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Your fighter has accomplished their coaching, specialised in a weapon or two, and even perhaps discovered an adventuring celebration. However as soon as their journeys convey them face-to-face with more and more highly effective creatures, their nonmagical tools isn’t going to chop it anymore. Time for an improve!

Right here’s our checklist of a few of our favourite objects for the fighter class. Suppose one thing catches your eye, head on over to the market to select it up. Alternatively, a DM or buddy can share it with you with a master-tier subscription.

  1. Adamantine armor
  2. Battering shield
  3. Dragon wing bow
  4. Flame tongue sword/frost brand sword
  5. Iron bands of binding
  6. Potion of speed
  7. Ring of free action
  8. Spellguard shield
  9. Weapon of certain death
  10. Weapon of warning

Dungeon Masters’ Discretion

A few of these objects could also be unavailable or very tough to realize in your marketing campaign. Attain out to your DM in case you are focused on a particular magic merchandise, however keep in mind that some campaigns might provide many magic objects whereas others might solely embody only a few.

High 10 magic objects for fighters

A fighter challenges an enemy with a combat salute

1. Adamantine armor

An murderer thrusts their dagger exactly on the hole in your plate armor. It strikes true, they usually twist the knife, hoping to sink the blade into your coronary heart. “That’s going to be a essential–”

No, it isn’t. Not together with your adamantine armor. Virtually probably the most sturdy steel round, adamantine armor will render any essential hit towards you a standard hit. Any medium or heavy armor (apart from disguise) may be made with adamantine, so it’s not only for the celebration tanks. 

Should you’re going to be up shut and private with enemies, it’s possible you’ll as properly reduce the dangers the place you’ll be able to. For these which can be rather less Power and a bit extra Dexterity however need to prioritize good magical armor, all the identical, look to adamantine’s cousin, mithral.

2. Battering protect

Along with a +1 to its regular bonus to AC, the battering protect amplifies the shove assault, an often-underused means. Should you succeed on this contested verify, you should use the protect to push the goal 15 ft away and knock it inclined. (Additionally, you will have the pliability to use a extra muted impact if that’s tactically preferable.)

Keep in mind that the shove assault isn’t essentially a full motion. In case your fighter could make a number of assaults, the shove assault solely counts as one in every of these. Use the battering protect to shove the opponent inclined together with your first assault, then strike with benefit on future assaults. Pair this merchandise with the Protect Grasp feat to maximise its potential.

3. Dragon wing bow

Considered one of my favourite objects from Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, the dragon wing bow, is a present from the dragon gods to archers in every single place. The impact is easy: an additional 1d6 injury of no matter chromatic, gem, or metallic dragon infused the weapon with its breath. Oh, and did the dragon who gifted this to you neglect to say? Ammunition is optionally available.

I get pleasure from utilizing the dragon wing bow to reveal that objects don’t want three talents and 7 fees to be cinematically highly effective. A bow that produces its personal magical arrows and does psychic injury? Legolas may by no means.

4. Flame tongue sword/frost model sword

A sword with a flaming blade and golden hilt

In a way, they’re twins. They every shed gentle underneath sure circumstances and deal extra elemental injury on each assault. 

Choose a bit extra offense? The flame tongue offers extra injury—2d6 in comparison with 1d6—and sheds 4 occasions as a lot gentle as its icy counterpart. These results have to be activated utilizing a bonus motion.

Little extra delicate? Along with its further 1d6 of chilly injury per assault, the frost model sheds tender gentle in freezing temperatures and offers you with resistance towards fireplace injury. All of those results are energetic upon attunement and don’t require a bonus motion. 

5. Iron bands of binding

The barbarian and necromancer might not prefer it, however there is likely to be occasions when you need to seize relatively than kill an enemy. If that enemy is a Big or smaller creature, then the iron bands of binding is likely to be best for you. 

In regards to the measurement of a baseball at relaxation, the iron bands of binding may be thrown up at an enemy as much as 60 ft away. Because the merchandise hurls in direction of the foe, it expands right into a collection of overlapping steel bands. If this ranged assault roll hits the goal, they’re restrained till you launch them utilizing a command phrase or till they break the bindings. As well as, they’ll discover that escape from the iron bands is rather more tough than towards mere rope. If the restrained goal fails the DC 20 Power verify, it is going to auto-fail any future makes an attempt for twenty-four hours.

