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That is the Gunslinger subclass. There are numerous subclasses prefer it, however this one is Vital Position’s. In the event you’ve ever wished to be a crack shot, deadly at vary, and a lethal tinkerer, the Gunslinger is perhaps the fighter subclass for you. Launched to fifth-edition Dungeons & Dragons as a homebrew subclass made by Mathew Mercer for his participant Taliesen Jaffe for the primary marketing campaign of Vital Position, the Gunslinger fulfills a selected kind of fiction surrounding the concept of a gunslinger. A crafter of their very own firearms, the Gunslinger is an innovator within the artwork of demise from afar. However this innovation comes at a price and their usually one-of-a-kind weapons can show to be unpredictable.

A notice about Vital Position content material and Gunslinger firearms

The Gunslinger shouldn’t be official content material. It is a homebrew subclass initially designed for a selected participant’s wants and for a personality introduced over from one other TTRPG system. That mentioned, the Gunslinger will not be for everybody and will not be usable at some tables.

Moreover, as a result of it is not an official subclass, it would not use the firearms or related guidelines for them discovered within the Dungeon Grasp’s Information. As an alternative, Mercer created his personal firearms and guidelines, with some key variations:

  • Reload: The official firearms use the property Reload (X pictures), whereas the Gunslinger makes use of Reload X. Which means that something within the guidelines that refers back to the Reload property doesn’t apply to Gunslinger firearms, as it’s a completely different, unofficial property.
  • Ammunition: Ammunition is an official property that has two completely different variations, one for bows and crossbows and one for firearms. Gunslinger firearms use neither of those choices. As an alternative, ammunition is a particular trait of the subclass itself. This implies something that refers back to the ammunition property, such because the artificer’s Repeating Shot infusion, would not apply to the Gunslinger’s firearms.

Gunslinger fighter options

At third stage, the Gunslinger unlocks a number of options regarding the crafting and use of firearms, the important thing one being Gunsmith. This function permits a subclass to not solely craft their very own distinctive firearms but in addition restore them ought to they misfire. These firearms are highly effective, with some distinctive talents in comparison with the official choices discovered within the Dungeon Grasp’s Information, however they are often unpredictable—even unreliable—within the warmth of battle.

Giff holding a firearm

  • Firearm Proficiency (third stage): You achieve proficiency in all firearms, permitting you so as to add your proficiency bonus to assaults made with mentioned weapons.
  • Gunsmith (third stage): The Gunsmith function grants proficiency in tinker’s instruments and means that you can craft ammunition on your firearms, together with distinctive Exandrian firearms. This function additionally enables you to restore weapons which have misfired.
  • Adept Marksman (third stage): This function grants you quite a lot of trick pictures, unlocking extra at larger ranges, in addition to providing you with a pool of grit factors with which to make use of them.
  • Quickdraw (seventh stage): At seventh stage, the Quickdraw function boosts your initiative, and likewise means that you can holster and draw your weapons extra rapidly, letting you stow one weapon and draw a second as a part of a single object interplay in your flip.
  • Speedy Restore (Tenth stage): If one in all your firearms is jammed by a misfire, now you can try to restore it as a bonus motion. Very important in case your essential weapon suffers a poorly timed failure in fight.
  • Lightning Reload (fifteenth stage): You’re even faster on the draw, now capable of reload a firearm as a bonus motion!
  • Vicious Intent (18th stage): Your assaults now rating a essential hit on a results of a 19 or 20 as an alternative of only a 20. You additionally regain a grit level everytime you roll a essential hit.
  • Hemorrhaging Vital (18th stage): The injuries dealt by your essential hits linger, with any enemy struck in such a method struggling further harm on the finish of its subsequent flip.


The Gunslinger is an evocative subclass, summoning a robust narrative picture of the ingenious, shoots-from-the-hip archetype of Western films. Crafting your personal firearms and ammunition may be rewarding if you happen to get pleasure from downtime actions that present direct advantages to fight moderately than being roleplay-focused.

Trick pictures present some implausible alternatives for assist ways, letting you daze, disarm, or transfer your enemies round from a distance, so your melee-focused allies can rush in and reap the rewards of your lethal precision.

