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In “No Tears Over Spilled Espresso,” the gamers’ characters are new hires at Strixhaven College’s famed Firejolt Café. When their supervisor all of the sudden grows ailing, it is as much as the social gathering to maintain the enterprise working! This free D&D journey is meant for a bunch of three to 4 1st-level characters. It may be accomplished in about two to 3 hours and features a free map from Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos!

Journey abstract

The journey takes place over the course of the characters’ first day of labor on the Firejolt Café. Their supervisor, Ellina Tanglewood, scheduled the group for coaching however shortly falls ailing. She trusts the characters to work collectively to run the café as she recovers.

Participant aims

  • Clear the espresso machine.
  • Efficiently fulfill drink orders through the morning rush.
  • Save prospects from the monster hidden within the newsstand.
  • Work collectively to finish a fancy drink order.

Character creation

On this journey, the gamers act as 1st-level characters attending Strixhaven College. They’re first-year college students starting their first day of labor on the Firejolt Café.

Select a job place

Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos presents mechanics for extracurricular actions and jobs. Characters working on the Firejolt Café can select from the next positions: barista, cashier, cleanup crew member, and server. Holding a job presents two key advantages to characters:

  • A weekly wage of 5 gp
  • Enhance or harm a relationship with one NPC they frequently work with

As this journey takes place over the course of a single day, you might reward the characters with 1 gp in wages plus ideas on the finish of the workday. For those who plan to run the adventures present in Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, hold tabs on how the characters work together with NPCs. Relationships are an vital factor within the e book.

Journey begin

Strixhaven students from different colleges

The Firejolt Café is a scorching spot of exercise on Strixhaven campus, notably for first-year college students. For those who’re not learning within the Biblioplex subsequent door, you are possible right here poring over tomes at its research tables or dozing off within the lounge. Properly-lit, clear, and with no bounds on the number of espresso and tea drinks supplied, the café attracts in prospects at each time of day.

In your first day of labor, your supervisor, a feminine elf named Ellina Tanglewood, has requested you to return earlier than opening to the Firejolt Café. The solar is simply rising over Strixhaven College when she unlocks the entrance doorways for you.

Ellina Tanglewood is a sprightly elven lady in a vibrant uniform adorned with colourful pins. By the point the characters arrive, she has drunk two coffees and is bouncing with power. She plans to coach the brand new hires , as her common rotation of workers has taken the week off of labor for a shock expedition held by Lorehold Faculty. Sadly, Ellina has come down with a chilly and can quickly depend on her new hires to hold the Firejolt Café working for the day.

“Good morning, my fiery recruits! My title’s Ellina, I oversee the Firejolt Café. This prestidigous institution is hands-down an important constructing on campus, and it’s paramount it runs in addition to an infernal warmachine tearing its means by means of the 9 Hells! We have lots to cowl this morning, so I hope you bought a superb night time’s relaxation! Now earlier than we leap in, I’ve obtained to collect supplies for the morning rush! Within the meantime, introduce yourselves — we’re a household, in spite of everything!”

Because the characters get to know each other, Ellina prepares the barista station (see area F3). She discovers that the closing shift did not do a lot cleansing the night time earlier than and hurries to tidy up. As she does, she begins to cough and sneeze.

When the characters end their introductions, learn the beneath:

Over the next 10 minutes, Ellina enthusastically walks you thru the fundamentals of creating espresso and tea, assuring you that almost all prospects’ orders are easy. She fingers you the Firejolt Café Staff’ Handbook and walks you thru primary security directions. As she does, you discover her actions rising sluggish and she or he coughs and sneezes increasingly more usually.

The Firejolt Café Staff’ Handbook is a trove of information for the brand new baristas. It comprises espresso and tea recipes, security protocols, and basic directions for working the café. A personality who spends 1 minute consulting the handbook beneficial properties a 1d4 bonus to means checks made to finish a job whereas at work.