Alternately, use this merchandise to show your DM’s dire troll encounter into a really transient affair. No matter how you employ it, a bit of recommendation: make the command phrase one thing ridiculous.

A ball of iron bands

6. Potion of pace

We’ve all been there. You’re slashing by enemies, having fun with the doubled motion, the hasted assault, the +2 bonus to AC, the benefit on Dexterity saving throws. You’re flying excessive! You rush the goblin boss. Subsequent flip, you’re completely going to crush them.

Bonk. A breeze blew a pebble onto your wizard, they usually’ve failed their focus verify. The haste spell fades; lethargy units in. The goblin boss smiles at you.

The potion of pace bestows haste with out focus, largely eliminating the chance that you simply expertise the spell’s lethargy throughout fight. Importantly, it additionally frees up your celebration spellcaster to ship in an arcane hand to assist watch your again or forged hypnotic sample on the group of enemies operating to flank you.

The goblin boss might have kicked your butt final time, however drink up and get again within the combat!

7. Ring of free motion

A silver ring with a light blue gem

As a fighter, spells like entangle or net can derail your battle plan, and extra acutely highly effective spells like maintain particular person can rapidly result in a brutal loss of life. Whereas there are objects that may present bonuses to the saving throws or ability checks wanted to withstand or escape these spells, the ring of free motion takes a extra direct route: immunity.

Whereas sporting the ring of free motion, magic can neither restrain nor paralyze you. It additionally protects you from magic that might drain your motion, akin to ray of frost and gradual, and also you’ll be capable to stroll by the tough terrain created by erupting earth with out subject. Watch the enemy wizard’s eyes widen in terror as all of their common tips fail towards you.

8. Spellguard protect

Arguably probably the most highly effective merchandise on this checklist, the spellguard protect imbues your fighter with potent magical resistance. In case your DM is letting you entry this merchandise, they’re ready to listen to the query “Does this depend as a magical impact?” about as typically as they hear that you’ve darkvision. 

With this protect, your fighter can have benefit on saving throws towards spells and magical results, and spell assaults have drawback towards you. Whether or not they’ve taken the Mage Slayer feat or not, this protect will certainly make them a slayer of mages on the battlefield. 

9. Weapon of sure loss of life

Should you’re bored with seeing trolls and vampires restore themselves at first of their turns, choose up a weapon of sure loss of life and inform them to remain down. When you’ve hit a goal with a weapon of sure loss of life, that focus on can not regain hit factors till the beginning of your subsequent flip. This weapon is available in any type, together with firearms, in case your marketing campaign setting contains them. 

Although a weapon of sure loss of life doesn’t present a bonus to assault and injury rolls, nor does it add any injury cube, its impact is as invaluable as it’s uncommon. Its prohibition on regaining hit factors applies to all therapeutic, from therapeutic potions and spells to a monster’s innate regenerative talents. Whereas many talents within the recreation, such because the sword of life stealing’s, don’t have an effect on undead or constructs, the weapon of sure loss of life impacts all targets that it damages, with no alternative to save lots of towards its energy. 

The exhausting half is discovering one—why don’t you go ask that loss of life knight if they’ve an additional they’d prefer to promote?

A wicked mace with a golden blade

10. Weapon of warning

Regardless of its humble rarity and concise description, the weapon of warning offers one of many single most protecting advantages within the recreation: the shortcoming to be stunned (besides when incapacitated by one thing apart from nonmagical sleep). 

Whether or not the murderer dropped from the ceiling or the panther pounced from deep throughout the shadows, your weapon of warning will notify you of the risk; accordingly, battle will start with out the bearer of the weapon (or any of their allies inside 30 ft) being stunned. However the weapon of warning isn’t accomplished retaining you secure. As fight begins, it grants you benefit on initiative rolls, guaranteeing you react rapidly to hazard.

In case your fighter may be very protecting of the celebration, they’ll sleep higher with a weapon of warning on their belt.

Constructing a fighter

Whether or not you’re a drow echo knight with a frost model rapier or an orc wrapped in adamantine armor, maintain onto that character idea and open up D&D Past’s character builder. Blissful rolling!

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