Because of the distinctive firearm guidelines the Gunslinger makes use of, they synergize excellently with the bottom fighter class. The flexibility to reload as an motion or by burning an assault means that you’ve a number of alternatives in fight to make sure you’re battle-ready along with your blunderbuss, which solely improves if you unlock the Lightning Reload function.


The obvious weak point of the Gunslinger is the misfire rule, which is ostensibly a “essential fumble” rule. Rolling beneath a weapon’s misfire rating—which ranges from 1 to three—leads to the assault robotically lacking, very like if you happen to’d rolled a pure 1. However that’s not all, as a result of a misfired weapon then requires an motion to aim to restore it. Doing so requires a capability test made along with your tinker’s instruments. If that test fails, the weapon breaks and it have to be mended exterior of fight at a price.

This leads into the second main draw back of the Gunslinger: It depends closely on the energetic funding by the Dungeon Grasp not solely to facilitate the time and assets for a Gunslinger to craft their ammunition and restore their weapons but in addition to make new ones. There are not any guidelines for unlocking new firearms because the character ranges, so the DM should take the time to work with you to make them accessible. For firearms such because the musket or pepperbox, which may be bought, this may be so simple as making certain there’s a service provider accessible. But when your DM’s setting doesn’t have firearms on the market, or if you need your personal unhealthy information or hand mortar, your DM might want to work with you to concoct a crafting system.

Constructing a Gunslinger fighter

Gunslinger in Richemulot art from Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft

Capability scores

Being a ranged subclass, it ought to come as no shock that you just’ll need a excessive Dexterity rating to ensure your pictures land. For 1st and 2nd stage, earlier than you get to choose the subclass, think about specializing in utilizing a bow or crossbow. When you attain third stage and choose Gunslinger, not solely will you be capable of begin utilizing firearms, however your saving throw DC for trick pictures will profit out of your excessive Dexterity.

Since you’ll be preventing at a distance out of your enemies, think about forgoing the standard fighter mainstay of Structure as your secondary means rating in favor of Knowledge, which is able to improve the variety of grit factors you may have. This will additionally mean you can enterprise into some helpful expertise, resembling Perception or Notion. It will also be price discussing along with your Dungeon Grasp about what means rating they intend so that you can use along with your tinker’s instruments when crafting and repairing firearms and ammunition. A strong argument may be made for utilizing your Knowledge modifier.


With the brand new diploma of flexibility coming to the Capability Rating Improve racial trait, first displaying up as an elective rule in Tasha’s Cauldron of The whole lot, and now showing as a core rule for newer races, you may have extra room to give attention to different traits a race affords. The ideas beneath take a look at the varied traits every race has that synergize with the Gunslinger subclass, assuming you’ll be able to freely assign your means rating will increase.

  • Rock gnome: Rock gnomes have the Artificer’s Lore trait, which may very well be helpful when trying to craft your subsequent firearm. The gnome’s lore of being pure tinkerers additionally lends itself properly to the Gunslinger’s taste.
  • Variant human: In case your Dungeon Grasp permits the variant human, this race is a superb alternative for selecting up an additional feat. Coming in at 1st stage with one of many really useful feats beneath could make for a robust Gunslinger.
  • Owlin: The owlin from Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos makes for an amazing sniper Gunslinger. Their Flight trait plus Stealth proficiency permits them to silently attain vantage factors from which to get the right shot.
  • Fairy: This is one other flying race, this time from The Wild Past the Witchlight. Its Fairy Magic trait provides you the helpful faerie hearth spell, which provides benefit on assault rolls made towards affected creatures.
  • Changeling: If you wish to play your Gunslinger as extra of an assassin-type character, the changeling is best for you. The flexibility to shift their look means they will mix in, disguising themselves till they’ve the right shot.
A notice on the harengon race

The rabbit-like harengon from The Wild Past the Witchlight has an aptly named Hare-Set off trait that provides your proficiency bonus to your initiative rolls. At first look, this may occasionally appear good as mixed with Quickdraw from the Gunslinger, you’d be including your proficiency bonus twice. Sadly, the foundations don’t work that method—you may solely add your proficiency bonus to a roll as soon as.


The obvious standards for feats could be ones that enhance your Dexterity or Knowledge, however the Gunslinger invitations some attention-grabbing feat choices as a result of method it not solely fights at vary but in addition how their firearms work.