By the top of the security coaching, Ellina is leaning closely on a counter and struggling to remain awake. A DC 8 Knowledge (Drugs) verify reveals that Ellina is battling the frequent chilly and desires relaxation to get well. Ellina is unwilling to shut the Firejolt Café as exams are approaching and college students want a spot to review and loosen up. If the characters counsel she sit on the sidelines for the day, she argues in opposition to it whilst she retires to the seating space (see area F2). In any other case, Ellina continues her coaching for one more 10 minutes earlier than giving up and falling asleep on the ground within the worker break space discovered at the barista station (see area F3).

When Ellina lastly offers up on work, she leaves with a parting speech:

Earlier than nodding off, Ellina has one final burst of power. “My fiery recruits, I am happening, and I am happening quick. I NEED you to drive this ship. It may be uneven waters, however you could see that the espresso machine is cleaned and prepared, and that the scholars and school are content material! With out the Firejolt Café, there isn’t a Strixhaven. WE MUST FIGHT TO PRESERVE IT.”

With a cough and a sneeze, Ellina drops her head and dozes off.

Ellina will stay asleep by means of the remainder of the journey. If woke up, the elf presents little assist however reminds the characters that the Firejolt Café Staff’ Handbook has every thing they should survive the workday. 

Firejolt Café

The Firejolt Café will get its title from Ellina’s trademark beverage, although most prospects know the café for the animated paintings adorning its inside partitions. Among the many best-known scenes are a joyful frog sporting a wizard’s hat and stirring a cauldron, and a dancing group of three cheery-faced lightning bolts.

Whether or not prospects need a quiet place to review, someplace to meet up with mates, and even simply seize the most recent copy of the journal Spells and Caster, the Firejolt Café is the perfect spot on campus for it — or at the very least that is when Ellina says.


  • Ceilings. The café’s ceilings are 20 toes excessive.
  • Doorways. At night time, every of the café’s exterior doorways is protected by an arcane lock spell. Choosing the lock on any of the outside doorways requires a profitable DC 25 Dexterity verify utilizing thieves’ instruments (DC 35 whereas the arcane lock is in impact). Ellina Tanglewood and selection different college members know the arcane lock‘s password.
  • Wall Decor. Cartoonish scenes crafted from phantasm magic play out alongside the partitions.
  • Magic Steps. The café’s steps can transfer and alter form to supply full accessibility to prospects.
  • Prospects. School and college students of all ages and years go to the café, however it’s hottest amongst first-year college students. 

Firejolt Cafe map from Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos

View Participant Model

F1. Examine tables

Magical steps lead as much as two tiers of lengthy benches that overlook the seating space. The benches are magical and are heat through the colder months and cooler through the hotter months. The closing shift did not clear up this space, so tables are suffering from discarded notes, used cups, and different trash.

On a typical day, roughly 30 college students will be discovered learning on this space.

F2. Seating Space

This space of the Firejolt Café is populated by massive tables and chairs and is usually utilized by of us seeking to socialize. The floor of every desk is enchanted with phantasm magic to show animated battles between the universities’ mascots. Though this space is tidier than the research tables, cleansing provides has been ignored from the earlier shift.

Characters can look forward to finding about 50 college students within the seating space throughout common hours. When the queue to make a drink order will get lengthy, prospects will type a line down the middle of this space.

F3. Barista station

The barista station is your battlefield. The entrance counter has a magical tip jar that tracks the amount of cash in it. Right here, the cashier will take drink orders from prospects. The again counter is stacked with magical gear that helps baristas put together drinks.

Saloon doorways on both aspect of the again counter result in a small break room for workers and has cabinets with café and cleansing provides.

