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Ever wished to be in two locations without delay? Hate once you’ve simply killed an enemy and the subsequent one is evident throughout the battlefield? The Echo Knight fighter is the reply to your woes. Fighters who practice within the artwork of dunamancy—the manipulation of potentiality and actuality—can conjure a shade of themselves by means of which they’ll make assaults and swap locations. This makes for a cellular, melee powerhouse. 

The subclass was launched within the Explorer’s Information to Wildemount. Maintain studying for a breakdown of how the subclass works and suggestions for constructing one:

Echo Knight fighter options

The Echo Knight depends on its Third-level function Manifest Echo, which lets you summon a picture of your self elsewhere on the battlefield. Utilizing your echo, you’ll be able to harass enemies from afar, teleport, shield close by allies, and even scout. The subclass can dish out numerous injury and ensures you are all the time positioned the place you are wanted on the battlefield.

  • Manifest Echo (Third stage): As a bonus motion, you conjure a semitransparent picture of your self inside 15 toes. You may transfer the picture freely, swap locations with it, and make assaults by means of it, together with alternative assaults. Though your echo might be attacked and solely has 1 hit level, you’ll be able to resummon it as a bonus motion.
  • Unleash Incarnation (Third stage): Whereas your echo is up, you can also make a further assault by means of it everytime you take the Assault motion. The variety of occasions you need to use this function scales off of your Structure modifier.
  • Echo Avatar (seventh stage): Scout forward utilizing your echo! You may see and listen to by means of your echo however are blinded and deafened once you do. Whereas utilizing your echo on this approach, the utmost distance it may be from you will increase from 30 toes to 1,000.
  • Shadow Martyr (Tenth stage): See an ally about to take successful? As soon as per brief or lengthy relaxation, you’ll be able to spend your response to teleport your echo beside them. The assault targets the echo as an alternative of your ally. 
  • Reclaim Potential (fifteenth stage): When your echo is destroyed, you acquire short-term hit factors. The variety of short-term hit factors you acquire and your makes use of of this function scale off of Structure.
  • Legion of One (18th stage): What’s higher than having an echo? Two of them!

Echo knight art from Explorer's Guide to Wildemount


The Echo Knight fighter will get across the hurdles that come from being a melee-based martial character. Do you could have an archer firing down on you from above? Has a spellcaster efficiently forged maintain particular person on the get together cleric and brought refuge behind a mob of enemies? Drop your echo beside them and go to city.

The subclass additionally gives good burst injury with its Unleash Incarnation function, which lets you make a further assault by means of your echo once you take the Assault motion. Theoretically, a 2nd-level fighter may get 4 assaults off in a single flip by combining their Motion Surge with Unleash Incarnation.

Fighters aren’t recognized for his or her skill to scout—that is typically a job left to the get together rogue or ranger. However Echo Avatar lets you fill this area of interest properly. Should you come to a crossroads in a dungeon, you needn’t cut up the get together. Ship your echo down a technique whilst you and your pals go down the opposite approach. Simply be sure you’re holding somebody’s hand whilst you’re wanting and listening to by means of your echo.


Whereas the Echo Knight has a pleasant package deal of options, the subclass has its limitations. For instance, Unleash Incarnation solely lets you make a further melee assault by means of your echo. So, you would possibly wish to ditch that bow.

For all of its versatility, the echo is fragile. It has simply 1 hit level. If enemies have a behavior of attacking your echo, your bonus motion can be locked down as you summon and resummon it. This harms the viability of a two-weapon construct. On the flip aspect, any assaults made towards your echo are assaults that have not been made towards the get together.

Constructing an Echo Knight fighter

Skill scores

Power or Dexterity must be your highest skill rating. The Echo Knight’s core function works finest with melee builds, so strongly take into account choosing Power and choosing up a two-handed weapon. Dexterity is usually a viable decide in case you’d want having a bow in reserve for enemies which might be particularly distant otherwise you’re eager on a two-weapon construct. Simply understand that the additional assault you get off of Unleash Incarnation have to be a melee assault and that your bonus motion is already busy together with your echo.

Prioritize Structure second. Your makes use of of Unleash Incarnation and Reclaim Potential scale off of it. Should you selected Power to your major stat, take into account making Knowledge your third-best skill rating. There are fairly a lot of spells that focus on it. Chances are high, you may have heavy armor, so Dexterity will not be as essential for you, although having only a +1 modifier can be good for the occasional stray fireball.


