Dwarf Barbarian Wielder

The Dwarf Barbarian is a rare, combative class. At first glance, the Barbarian looks like one of the more physically powerful classes in the game, but with a few clever upgrades, this class can be a terror. With the right weapon and armor set up, the Barbarian can seriously damage his opponents with his great damage through blows and attacks. With that said, when playing a Barbarian you have to know when to switch styles, when to fight defensively and when to go on the offensive. In this guide, we will go over some information regarding the Barbarian’s damaging capabilities as well as what personal enhancements are best for using this awesome combative class.

dwarf barbarian

One thing that makes the Barbarian great is his massive power attack. Through the use of two handed weapons, maces, swords, axes, staves, and other great weapons, the Barbarian can do serious damage to his opponents through powerful blows and powerful strikes. When you fit the right enhancements into the equation, this great warrior can really pack a punch. Here, you will learn about the different weapon enhancements that you can use to take your Barbarian from a simple bruiser to a deadly killing machine.

First, consider taking advantage of every racial skill point in order to boost up your Might and Spirit scores. Every racial trait that the dwarf has gives him access to a number of powerful skill points that can be used for additional damage enhancements. As an example, the Throwing Spears skill point allows the Barbarian to deal out huge amounts of damage with a single blow from his battle axe.

Next, consider picking up the dwarven spell defense skill. While it may not seem much, the dwarven spell defense can truly make the difference between winning or losing a fight. As a result, any warrior who does not possess at least a +4 bonus to defense can be easily wiped out in a fight. The dwarf has several defensive talents including Stoneskin and Stoneform that significantly boost their overall defensive capabilities.

Finally, consider taking a level in a new player versus player format. In this game type, you will find that the Barbarian is actually a very powerful class thanks to the special berserker rage ability that allows him to quickly inflict multiple hit points on enemies. However, the damage done by the Barbarian is in a shared pool with other classes so players will often times have to work together in order to get the most DPS out of their new berserker abilities. This makes the entire class rather adaptable as you do not need to change your main weapon in order to fit in with a specific combatant.

Another major strength of the Barbarian is his ability to use a mace as a primary weapon. While the mace deals low damage per hit, the damage reduction is extremely powerful. The reduced damage reduction also makes the mace a better choice than many other weapons when it comes to dual wielding. This is due to the reduced attack speed that other weapons feature. For example, when wielding two maces, the speed of your primary weapon is much more likely to be reduced while the Barbarian’s does not suffer this issue. This allows the Barbarian the ability to take on multiple enemies simultaneously while only relying upon a single mace for attack damage.

Finally, consider taking a skill tree that offers two handed fighting as a bonus. This will allow the Barbarian to get extra damage from dual wielding as well as improve his damage through a powerful mace. Two handed fighting can be useful if you are specifically focused on generating large amounts of damage per hit. One of the best ways to make this possible is to use a special skill known as the “bludgeoning fist.” This skill is incredibly powerful and allows the Barbarian to quickly inflict a series of crushing blows by using a mace. A perfect example of this would be using a mace to strike an enemy and then swiftly bash them with the other weapon in quick succession.

The Dwarf Barbarian class, like the others, is meant to have high strength, allowing it to take on enemies one-on-one. This means that your attacks must be quick and strong in order to deal out massive damage. This is where a few beneficial traits come into play, namely the ability to use a one-handed weapon and the ability to use a stunning blow ability. Combining these two things together can allow the Barbarian to deal out incredible damage and even cause great injury to enemies. If you are interested in this type of class, make sure to consider what Dwarf racial bonuses would make you a perfect candidate for being a Barbarian.