The café sells cups of espresso and tea for 1 cp. Extra sophisticated orders may cost a little 2 cp. The café’s signature drink, the firejolt latte, prices a whopping 10 gp however confers resistance to fireplace for 1 minute after consuming it. A firejolt latte can usually solely be brewed by Ellina utilizing her fireplace magic, however a personality who has entry to café provides and succeeds on a DC 15 Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) verify can replicate the beverage, although it doesn’t present resistance to fireplace.

F4. Newsstand

A small retailer on the northwestern a part of the Firejolt Café sells magazines, knicknacks, and different such gadgets. The magazines listed below are all magic-themed, with standard titles together with Mages Month-to-month to Potions! Potions! Potions! and Spells and Caster

Characters working within the café might want to take turns working on this space. Throughout busier hours, the newsstand will shut as employees should work collectively to maintain tempo with drink orders. Most gadgets right here price 1 cp, although costs could also be increased for higher-end gadgets. For concepts on in-stock gadgets, roll on the trinkets desk discovered within the primary guidelines.

On a typical day, one to 2 prospects will be discovered perusing gadgets within the newsstand at a time.

F5. Fireplace lounge

Sofas, armchairs, and a collection of fireplaces make this lounge a cushty spot. Prospects will be discovered right here studying magazines, napping, or simply watching the flames. The desk close to the middle of the room is usually occupied by upperclassmen poring over high-level spell scrolls and different superior magic.

The fireplaces will be discovered within the northern corners of the world and are lit by continuous flame spells. Roughly 20 college students will be discovered right here on a typical day.  

F6. Quiet room

A magical area dampens sound in every of those rooms, making them ideally suited for college students seeking to give attention to their research. You may usually discover college students engaged on group tasks right here.

Whereas in one in all these rooms, a creature that speaks at a traditional quantity sounds as if they’re whispering. Every room will be reserved for as much as 10 college students on the barista station (see area F3). 

Clear up, clear up!

With Ellina asleep, the characters should work shortly to arrange the Firejolt Café for patrons. Though varied areas of the café are soiled — the night time shift having shirked their duties — the espresso machine is the one actual precedence. If left soiled, it should produce bad-tasting espresso, and prospects will ask for drinks to be remade and refuse to go away ideas.

Magma mephit artwork from the basic rulesMephits within the machine. Cleansing the espresso machine requires that or not it’s opened and both have prestidigitation solid inside it or {that a} character spend 1d4 minutes utilizing cleansing provides on it. When the espresso machine is opened,  two magma mephits will be discovered feasting on the earlier night time’s espresso. Disturbed in the midst of their caffeine binge, the magma mephits assault.

 When the magma mephits have been destroyed, the espresso machine will be cleaned in time for the day’s first prospects.


The morning rush

A dozen prospects enter the Firejolt Café and line up in entrance of the barista station (see area F3) to put drink orders and make different requests. Along with making and serving drinks, the characters might want to full different duties across the café, comparable to cleansing up the trash discovered on the research tables (see area F1).

Seek the advice of the desk beneath for concepts on ability checks the characters might want to make to outlive the morning rush:

Firejolt Café duties by job place
Place Ability checks Duties
Barista Dexterity (Sleight of hand), Charisma (Efficiency), Brewer’s provides Create drinks, hold the barista space tidy, attend the newsstand
Cashier Intelligence (Investigation),Knowledge (Perception)  Take and advocate drink orders, deal with transactions, attend the newsstand
Cleanup crew member Dexterity (Acrobatics), Knowledge (Survival) Clear up areas across the café, assist prospects transfer chairs and tables, attend the newsstand
Server Charisma (Efficiency), Charisma (Persuasion), Knowledge (Perception) Serve drinks, persuade prospects that their orders are right, take ad-hoc drink orders, attend the newsstand

The usual DC for a job is 8 however will increase based mostly on complexity. When a personality efficiently completes a job on the primary strive, they would possibly earn a tip (often 1 to 2 cp). Failure to finish a job on the primary strive can lead to misplaced ideas, irritated prospects, or create hazards across the Firejolt Café.

