden furnishings, and the muddle of their analysis had been the one facilities wanted by the preoccupied students.

Cientia Tower consists of 4 flooring, every of which serves a selected, utilitarian perform. The primary ground is the doorway to the tower and the place the students would meet with their friends. The second ground was magically expanded to deal with the students’ chambers, a library, and botanical gardens. The students’ work was performed on the third and fourth flooring, which held a laboratory and observatory, respectively.

The students’ analysis finally turned to the topic of the archlich Vecna. When he discovered that they had been uncovering his secrets and techniques, he transported the tower to Limbo and started his work on the students.

Although most believed the tower’s students to be daft at greatest, the tower’s disappearance piqued the curiosity of a number of tutorial factions. The characters can be taught of the tower’s location from certainly one of these factions or maybe have found it for themselves.

Tower Options

The tower has the next options:

Development. Rooms are 20 ft in diameter and 20 ft excessive. The stone partitions have an AC of 17, 90 hit factors per 5 foot part of wall, and immunity to nonmagical piercing and slashing harm. If the tower is destroyed whereas it stays in Limbo, it instantly begins reconstructing itself. This course of takes 3d4 minutes.

Magical Defenses. The tower is protected by the forbiddance spell. Celestial creatures that enter the tower for the primary time or begin their flip in it take 5d10 radiant harm. Doorways and partitions are protected towards passwall, gaseous kind, and related magic.

Unholy Title. Cientia Tower is cursed by Vecna’s vile deeds. When a participant or their character utters the identify “Vecna,” the character takes 2d10 psychic harm (no save) and should succeed a DC 17 Intelligence saving throw or be cursed. A creature cursed on this method can’t communicate for 1d10 minutes, after which the curse ends. Every time this curse takes impact, regardless of the character or participant that triggered it, the harm will increase by 1d10 psychic harm, as much as a most of 5d10. The harm decreases to 2d10 after 24 hours have handed with out Vecna’s identify being spoken. A creature that whispers Vecna’s identify is just not affected by this curse. So long as the stays of the students are within the tower, this curse can’t be ended.

Vecna the Archlich

Vecna is probably the most highly effective lich to exist on this planet of Dungeons & Dragons. He’s an evil spellcaster that sought darkish powers to attain immortality. Throughout his timeless life, Vecna has turn into crammed with malice, hatred, and an unquenchable thirst for energy.

Tales of Vecna’s vile acts have existed in D&D lore ever since its first version. In a multiverse stuffed with evil beings, Vecna is among the many worst of them. Extra info on Vecna’s backstory might be discovered within the Vecna File.

Journey Begin

Dark clouds sit above floating rocks and lightning strikes

Limbo is a realm of unfettered chaos. Water turns to stone which blooms into roses that wither and ignite. Right here, islands float in countless sky and stars are born and remade within the blink of an eye fixed. That is the place you discover the misplaced Cientia Tower, a wizard tower that was plucked out of the Materials Aircraft when its students drew the ire of Vecna the Timeless King. Whether or not by miracle or not possible magic, the tower has remained intact, although its home windows and entrance door have been sealed with black tentacles.

Limbo has no gravity, so the characters can freely discover the tower’s exterior. The tentacles are magical and stop objects and creatures contained in the tower from being topic to Limbo’s harmful affect (see “Realm of Chaos”).

Black Tentacles. A creature inside 5 ft of a door or window should make a DC 15 Power saving throw or be pulled into the tower by tentacles. A creature that enters the tower on this method takes 14 (4d6) acid harm as they’re pulled via the mass of slithering appendages. Each time a creature is pulled into the tower this manner, they arrive within the tower entrance (area L1). Past pulling creatures who get too near the tower, the tentacles don’t have any sentience.

A set of tentacles that bar a door or window have AC 12, 30 hit factors, immunity to poison and psychic harm, and robotically fail Dexterity saving throws. Tentacles dropped at 0 hit factors rot away, exposing a door or window that can be utilized to entry the tower. Each doorways and home windows are unlocked and might be opened simply as soon as uncovered.

