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Stalk your prey within the type of a wolf, name lightning down from the sky, and commune with nature to fix wounds. The druid is the all-purpose instrument of Dungeons & Dragons lessons, able to switching from a frontline tank to a divine injury seller to a battlefield controller. Multiclassing may also help you higher specialize as a druid.

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Multiclassing necessities

So as to multiclass, it’s good to meet prerequisite necessities for each the druid and your new class. For instance, if you wish to play a druid and multiclass into barbarian, you have to 13 Knowledge and 13 Power. The desk beneath reveals the minimal potential scores wanted to multiclass:

Class Means Rating Minimal
Artificer Intelligence 13
Barbarian Power 13
Bard Charisma 13
Cleric Knowledge 13
Druid Knowledge 13
Fighter Power or Dexterity 13
Monk Dexterity and Knowledge 13
Paladin Power and Charisma 13
Ranger Dexterity and Knowledge 13
Rogue Dexterity 13
Sorcerer Charisma 13
Warlock Charisma 13
Wizard Intelligence 13


As civilizations develop deadlier weapons and threaten to develop their domains into pure lands, some druids flip to the very applied sciences they despise for support. The druid-artificer sees the great that invention can carry to the pure world. Alternatively, this character may very well be a druid who was compelled to dwell in a metropolis and has begun replicating in steel the creatures they liked within the wilds.

The druid-artificer multiclass affords proficiency in Structure saving throws in case you take your first character degree in artificer. A two-level dip affords Infuse Gadgets, which is especially robust in campaigns with few magic gadgets. The next are noteworthy infusions:

Advisable infusions for a druid-artificer multiclass
Enhanced Arcane Focus Homunculus Servant* Replicate Magic Merchandise: bag of holding
Enhanced Protection Thoughts Sharpener Replicate Magic Merchandise: goggles of evening
Enhanced Weapon Replicate Magic Merchandise: alchemy jug  
* Tasha’s Cauldron of All the pieces added the non-compulsory Wild Companion characteristic to the druid, which lets you spend a use of your Wild Form with a view to forged discover acquainted. In case your DM permits Wild Companion, the Homunculus Servant infusion is redundant.

The druid-artificer is not with out its setbacks, nevertheless. Intelligence is generally a low-priority potential rating for druids, and a number of the extra tantalizing spells on the artificer spell record already seem on the druid’s spell record, together with soak up components, remedy wounds, and faerie fireplace. Most significantly, your spellcasting development will gradual the extra you put money into artificer. Relying in your wants, multiclassing into the cleric or wizard could be a greater possibility.

Means rating unfold


Except you take an artificer subclass, you will get by with 13 Intelligence. Usually, a three-level dip into artificer is not definitely worth the funding when the choice is getting ready higher-level druid spells.

Advisable druid subclass: Circle of Stars

A Circle of Stars druid with artificer ranges generally is a respectable assist character, although you would be higher off as the druid-cleric.

Though the Circle of Stars would not notably synergize with artificer class options, it is one in every of your finest choices when enjoying a support-oriented character. When going this route, think about taking infusions that may profit get together members. Enhanced Protection, for instance, can improve the frontline fighter’s AC. Thoughts Sharpener is difficult to go on because it helps you keep focus on spells you have got forged.

Advisable artificer subclass: Alchemist

The artificer subclasses do not add a variety of worth to the druid. Though the Battle Smith grants you protect to bolster your middling AC, the metal defender scales off of artificer ranges. Meaning enemies will make quick work of your companion as you degree up. Artillerist equally affords the protect spell, however your eldritch cannon’s hit factors scale off of artificer ranges. When you can choose up a headscarf of mind and preserve enemies away out of your eldritch cannon, although, a dip into this subclass is extra enticing because the cannon affords some good results.

Of the artificer subclasses, the Alchemist is the simplest to work with. With the druid’s spell slot development, you’ll be able to pump out a variety of experimental elixirs. These elixirs are an environment friendly method so that you can assist get together members out and in of fight. When you select this subclass, be sure to preserve a homunculus servant or a well-known useful in order that it could ship remedy wounds in your behalf. 


Embrace the wild inside because the druid-barbarian, a multiclass mixture that can make you as arduous to kill because the Iron Large at a demolition derby. OK, that is a bizarre metaphor. However the druid-barbarian is a ripe multiclassing construct that permits druids to get extra mileage out of their Wild Form kinds and — in the event that they take barbarian as their beginning class — snag proficiency in Structure saving throws. Alternatively, you’ll be able to take the Circle of Spores subclass to be a blade-wielding, spore-spitting brawler. 