  • Firearm Specialist: This feat was actually made for the subclass. Whereas firearm proficiency is redundant for the Gunslinger, the flexibility to make use of your response to probably negate a misfire is extremely beneficial. Mix that with the flexibility to assault with a loaded firearm as a bonus motion, and you’ve got a potent feat possibility for the Gunslinger.
  • Artificer Provoke: This feat on the floor won’t appear that helpful, however I’ve one phrase for you: mending. You may take this cantrip as a part of the feat and, along with your DM’s approval, have a fast and cost-effective approach to restore your damaged firearms. Clearly, this depends in your DM ruling {that a} weapon damaged by a misfire is inside the scope of a number of castings of the spell.
  • Sharpshooter: Again to a different apparent feat alternative. With Sharpshooter, you will not endure from drawback on long-range pictures, you may ignore something however complete cowl, and you may increase your harm by +10 at the price of a -5 to hit. All of those mix fantastically with the Gunslinger to show you right into a lethal sniper.
  • Fey Touched: And right here we’re with what would possibly seem to be an odd alternative. The Knowledge rating improve will assist get you extra grit factors, however what’s actually attention-grabbing is the spell decisions. Misty step is a surprisingly helpful spell as a Gunslinger, permitting you to get out of melee vary with out upsetting alternative assaults as a bonus motion or simply teleport as much as the right vantage level. Your 1st-level Divination or Enchantment spell choices are to not be sniffed at both. In the event you go together with an Enchantment possibility, bane is a superb choose as you cannot solely make your targets extra susceptible to your trick pictures but in addition assist out your allies. Alternatively, you possibly can take the Divination spell hunter’s mark, which will increase the harm you deal to a marked creature, and you’ve got benefit on Knowledge checks made utilizing Notion or Survival to seek out that creature.
  • Piercer: We’ll end off with one other apparent alternative. Piercer not solely improves your Dexterity however enables you to reroll the harm of 1 assault per flip for all however one of many Gunslinger’s firearms. Lastly, the essential hit impact of the feat works properly with the improved essential hit vary of Vicious Intent.
Particular point out for draconic presents

The feats Present of the Chromatic Dragon and Present of the Gem Dragon are additionally price contemplating on your Gunslinger. Present of the Chromatic Dragon means that you can infuse your weapons with harm varieties apart from piercing, which may be nice for getting round resistances, plus the Reactive Resistance function provides your character a bit extra survivability ought to they find yourself in scorching water. Present of the Gem Dragon can increase your Knowledge rating and provide the means to maneuver enemies away from you must they hit you, providing you with the respiration room it’s worthwhile to get out of melee vary.

Gunslinger fighter pattern construct

Beneath, you’ll discover a Tenth-level Gunslinger construct that focuses on sniping from lengthy vary. I selected owlin for the flexibility to fly and Stealth proficiency as it will assist them get into the right vantage level undetected. I additionally selected to make them Small to assist with squeezing into locations. Assuming a cooperative Dungeon Grasp, I outfitted them with the long-range unhealthy information, plus a pistol for close-quarter combats.

I break up Capability Rating Enhancements between Dexterity and the Sharpshooter feat. To be able to make utilizing the feat even simpler with D&D Past’s digital cube, I added a second unhealthy information and pistol, and customised them to incorporate the -5 to hit and +10 to break. Lastly, for trick pictures, I went with two assist choices, Disarming Shot and Dazing Shot, and two high-damage choices, Piercing Shot and Violent Shot.

How will you construct your Gunslinger?

The Gunslinger is a divisive subclass that isn’t for everybody. Using misfire guidelines and the reliance in your Dungeon Grasp needing to facilitate entry to your subclass options could make it a poor match for some tables. Nonetheless, if you wish to take intention on the basic gunslinger archetype, a crack shot with a rating to settle, or possibly you fancy your self the subsequent Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, it may be the subclass for you!

To construct a Gunslinger, hop into D&D Past’s character builder. Allow “Vital Position Content material” below the “Residence” tab and begin tinkering! Simply keep in mind to intention along with your eye, shoot along with your thoughts, and kill along with your coronary heart!

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