Leaving a gap into the tower, resembling an open door or window, causes objects and creatures inside to be topic to Limbo’s results. A gap into the tower is robotically sealed by newly grown tentacles after 1d6 minutes.

Realm of Chaos. Every minute a personality spends exterior the tower is affected by the chaotic vitality of Limbo. A creature affected on this method should succeed on a DC 15 Structure saving throw or take 16 (3d10) harm of a randomly chosen kind, or half as a lot on a profitable one. A creature broken on this method additionally should choose one nonmagical merchandise at random from their stock. This merchandise is transmogrified right into a ineffective kind.

L1. Tower Entrance

This room is pitch black besides for 2 lights, one which shines on the entrance door to the tower and one which shines down on a door throughout from you. The lights don’t have any distinguishable supply.

A menacing devil made from white bone with a stinger arching over its backExcept for a 5-foot radius in entrance of the room’s two doorways, the tower’s entrance is blanketed in magical darkness. A creature with darkvision cannot see via this darkness, and nonmagical mild cannot illuminate it. If a spell that creates mild is forged whereas on this room, the spell is robotically dispelled except it’s a sixth stage spell or increased.

If the darkness is dispelled, the celebration can see that the room is stuffed with crates. Wanting via the crates reveals nothing of curiosity, past previous books written in quite a lot of languages.

First Key. A bone satan dwells within the tower entrance. (It has a climbing velocity of 40 ft slightly than a flying velocity.) The door reverse of the tower entrance results in a staircase that grants entry to the higher flooring. When a personality approaches inside 5 ft of this door, the bone satan assaults and fights to the demise.

When attacking creatures standing within the mild of the doorways, the bone satan makes use of its 10-foot attain to assault from the duvet of the magical darkness. When the bone satan dies, it transforms again into Kalene’s left hand and the magical darkness is dispelled.

Kalene’s hand can be utilized on the Merciless Gate within the observatory (area L4).

Cursed Door. The door resulting in the tower’s staircase can’t be opened by something apart from Kalene’s hand. A creature that touches the deal with not utilizing Kalene’s hand takes 4d6 necrotic harm. The creature should succeed on a DC 17 Structure saving throw or its hit level most is decreased by an quantity equal to the harm taken. This discount lasts till the goal completes a protracted relaxation. The goal dies if this impact reduces its hit level most to 0.

Kalene’s Demise. Days after trapping the students in Limbo, Vecna reworked Brin into an abomination that attacked Kalene and Aden. Fearing for her life, Kalene tried to flee the tower. She managed to make it to the entrance door earlier than she was dragged again by Brin. Within the subsequent wrestle, Kalene’s left hand was torn off. Suffused by the darkish energies of the tower, the hand mutated right into a bone satan.

L2. Dwelling Quarters

Ascending the steps, you come to a residing house that’s a lot bigger than the earlier ground. Plain wood furnishings is strewn across the frequent space between two wood doorways. Past the frequent space is a small disorganized library with bookcases that attain the ceiling. Useless leaves are scattered on the ground of the library.

This ground has been magically enlarged on the within of the tower to carry a small library, a typical space, a botanical backyard, and two chambers for the students. The frequent space incorporates nothing of curiosity.

Kalene and Aden’s Chambers

An unmade mattress massive sufficient for 2 folks sits within the nook of the room. A easy wood wardrobe, desk, and basin of water full the barren furnishing of this chamber. Beside a candle that has burned all the way down to its nub, a small journal sits open on the desk. A bottle of ink seems to have spilled its contents on the journal, protecting it in shiny black ink.

A easy look across the room can set up that the students that shared the room had been a pair. The wardrobe incorporates ladies’s and males’s clothes, males’s evening garments are held on a hook within the wall, and a males’s shaving equipment might be discovered by a basin within the nook.

Second Key. If the mattress is inspected, Aden’s left eye might be discovered beneath one of many pillows. The primary time a personality touches the attention, it swivels round so the pupil seems to be instantly at them. When this occurs, the character sees a imaginative and prescient of Kalene and Aden speaking in regards to the inscriptions discovered on the Merciless Gate (see area L4). Kalene means that the inscriptions should maintain clues to unlocking it. She then wonders aloud about Brin, saying that he has not left the laboratory in a while.