The barbarian’s Rage is the promoting level for this multiclass. It grants:

  • Resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing injury
  • Benefit on Power checks and Power saving throws
  • A bonus to the injury you cope with melee weapon assaults

For the Circle of the Moon druid, your kinds may also profit from the barbarian’s Unarmored Protection. A brown bear’s AC goes from 11 to 13, for instance. Nevertheless, the druid-barbarian is held again in two methods: you’ll be able to’t focus on spells whereas raging and your Wild Form and spellcasting development is slowed by each degree of barbarian you are taking. The previous is not as a lot of a downside at decrease ranges when you think about what you get in return for Rage.

Means rating unfold

WIS > CON > Something

The primary potential rating unfold is for Circle of the Moon druids that will likely be in Wild Form type for many combats. When you’re going that route, you have got a variety of flexibility. That is since you undertake the Power, Dexterity, and Structure scores of your Wild Form kinds. In that case, you can prioritize Charisma and Intelligence over Dexterity and Power, bumping up these psychological saving throws. (I nonetheless advocate having a good Structure rating in case you run out of Wild Form makes use of.)

For the Circle of Spores druid, you may need to prioritize Power and Structure as you may be a frontline combatant. Your spells will likely be reserved primarily for out-of-combat use. 

Advisable druid subclasses: Circle of Spores and Circle of the Moon

The Circle of Spores will get a pool of momentary hit factors by way of Symbiotic Entity. Pair that with resistances to break granted by Rage and you’ve got a guardian of nature that may take injury and dish it out. For this druid multiclass combo, take your first degree in barbarian so that you simply get proficiency in martial weapons and in Structure saving throws. In fight, you may act like your typical barbarian — charging into battle with little concern over your wellbeing. Exterior of fight, you may burn spell slots mending your wounds and utilizing utility spells. If the going will get powerful, retreat to the backline and depend on spells like conjure animals, which would not require you to have excessive Knowledge to be efficient.

Circle of the Moon grants you higher Wild Form kinds with extra hit factors. Paired with the resistances granted by Rage, you may discover that monsters will likely be hard-pressed taking you right down to 0 hit factors. At increased ranges, the Circle of the Moon permits your assaults to bypass resistance to nonmagical assaults and unlocks elemental kinds that make you a real powerhouse in fight.

Advisable barbarian subclasses: Path of the Ancestral Guardian and Path of the Totem Warrior

You will get by with only one degree in barbarian, however there are two noteworthy subclasses in case you need to profit from this multiclass mixture. In both case, you may doubtless need to faucet out after barbarian 3 as your spellcasting and Wild Form development will endure.

Path of the Ancestral Guardian makes you the quintessential tank, penalizing enemies that do not focus assaults on you. Enemies should determine between swinging away on the meat protect (you) or taking drawback on assaults in opposition to allies. In boss fights, you may be the star of the present, with the big-baddie questioning why you simply will not die.

Path of the Totem Warrior is a well-liked alternative for the wild-shaping druid-barbarian, and it isn’t arduous to see why. The bear totem animal grants you resistance in opposition to all injury sorts besides psychic injury when you’re raging. As a further bonus, the subclass permits you to forged beast sense and communicate with animals as a ritual, permitting you to organize different spells as a druid.

One different barbarian subclass deserves a shoutout. Path of the Berserker provides you a bonus motion assault. For these with the Circle of Spores subclass, that is one other alternative to use the Symbiotic Entity’s bonus injury to melee weapon assaults. Nevertheless, you do endure a degree of exhaustion after ending a frenzied rage.


Canines are an individual’s finest good friend. On this case, you are the canine … and the cat … and the rat. The druid-bard multiclass leans right into a assist function, passing out Bardic Inspiration die whereas being a backup face for the group. A number of ranges in bard snags you some useful spells. Comprehend languages, determine, dissonant whispers, support, and mirror picture come to thoughts. The latter two have been added to the bard spell record in Tasha’s Cauldron of All the pieces.

Nevertheless, this multiclass mixture suffers as a result of bard counting on Charisma for its spell save DCs and to find out the variety of Bardic Inspiration die you get per lengthy relaxation. However, there’s nothing fairly like a squirrel enjoying a ukelele to spice up morale.