In case your desk makes use of the optionally available guidelines from Tasha’s Cauldron of All the pieces for customizing your origin, you will not want to fret about which races provide Power or Dexterity, since you’ll be able to select your personal skill rating will increase. The next suggestions assume you will not be utilizing that optionally available rule:

  • Half-orc: The half-orc gives two options that complement your typical fighter. Relentless Endurance retains you in your toes when the tides of battle flip towards you and Savage Assaults makes your important hits extra brutal.
  • Halfling: Should you’re going a Dex-based construct, the stout halfling gives a bonus to each Dexterity and Structure, every of which is essential for you. The Fortunate trait additionally enables you to reroll 1s, whereas Courageous provides you benefit on saving throws towards being frightened.
  • Goliath: The goliath was constructed for frontline combatants. It enables you to shrug off injury. Proficiency in Athletics is sweet, too.
  • Human: In case your Dungeon Grasp permits the variant human, you may be swimming in feats as a fighter. This can be a nice race in case you need extra customization choices to your character. For instance, Ritual Caster provides you extra choices out of fight and is helpful when the get together is lacking a wizard, and Ability Professional is an efficient pickup for lessons with few talent proficiencies, just like the fighter. After all, you could possibly simply go all-in on feats that make you higher in fight.
  • Warforged: The warforged gives so much. Notably, you get +1 AC and needn’t sleep, permitting you to maintain watch by means of the evening. 
Shout out to the metallic dragonborn

The Echo Knight fighter is not nice at coping with mobs. The metallic dragonborn variant launched in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons helps patch that weak spot. Along with your commonplace breath weapon, at fifth stage you get Metallic Breath Weapon. This trait provides two new breath choices. One enables you to push again enemies and knock them inclined. The opposite can incapacitate them.

RAW, the breath weapon cannot be used by means of your echo, but when your Dungeon Grasp permits it, then this can be a stellar racial possibility.


The fighter class advantages from two extra Skill Rating Enhancements (at sixth and 14th stage), permitting them to max out their core stats whereas choosing up a feat or two alongside the way in which. Look to feats that enable you to profit from your echo.

  • Nice Weapon Grasp: The quintessential feat for fighters that wish to hit issues arduous, Nice Weapon Grasp will get extra worth out of your Unleash Incarnation function so as to hit issues tougher extra typically! 
  • Mage Slayer: This feat capitalizes on the elevated mobility your echo gives. When you place your self between enemies and your squishy allies, transfer your echo to the enemy’s backline so as to assault any spellcasters concentrating on spells.
  • Martial Adept: Squeeze extra worth out of your echo with a few Battle Grasp maneuvers. Should you select this feat, take into account the Superior Approach preventing type.
  • Sentinel: An iconic feat for martial builds, Sentinel pairs particularly properly with the Echo Knight. You can also make alternative assaults towards a creature transferring away out of your echo, that means which you can lock down enemies close to each you and your echo.
What about Polearm Grasp?

Polearm Grasp and Sentinel are generally paired collectively in builds seeking to optimize for battlefield management, and the combo nonetheless works properly right here. However Polearm Grasp does not work together together with your echo and competes to your bonus motion. For the above record, I wished to focus extra on feats that, at the least indirectly, work together with your core subclass function. Should you just like the feat, by all means take it! It is a strong decide, simply not a favourite of mine for this subclass.

Echo Knight fighter construct

Boros knight art from Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica

The next is a Tenth-level Echo Knight construct that makes use of a two-handed weapon. It makes use of the variant human to select up Nice Weapon Grasp within the early recreation and later snags Sentinel for battlefield management. Though the construct makes use of heavy armor, I invested some factors in Dexterity for these pesky Dex saves. I additionally felt having greater Knowledge was essential going into greater tiers of play, although this does imply the construct solely sports activities 14 Structure. You could possibly simply bump it as much as 16 by transferring issues round, however this feels extra well-rounded. At greater ranges, you’ll be able to throw a pair extra Skill Rating Enhancements at Structure, anyway.

How will you construct your Echo Knight?

The Echo Knight is a strong fighter subclass. Not solely can it deal strong injury, however it additionally improves your mobility on the battlefield and later gives a secure option to scout forward. With this subclass, you are unlikely to be pressured to spend your flip transferring into place earlier than attacking. Nevertheless, the echo is straightforward to take down and might lock down your bonus motion. However, the subclass shakes up the way you method fight and might make for good roleplay in case your echo instantly develops its personal character! 

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