When the imaginative and prescient concludes, the character who touched the attention should succeed on a DC 19 Intelligence saving throw or take 5d6 psychic harm and lose sight of their left eye. A personality with out sight of their left eye has drawback on Knowledge (Notion) checks that depend on sight. On the finish of their subsequent lengthy relaxation, the character can repeat the saving throw, ending the impact on itself on a hit. The impact will also be ended by a higher restoration, heal, or want spell.

Aden’s eye can be utilized on the Merciless Gate within the observatory (area L4).

Aden’s Obsession. Mendacity open on the desk is Kalene’s journal. All however the latest entries have been rendered unreadable by the spilled ink. The newest entry reads:

“Aden not sleeps in our mattress. Every evening, he roams across the tower studying books, however as a rule he goes to the observatory and stares on the black gate on the far wall. It appeared just some days in the past, however we are able to’t divine any info on it. I as soon as satisfied him to retire to mattress, and he was wracked by a ache behind his left eye all through the evening. Now, he sleeps fitfully in the course of the day. He says that ‘evening is the time to uncover secrets and techniques.’”

Brin’s Chambers

This small chamber incorporates a mattress, trunk, and desk. Tucked towards the wall simply contained in the room are a pair of newly shined sneakers. On the desk, a quill rests in a pot of ink. Two books lay open on the desk. One seems to be to be fairly previous whereas the opposite seems newly certain.

Scribe Work. As soon as the Merciless Gate appeared, Brin was overwhelmed by loneliness and felt an insistent want to shine his sneakers and translate previous books into Widespread. The ebook that he was translating earlier than he was reworked by Vecna seems to be a couple of determine of fantasy who had a golden eye and a withered hand. It was mentioned that something this determine wished for got here true. The determine met an premature demise when a thief stole the attention from their head whereas they slept.


Cramped cabinets are filled with previous rotting tomes, newly certain books, unfastened sheets of parchment, and tightly wound scrolls. Three chairs encompass a desk that’s lined with varied paperwork. Dried leaves cowl the ground and seem to have been blown in from a half-closed door to the fitting of the bookshelves.

Vecna has cursed the books on this space as some comprise info on him. If a creature begins studying, they have to succeed on a DC 18 Knowledge saving throw or undergo the results of the geas spell. The magical command of this impact is to do nothing however sit and skim. If the command is just not adhered to, the creature takes 5d10 psychic harm, turns into incapacitated, and praises Vecna. This impact ends if the creature takes any harm.

Hidden Secrets and techniques. A creature that spends 1 hour studying learns the next about Vecna:

  • Vecna was born on this planet of Oerth. He was the son of a hedge witch and by no means knew his father. When he was younger, his mom was exiled for training darkish magic.
  • Vecna was certain into servitude by the order of wizards that exiled his mom. Someday, he massacred the wizards.
  • Over the course of a whole bunch of years, Vecna solid an empire on this planet of Oerth. When his physique began to fail him, he turned to darkish powers and have become a lich.
  • Vecna was betrayed (his betrayer is just not named). The battle that ensued between Vecna and his betrayer price the archlich his left eye and left hand.
  • Vecna traverses the multiverse, although his motives are unclear.

Botanical Gardens

The half-closed door within the library results in an extradimensional house that incorporates a courtyard. The sky above the courtyard is an illusory projection of what might be discovered exterior of the tower.

The courtyard is bleak and desolate. Wanting up you’ll be able to see the infinite sky of Limbo, however you’re seemingly unaffected by its chaotic affect. Grey stone surrounds the courtyard and beds of lifeless bushes and flowers line a round walkway. On the middle of the courtyard stands a lifeless, gnarled tree with leafless branches that creak in a nonexistent wind. The flooring and partitions of the courtyard are lined in black ichor that oozes out of the backyard beds and from a scar within the tree.

The courtyard is round and 20 ft in diameter. The partitions surrounding it are 40 ft excessive. The one method to go away the courtyard is to return via the door to the residing quarters. If a creature makes an attempt to fly out of the courtyard, they reappear the place they initially took off.