Means rating unfold


When selecting this multiclass mixture, you may doubtless spend most of your time outdoors of Wild Form, relying in your numerous choice of spells to regulate the battlefield, support allies, and supply utility outdoors of fight. Meaning you need to have a wholesome Structure rating so you’ll be able to higher keep focus on spells and have loads of hit factors to remain in your toes when enemies get too shut.

Advisable druid subclasses: Circle of Stars and Circle of the Shepherd

The druid comes with an awesome spell record that permits you to fill nearly any function in a celebration. As a assist character, you’ll be able to’t go improper getting ready spells like faerie fireplace, therapeutic phrase, therapeutic spirit, and improve potential. To maximise your effectiveness on this function, try the Circle of Stars and Circle of the Shepherd subclasses.

Circle of Stars affords among the finest cantrips and among the finest 1st degree spells on the market, steering and guiding bolt. Each will serve you (and your allies) properly. Guiding bolt permits you to deal injury whereas additionally granting an ally benefit on their subsequent assault roll made in opposition to your goal. Starry Type will allow you to shine even brighter. You possibly can burn a use of your Wild Form to tackle a starry type that may empower your therapeutic magic. At sixth degree, Cosmic Omen grants you a further technique to bolster your allies’ die rolls. What’s to not love about that?

Circle of the Shepherd was the quintessential druid assist subclass earlier than Circle of Stars got here into the image. Spirit Totem permits you to distribute momentary hit factors or create a area the place you’ll be able to grant allies benefit on assault rolls, which pairs properly with Bardic Inspiration. At sixth degree, Mighty Summoner strengthens the creatures you summon. Spells like conjure animals assist your allies keep away from injury by crowding the battlefield. Keep in mind, any injury dealt to a summoned creature is injury that hasn’t been dealt to you or your pals.

One subclass that deserves particular point out is the Circle of the Land, particularly the Grassland and Underdark choices. Grassland permits you to at all times have invisibility, go with out hint, haste, and freedom of motion ready. Haste is the massive promoting level right here as one of many premier assist spells. Underdark provides to your arsenal of crowd management spells in the type of net and stinking cloud. Net might be paired with fireplace for a pleasant present!

Advisable bard subclass: School of Eloquence

A 3-level dip into bard places you behind different devoted spellcasters. Nevertheless, in order for you to be a talent monkey, choosing up Jack of All Trades and Experience could be definitely worth the tradeoff. With that concept in thoughts, the School of Eloquence will allow you to be a greater face for the get together and assist your allies’ or your spells stick.

School of Eloquence is the bard’s bard. Silver Tongue ensures you by no means roll beneath a ten on d20 rolls made on Charisma (Deception) and Charisma (Persuasion) checks. Unsettling Phrases can also be key for characters that need to assist their fellow casters, although you should use it to show the tide of battle by yourself, comparable to by pairing it with maintain individual. 


The druid-cleric multiclass is the character whose love of nature led them to affix a holy trigger. You are the groundskeeper who meticulously restores an historical holy web site and hunts down all threats unnatural to the realm. The cleric is arguably the most effective class to multiclass into as a druid. Each lessons depend on Knowledge for spellcasting and sophistication options, and clerics obtain their area at 1st degree.

When you go this route, you may acquire entry to highly effective cleric spells like bless and inflict wounds whereas sustaining full spell slot development. The Channel Divinity choices, such because the Nature area’s Allure Animals and Vegetation, might be flavorful and highly effective relying in your marketing campaign and the get together’s wants.

Means rating unfold


Knowledge is your most essential potential rating. Though Dexterity is ranked third, you can prioritize different potential scores over it in case you choose a cleric area that provides heavy armor proficiency, just like the Forge area. In that case, you’d need increased Power so you’ll be able to meet heavy armor necessities.

Druids and heavy armor

Druids do not usually put on armor or use shields constructed from steel. Though heavy armor proficiency is a perk provided by a number of the cleric domains mentioned on this part, there aren’t any mundane, nonmetal heavy armors. You will want to speak to your DM about whether or not or not your character can be permitted to put on steel armor or in case you may entry nonmetal heavy armor. The choice is finally as much as your DM. 