Breaking information. Because the morning rush winds down, screams will be heard from the newsstand (see area F4). A gnome Silverquill scholar was riffling by means of {a magazine} earlier than discovering it was a sleeping adolescent mimic in disguise. Cranky at being woken up, the mimic attacked the gnome, knocking them unconscious, and is now attacking different prospects.

The mimic is Small, has 29 hit factors, and continues attacking prospects till it’s lowered to five hit factors or much less, at which level it flees. The mimic can alternatively be subdued with a lullaby requiring a profitable DC 13 Charisma (Efficiency) verify.

An unimaginable drink order

Unbeknownst to the characters, Ellina’s least favourite buyer arrives on the Firejolt Café every day within the late afternoon. The pompous first-year Prismari scholar, named Quentillius Antiphiun Melentor III, enters with a flourish and places in a difficult drink order:

Throwing open the doorways of the Firejolt Café is a red-haired first-year scholar with an ideal jawline and sapphire-blue eyes. His Prismari uniform is tailor-made and cinched, and his coattails dance with every step. He saunters over to the entrance counter of the barista station and makes his drink order: “I will have my regular. You recognize, a big cold-whipped half half-and-half, half heat milk, double-shot longstrider with a low-fat caramel glaze, three pumps vanilla-banana cream, iced however heat, in a medium cup with additional room.” 

Quentillius from Strixhaven: A Curriculum of ChaosQuentillius is aware of that the concoction prices 15 gp and is joyful to flaunt his fats coin purse. The characters can cost as a lot as 20 gp with a profitable DC 11 Charisma (Deception) verify, however Quentillius will hunt down Ellina and complain to her if he suspects that he is being swindled.

All fingers on deck. The characters might want to work collectively to efficiently create the drink. To finish the duty, the social gathering should succeed on at the very least three of the next 5 ability checks. The DC for any given ability verify is 11. A personality with proficiency in brewer’s provides can add their proficiency bonus to a roll.

If the characters succeed, Quentillius will tip every of them 1 gp. On a failure, he takes one sip of the drink earlier than throwing it within the trash and refuses to go away a tip. Quentillius would not allow a redo, explaining that he is already late to his Historical past of Magic and Artwork class.

Closing time

After Quentillius leaves the Firejolt Café, the remainder of the day passes with out situation. By closing time, Ellina has woken up and is feeling higher:

Ellina emerges with a stuffy nostril however seems to be her regular energetic self. “Successful! Successful! Was it successful? Nevermind that, I am certain you’ve got completed every thing in your energy to avoid wasting the day. And saved it, you probably did! As thanks, I will double the information you made and, hey, if you wish to depart early, I will deal with cleansing up round right here and locking up. It is the least I can do!”

Ellina proceeds to hurry across the Firejolt Café, tying up any free ends and kindly however assertively getting prospects out the door. The characters are free to make themselves drinks earlier than departing the Firejolt Café.

Within the continuing days, their fellow college students act otherwise based mostly on how properly the social gathering carried out through the workday.

A fiery success. If the characters did properly on their first day at work, fellow college students and school acknowledge them round campus and praise them on their work. If the characters’ adventures will proceed, take into account giving your gamers inspiration as a reward.

A chilly brew failure. If the characters failed at their duties, Ellina fires the crew and so they hear rumors that service on the Firejolt Café has tanked just lately. If the characters’ adventures proceed, Ellina is uncomfortable being seen across the characters, believing them to be dangerous for enterprise. 

Michael Galvis (@michaelgalvis) is a tabletop content material producer for D&D Past. He’s a longtime Dungeon Grasp who enjoys horror movies and all issues fantasy and sci-fi. When he isn’t within the DM’s seat or rolling cube as his anxious halfling sorcerer, he’s enjoying League of Legends and Magic: The Gathering together with his husband. They reside collectively in Los Angeles with their lovable canine, Quentin.

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