A ghostly skeletal figure with glowing eyes wears a silvery crownWhispering Wooden. A creature that enters the courtyard hears the pleas of a deceased individual they liked. They have to succeed on a DC 17 Charisma saving throw or be compelled to strategy the scar within the gnarled tree, believing that their liked one is pleading for support from inside it.

When a personality will get inside 5 ft of the tree or begins its flip adjoining to it, they have to succeed on a DC 15 Power saving throw or be restrained by branches. A creature can spend an motion on its flip to repeat the saving throw, ending the impact on itself on a hit.

A creature restrained by the tree takes 10 (3d6) necrotic harm at the start of its flip. If a creature suffers from this impact, 1d4 ghouls claw their method up from the backyard beds.

Cursed Useless. 4 wraiths carrying tattered wizard robes lie in wait contained in the tree. If a creature will get inside 5 ft of the tree, the wraiths emerge and assault. They spend their turns utilizing their Life Drain or shoving creatures into areas adjoining to the tree.

Blight. No plant can dwell within the courtyard. Any try to convey a plant again to life robotically fails. A creature with the plant subtype takes 27 (5d10) necrotic harm at the beginning of every of its turns so long as it’s within the courtyard.

L3. Laboratory

Steps ascend to a moist room crammed with deserted lab tools that glows with a sickly inexperienced mild. A decapitated physique lies shackled to an upright working desk. Above, the ceiling is roofed in pulsating flesh from which limbs and different physique components grasp.

The creature on the ceiling is Brin. When Vecna arrived, Brin was reworked right into a horrifying abomination that proceeded to hunt and devour the our bodies of his fellow students. Brin now consists of three particular person plenty linked to Brin’s head. In fight, Brin makes use of the statistics of three shambling mounds, with the next modifications:

  • Brin is undead, not a plant.
  • The three plenty share the identical initiative.
  • Brin can climb troublesome surfaces, together with the other way up on ceilings, with no need to make a capability verify.
  • If Brin’s head is severed from the plenty, resembling by a vorpal sword, all three plenty instantly die.

When Brin detects the characters, he reaches out with many fleshy tendrils and gurgles:

“Cooome be a part of me … In Vecna’s identify, take pleasure in everlasting embrace!”

Third Key. Brin’s head can be utilized on the Merciless Gate within the observatory (area L4). He has no eyes or left fingers, and due to this fact presents no different keys for the Merciless Gate.

Brin’s Notes. Quite a few books containing Brin’s notes lie open on a desk close to the working desk. They comprise potion recipes and lab notes on varied experiments. A small journal certain in darkish leather-based sits atop the scattered notes. As soon as Vecna started to torment the students of Cientia Tower, he invaded Brin’s thoughts and tempted him with ideas of curing his loneliness. Earlier entries within the journal describe a voice in Brin’s head telling him he doesn’t must be alone. All he has to do is write his lonely ideas into this ebook. The final entry within the journal reads:

“I’ve spent my years in solitude researching all the merciless issues that threaten my realm, to guard the folks I really like. However Vecna is just not a type of merciless issues. He guarantees life—an eternity of it!—if solely we lend ourselves to his knowledge. For my servitude, he has promised an excellent reward, a method for everybody I like to be collectively. So nice is that this reward that I shall take all the realm into my heat embrace! Think about! A world that’s one. A world that’s me…”

The primary creature that reads Brin’s notes is focused by a Ninth-level dominate monster spell. They have to succeed on a DC 22 Knowledge saving throw or fall beneath the management of Vecna. If a creature is managed on this method, Vecna doesn’t change the mannerisms of the creature till they attain his sanctum, at which level the dominated creature turns towards the celebration. So long as a creature is managed on this method, Vecna should think about the spell.

DM Tip. It’s greatest to debate the results of a failed save with a participant in personal in order that it may be roleplayed efficiently. Whether or not the character fails or succeeds, this counts because the 1/day casting of dominate monster from Vecna’s stat block.

L4. Observatory

The ground of this room is roofed in black tentacles that slither in swimming pools of recent blood. The ceiling is a domed window that appears out into the countless expanse of Limbo. On the far wall, tentacles body a black, round gate product of barbed, pitch black metallic.