Advisable druid subclasses: Circle of Stars and Circle of the Moon

Circle of Stars and the cleric’s Life area make for a robust healer. The Starry Type’s Chalice constellation bolsters spells you forged that restore hit factors. The Life area’s Disciple of Life does the identical. For example, a druid 2/cleric 1 who casts a 1st degree remedy wounds whereas within the Chalice Starry Type would restore numerous hit factors equal to (1d8 + your Knowledge modifier + 3) + (1d8 + your Knowledge modifier).

Circle of the Moon is a superb druid subclass for individuals who need to get into melee vary. The subclass permits you to entry stronger Wild Form kinds. Sure cleric domains may also help you hit more durable or extra usually. When you can arrange a non secular weapon earlier than utilizing Wild Form, you may even have a further assault to assist carry the get together to victory.

The Circle of Wildfire additionally deserves a callout right here for individuals who need to have the ability to dish out injury whereas additionally supporting allies. Not solely are you able to make ranged assaults utilizing your wildfire spirit, it may be used to teleport allies which can be in a pinch. The sixth degree characteristic additionally empowers your spells that restore hit factors and synergizes with the Life area in the identical method the Circle of Stars does.

Advisable cleric subclasses: Life and Conflict

It is arduous to go improper when selecting a cleric area. For instance, a one-level dip within the Order area will get you Voice of Authority, which permits an ally to burn their response to make a weapon assault while you forged a spell on them. A two-level dip in Tempest permits you to maximize the injury on lightning or thunder injury you deal as soon as per quick relaxation. (Shout out to name lightning!)

The Life area is the proper subclass for a one-level dip. It grants heavy armor proficiency and Disciple of Life, which makes your therapeutic spells extra worthwhile. As talked about above, this area pairs splendidly with the Circle of Stars. The area spells are additionally price having useful, with non secular weapon being a tantalizing pickup for these taking a three-level dip.

The Conflict area and the Circle of the Moon are a robust druid multiclass mixture while you need to dish out extra injury in Wild Form type. The area grants you entry to divine favor for a further 1d4 radiant injury on weapon assaults and Conflict Priest, which lets you make a further assault utilizing your bonus motion (as much as numerous occasions equal to your Knowledge modifier). You additionally get heavy armor proficiency for while you’re out of Wild Form makes use of.


The druid-fighter multiclass is a champion of nature who hones their skills in melee fight by way of formal coaching. They could harness the may of the beasts they defend or wield weapons cast by hand. Fighter is among the finest lessons to multiclass in as a druid — no wait, general. With Motion Surge and combating kinds, any druid can profit from a dip on this class.

For gamers that will not lose sleep over delayed spellcasting development, the Circle of Spores and Circle of the Moon subclass paired with the Battle Grasp could make for a distinctive character that may management the battlefield whereas absorbing injury like a sea sponge.

Means rating unfold

WIS > CON > Something

For Circle of Spores druids with a fighter dip, go for a two-weapon combating construct. Doing so allows you to eke out extra worth from the additional injury on melee weapon assaults provided by Symbiotic Entity. Structure takes precedence over Knowledge to be able to higher keep focus on spells like faerie fireplace or guardian of nature.

The second potential rating unfold is for the Circle of the Moon druid-fighter. It issues little what your Power and Dexterity scores are while you’re in Wild Form, although having a stable Structure rating helps you survive lethal encounters when you can be punched again into your humanoid (or fey) type.

Advisable druid subclasses: Circle of Spores and Circle of the Moon

As talked about above, you need not play any explicit druid subclass to profit from a fighter dip. The flexibility to forged two spells in your flip with Motion Surge is highly effective sufficient to lure spellcasters to the category. However the next subclasses will profit extra:

Circle of Spores encourages you to rise up near enemies and take them out with melee weapon assaults. Twin-wielding helps you maximize the injury dealt by your Symbiotic Entity. Select Two-Weapon Combating on your combating model so as to add your potential modifier to your offhand assaults. Alternatively, the Protection and Dueling combating kinds are additionally good picks.

Circle of the Moon druids can dish out tons of injury due to kinds with Multiattack. (This is to taking a look at you, brown bear.) Give a creature with Multiattack entry to Motion Surge and you will be swinging away like a monk utilizing Flurry of Blows. The Superior Method combating model from Tasha’s Cauldron of All the pieces provides you a fight trick while you’re in Wild Form. 

Advisable fighter subclass: Battle Grasp

A 3-level dip is an enormous funding for a spellcaster, however the fighter class could be price it.

Battle Grasp provides you instruments that allow you to do extra than simply swing round a blade or claw, although you actually can select battle maneuvers that merely add to your injury. If you wish to defend allies, think about the next maneuvers: Bait and Change, Goading Assault, Grappling Strike, and Maneuvering Assault. When you simply need extra methods to carry the harm, try Feinting Assault, Riposte, and Journey Assault.

The Rune Knight deserves particular point out right here, if solely as a result of Circle of the Moon druids can improve the dimensions of their Wild Form kinds, which is simply so cool.


Dwelling deep in undisturbed forests is a druid who has realized to struggle from the very creatures they defend. The druid-monk multiclass capitalizes on the truth that each lessons depend on Knowledge. Nevertheless, the mixture is held again by the undeniable fact that the monk is reliant on ki factors, of which you will not have many and not using a heavy funding into the category. However, if you wish to dwell out your Kung Fu Panda goals — or simply profit from Unarmored Protection — you are able to do so with a small dip into monk.

Means rating unfold

WIS > DEX > CON > Something

Usually, the druid prioritizes Knowledge and Structure over different potential scores, however this primary unfold permits you to successfully wield monk weapons just like the shortsword whereas boosting your AC. With the monk’s Unarmored Protection, you’ll be able to reliably begin the sport with an AC of 15 or increased. Nevertheless, you may select to prioritize Knowledge over Dexterity in case you plan to solely often wander into melee vary or will take the Manner of the Astral Self subclass.

The second potential rating unfold is on your Circle of the Moon druids. Usually, I might advocate having Knowledge and Structure as your highest scores, however Dexterity will likely be essential in case you plan to make the most of Unarmored Protection outdoors of Wild Form. When you do not plan to, prioritize Structure over Dexterity and get some good armor.

Advisable druid subclass: Circle of Spores

Circle of Spores allows you to change between a ranged caster that softens up approaching enemies with spike progress and a melee martial artist that finishes off foes with their Symbiotic Entity and a flurry of blows (actually).

When you’re going Circle of the Moon, think about only a one-level dip into monk for Unarmored Protection. It permits the AC of your Wild Form kinds to scale off of Knowledge and Dexterity, which you may have loads of. Past that first degree, you will not see a lot worth when in comparison with a druid-fighter. That is as a result of your Wild Form kinds will usually have increased injury die than in case you have been to depend on unarmed strikes. Additional, the deeper you go into monk, the extra your Wild Form kinds’ scaling will endure. That stated, Step of the Wind does allow hit-and-run builds. (Although I believe the druid-rogue does it higher.)

Advisable monk subclasses: Manner of the Astral Self and Manner of the Open Hand

Though a deep dip into the monk class might be punishing for Circle of the Moon druids, it may very well be worthwhile for Circle of Spores druids. A five-level dip into monk nets you subclass options, Beautiful Strike, Additional Assault, a d6 injury die on unarmed strikes, and a wholesome quantity of ki factors to play with. Remember that in case you’re beginning a marketing campaign at 1st degree, your leveling will likely be clunky and also you may not see the fruits of your distinctive construct till a lot later.

Manner of the Astral Self permits you to profit from your excessive Knowledge as a Circle of Spores druid. While you use Arms of the Astral Self, you should use Knowledge as a substitute of Power or Dexterity on assault and injury rolls you make with unarmed strikes. 

Manner of the Open Hand is a superb possibility while you’ll be stretched skinny for ki factors. Open Hand Method provides results on high of your Flurry of Blows. You possibly can shove and knock inclined enemies or simply get a free mini-Disengage. 


You are a creature of legend — the bear that smites bandits with lightning and claws, the eagle that watches the valley and razes the camps of those who threaten an area village. You’re the druid-paladin.

With this multiclass mixture, you may Wild Form right into a type with Multiattack and burn spell slot after spell slot utilizing Divine Smite. Though your potential scores will look funky — owed to the paladin class requiring a minimal 13 in each Power and Charisma — it will not matter a lot since you may usually be in Wild Form type. Exterior of Wild Form, you may supply all the typical instruments of a druid, together with ritual spells like communicate with animals and battlefield management spells like wall of fireside.