The ground on this room is troublesome terrain. A creature that’s lacking hit factors that enters the room should make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or take 10 (2d10) piercing harm and be poisoned for 1 hour as they’re attacked by the tentacles. A creature that succeeds on this saving throw takes half harm and isn’t poisoned. Creatures that stay within the room should repeat this saving throw every minute.

The Merciless Gate

Inspecting the Gate. The Merciless Gate is 10 ft in diameter. When inspected, scenes of Vecna’s previous might be distinguished from the gate’s wrought metallic. The primary scene is a person in wizard robes elevating his fingers earlier than a tall tower whereas different women and men bow all the way down to him. The second scene shows a person sitting in a ritual circle, ingesting from a goblet. The third and final scene exhibits a withered, undead spellcaster battling a determine in full plate mail who wields an ornate longsword as a tower crumbles within the background.

Touching the gate causes a creature to take 5 (2d4) piercing harm. A profitable DC 11 Intelligence (Investigation) verify reveals that one of many bowing figures within the first scene is lacking its head, the wizard within the second scene is lacking its left eye, and the undead creature within the third scene is lacking its left hand.

Impenetrable. The gate is indestructible, can’t be opened by magic, and can’t be moved. Eradicating or damaging the wall across the gate exposes the tower to the skin (see “Realm of Chaos”).

Opening the Gate. The gate requires three keys to be opened: a left eye, a left hand, and a head. Every should come from a separate humanoid—whether or not alive or lifeless—or from Brin’s physique. When the keys are offered to the gate, they vanish from the fingers of the creature and seem within the scenes embossed on the gate’s body.

A creature that makes use of its personal left eye or left hand as a key completely loses it and has drawback on saving throws made towards spells forged by Vecna. A creature that makes use of its personal head as a key can’t be resurrected. These results can solely be undone by a want spell or divine intervention.

Selecting the Locks. Bypassing the gate’s locks is close to not possible. Every lock is a magical and mechanical marvel and requires a profitable DC 30 Dexterity verify made utilizing thieves’ instruments. On a failure, the creature selecting the lock should make a DC 19 Dexterity saving throw or be restrained as they turn into trapped within the complicated gears of the gate.

A personality trapped by the gate can escape with a profitable DC 19 Power or Dexterity saving throw. On a failed escape try, the character takes 55 (10d10) bludgeoning harm as they’re floor up by the gate’s gears. A personality’s escape try robotically succeeds if they provide a left eye, left hand, or head to the suitable lock.

Vecna’s Sanctum

A large pile of red arms reach for a treasure chest and scroll

When the Merciless Gate is unlocked, it releases a pulse of necrotic vitality that dispels all spells of sixth stage or decrease forged on creatures standing inside 30 ft of the door. This stays true for creatures standing behind complete cowl.

The gate opens into Vecna’s personal sanctum, a temple on the fringe of time. It has the next attributes:

  • The sanctum is 80 ft lengthy and 30 ft vast. The ceiling is 60 ft excessive.
  • The partitions are product of a combination of stone and zombies. The zombies are melded with the stone and can’t be eliminated with out destroying them. Any creature that comes inside 5 ft of the partitions should succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or turn into grappled by the zombies within the wall. Any creature that begins its flip grappled by the zombies beneficial properties one level of exhaustion. A creature can repeat the saving throw as an motion on every of its turns.
  • The sanctum is warded towards residing creatures. Spells that restore hit factors to a residing creature solely restore half as many hit factors (minimal one).
  • The sanctum is protected by forbiddance. Celestial creatures that enter the tower for the primary time or begin their flip in it take 5d10 radiant harm.
  • The sanctum is unaffected by the results of Limbo.

As you learn the next, have the characters roll initiative.

The black gate opens right into a desecrated temple. Ash blankets the ground and damaged pews lie strewn about. Alongside the cracked stone partitions of the temple you see the tormented lifeless as they cry out to you.