Means rating unfold


With a minimal 13 required in three potential scores — Power, Knowledge, and Charisma — you may doubtless have decrease AC than your typical druid. That’s, except your DM lets you don armor manufactured from steel as a druid. In that case, take your first degree as a paladin and get your self plate armor as quickly as doable. Regardless, do not sweat an excessive amount of over a low Dexterity rating. As soon as you’ll be able to Wild Form, you may be in beast type for many fight encounters.

Advisable druid subclass: Circle of the Moon

Circle of the Moon is the one subclass that is viable for a druid-paladin multiclass. You will not sweat over your mishmash of potential scores while you’re taking up the Power, Dexterity, and Structure scores of your alternative kinds. These with Multiattack will let you smite extra usually to finish boss encounters lengthy earlier than you run out of Wild Form makes use of.

Advisable paladin subclasses: None

An enormous promoting level for the druid-paladin is the truth that you have got extra spell slots for Divine Smite than a straight paladin. For instance, a druid 5/paladin 2 has 4 1st-level, three 2nd-level, and two Third-level spell slots. A seventh degree paladin has 4 1st-level and three 2nd-level spell slots. The extra ranges you’ll be able to commit to druid, the higher off you may be. You will get stronger Wild Form kinds, extra spell slots, and extra highly effective spells to organize.


Safely navigate by way of wildlands, befriend beasts, and struggle with nature’s fury because the druid-ranger.

When reviewing the ranger class, ask your Dungeon Grasp in the event that they’d permit the non-compulsory ranger options included in Tasha’s Cauldron of All the pieces. The first-level Favored Foe and combating model options pair properly with Circle of Spores and Circle of the Moon builds. In case your DM would not allow these non-compulsory options, you may doubtless be higher off selecting one other class to multiclass into. The usual ranger’s Favored Enemy and Pure Explorer options are flavorful however not often helpful.

Means rating unfold

WIS > CON > DEX > Something

The primary potential rating unfold is for Circle of the Moon druids that can rely closely on their Wild Form kinds. You need excessive Knowledge on your spellcasting when outdoors of Wild Form. Circle of Spores builds ought to go for a Dex-based two-weapon combating construct. Counting on Power for weapon assaults will stretch your potential scores skinny as you may nonetheless want some Dexterity for AC.

Advisable druid subclasses: Circle of Spores and Circle of the Moon

Circle of Spores rewards you for entering into melee vary, as do the non-compulsory ranger class options. When you select this subclass, snag Favored Foe and Two-Weapon Combating. These paired with the advantages of your Symbiotic Entity make you a stable melee combatant. Your druid ranges will guarantee you have got tons of spells to fall again on when occasions get powerful, too.

No shock seeing Circle of the Moon right here. It is a robust druid subclass that additionally advantages from the non-compulsory ranger class options.

Advisable ranger subclasses: Fey Wanderer and Swarmkeeper

When you’re going Circle of Spores, think about taking 5 ranges in ranger for Additional Assault. Circle of the Moon and different kinds of druids can get by with only a two- or three-level dip.

Fey Wanderer is a worthwhile choose for druids that not solely need to deal further injury on weapon assaults but in addition be a celebration face. Otherworldly Glamour allows you to add your Knowledge bonus to Charisma checks you make. 

Swarmkeeper grants some useful fight methods — or simply extra injury. A 3-level dip is all you want. Gloomstalker is an effective various to the Swarmkeeper, particularly in case you plan to go deep within the ranger class and can get Iron Thoughts, which grants a further saving throw proficiency.


Do you often take fireballs to the face? Are you uninterested in burning your motion simply to Disengage? Do you would like you had extra talent proficiencies? You then want the rogue. The druid-rogue multiclass dances across the battlefield with ease and picks up Experience at low ranges to assist them shine out of fight. Sneak Assault provides a pleasant bonus to your weapon assaults, although in order for you burst injury you may think about multiclassing with the paladin as a substitute.

Means rating unfold

WIS > CON > Something

You solely want 13 Dexterity to multiclass into rogue. For druids that simply need to choose up further talent proficiencies and the beloved Crafty Motion, that is all you may want. However Circle of Spores druids which may need to make investments extra into the rogue ought to think about having increased Dexterity and wielding a finesse weapon to utilize Sneak Assault.

Advisable druid subclasses: Any

The rogue is frontloaded with options that work with any druid. You will commerce spellcasting development for further talent proficiencies, Experience, and Crafty Motion (at 2nd degree). Circle of Spores and Circle of the Moon druids profit essentially the most from this multiclassing mixture, nevertheless.