On the far facet of the temple, standing on the prime of a set of stairs is a corpse embellished in tattered purple robes and an ornate gold breastplate. Inside his chest is a gold and purple ebook. He’s lacking his left eye and left hand. He’s Vecna.

With a merciless look at you, Vecna says in a raspy voice that nonetheless carries throughout the room, “I might congratulate you in your perseverance, however you gained’t be alive lengthy sufficient to understand it.”

Vile Flames. When fight begins, every room within the tower erupts in inexperienced, necrotic flames. A creature that begins its flip within the tower should succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or take 14 (4d6) necrotic harm because the flames devour them. Vecna and the tentacles are immune to wreck dealt by the flames.

Vecna’s Fight Techniques

Vecna can confirm the capabilities of spellcasters and establish the spells they forged with out making a capability verify. He’ll attempt to disable or kill characters within the group he suspects has magic that may restore hit factors or revive others. Moreover, if a personality is lacking a left eye or left hand, Vecna will goal them with spells he casts, suspecting the lacking components had been provided to the Merciless Gate.

Growing the Problem Score. For a harder fight, draw upon the facility of the Ebook of Vile Darkness (discovered within the Dungeon Grasp’s Information) or use the next lair actions.

A shadow strangles a screaming manLair Actions
On initiative depend 20 (dropping initiative ties), Vecna takes a lair motion to trigger one of many following results; Vecna can’t use the identical impact two rounds in a row:

Shadowplay. Vecna summons one shadow per character. Every shadow seems inside 5 ft of a special character. The shadows observe Vecna’s instructions (no motion required) and final till he makes use of this lair motion once more or dies. A shadow acts throughout initiative depend 20 after lair actions have been resolved.

Drain Life. Vecna casts enervation at seventh stage. Vecna does not want to focus on the spell and the spell ends on initiative depend 20 of the following spherical.

Mournful Useless. Wailing spirits swarm a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on a degree within the lair that Vecna can see. Every creature in that space should succeed on a DC 18 Knowledge saving throw or take 28 (8d6) chilly harm and have their motion velocity decreased by 15 ft. A creature that succeeds on its saving throw takes half as a lot harm and doesn’t have their motion velocity decreased.

Defeating Vecna

If the characters destroy Vecna, learn the next:

As Vecna falls to his knees, disbelief flashes throughout his face. Composing himself, he smirks and rasps, “You haven’t stopped me. You have got merely delayed the inevitable.” His physique then falls to the bottom—lifeless.

The temple begins to shudder and quake. Stones fall from the wall and the ground begins to crumble away right into a black void.

The characters can retrieve the Ebook of Vile Darkness from Vecna’s stays. The archlich will probably be resurrected in a brand new physique after 1d100 years. As soon as revived, he’ll search vengeance on those that slayed him. Any character that doesn’t act shortly is trapped in Vecna’s demiplane because the temple and gate are destroyed.

As soon as again in Cientia Tower, learn:

You end up standing on the stone ground of the tower’s observatory. The black tentacles have disappeared and, as you look overhead, you see the sky of Limbo flicker away. The acquainted stars of the Materials Aircraft blink into view.

With Vecna defeated, the tower has arrived again on the Materials Aircraft, exactly the place it resided earlier than being planeshifted away. Sadly, the students’ ugly fates haven’t modified. As an alternative, they may function a warning to people who dare examine the secrets and techniques of the Timeless King.

This journey was co-written by Mike Bernier and Michael Galvis:

Mike Bernier (@arcane_eye) is the founding father of Arcane Eye, a web site centered on offering helpful ideas and methods to all these concerned on this planet of D&D. Outdoors of writing for Arcane Eye, Mike spends most of his time enjoying video games, mountain climbing together with his girlfriend, and tending the veritable jungle of houseplants which have invaded his home.

Michael Galvis (@michaelgalvis) is a tabletop content material producer for D&D Past. He’s a longtime Dungeon Grasp who enjoys horror movies and all issues fantasy and sci-fi. When he isn’t within the DM’s seat or rolling cube as his anxious halfling sorcerer, he’s enjoying League of Legends and Magic: The Gathering together with his husband. They dwell collectively in Los Angeles with their lovely canine, Quentin.

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