Circle of Spores will miss the Two-Weapon Combating model provided by the fighter and ranger however get an enormous increase in survivability from Crafty Motion. The rogue characteristic permits you to Disengage as a bonus motion. Sneak Assault additionally affords a pleasant injury increase that stacks together with your Symbiotic Entity. When you go deeper into the rogue class, needless to say your Halo of Spores will compete with Uncanny Dodge on your response.

Circle of the Moon equally advantages from Crafty Motion however cannot make use of Sneak Assault whereas in Wild Form. When you need to make your Wild Form kinds last more, think about the barbarian.

Advisable rogue subclasses: Mastermind and Soulknife

Mastermind is an effective subclass for extra support-minded druids. It permits you to take the Assist motion as a bonus motion and provides a variety of 30 toes to it. A Circle of the Land (Grassland) druid may forged haste on an ally after which grant them benefit on their subsequent assault in the identical flip. Circle of the Shepherd druids may select the Hawk Spirit to grant benefit on an assault roll as a response and in addition spend bonus actions granting benefit on different assault rolls.

The Soulknife is a superb possibility for the Circle of Spores druid. Your psychic blades manifest while you take the Assault motion, which means your arms are free to forged spells in any respect different occasions. You additionally get Psi-Bolstered Knack to make you extra of a talent monkey.


You have been born in nature and channel its energy together with your sweat and blood, reaching issues no druid can do on their very own. You’re the druid-sorcerer.

Sadly, the druid-sorcerer is held again by the truth that the Metamagic characteristic is locked behind three ranges of sorcerer. The Metamagic Adept feat from Tasha’s Cauldron of All the pieces additionally makes this combo much less tempting because it requires a lot much less funding however nonetheless nets you Metamagic. However, let’s check out your choices.

Means rating unfold


The druid-sorcerer is constructed very similar to your typical druid who slings spells from the backline. You will get by with simply 13 Charisma — there are many sorcerer spells you’ll be able to select that do not depend on spell assault rolls or your spell save DC. As a substitute, think about deciding on sorcerer spells that fill gaps within the druid spell record. Disguise self, mage armor (which works in Wild Form), and protect come to thoughts.

Advisable druid subclasses: Circle of the Land and Circle of Wildfire

Circle of the Land permits you to recuperate spell slots on a brief relaxation by way of Pure Restoration. That is useful as you’ll be able to burn spells to recuperate sorcery factors to gas your Metamagic. Since you’ll know sorcerer spells and have druid spells ready, you may rapidly burn by way of spell slots too, particularly in case you be taught protect. The Grassland’s circle spells supply nice choices for the Twinned Spell Metamagic, together with invisibility and haste.

Circle of Wildfire affords quite a lot of spells that mesh properly with the Transmuted Spell Metamagic. Flip your flaming sphere right into a ball of rolling acid, for instance. With Enhanced Bond empowering your spells that deal injury or restore hit factors, Twinned Spell is one other nice Metamagic possibility. Think about Cautious Spell in case you’re anxious about collateral injury out of your extra flashy spells.

Advisable sorcerer subclasses: Clockwork Soul and Divine Soul

Clockwork Soul is a superb subclass for assist builds. Restore Steadiness is an effective use of your response and Clockwork Magic provides to your identified sorcerer spells. These spells might be swapped out for abjuration or transmutation spells discovered on the sorcerer, warlock, or wizard spell record.

Divine Soul allows you to be taught spells from the cleric spell record, together with bless, safety from evil and good, and non secular weapon (at sorcerer 3). 

Storm Sorcery deserves a callout as Tempestuous Magic can safely get you out of melee vary of enemies with out costing you an motion or bonus motion.


Although you have spent your days harnessing the inconceivable may of nature, the facility you acquired was by no means sufficient for you. At some point, you chanced upon a being that promised you extra energy — and also you leaped on the alternative. The druid-warlock multiclass good points entry to an unbelievable line of eldritch invocations and learns eldritch blast. Notable invocations for druids taking a small dip in warlock embrace:

  • Armor of Shadows: Mage armor on a stick. It capabilities even when you’re in Wild Form.
  • Grasp of Hadar or Repelling Blast: Rake your enemies throughout your spike progress!
  • Masks of Many Faces: Nice for druids who need infinite makes use of of disguise self.
  • Eldritch Thoughts: Unimaginable for any spellcaster.

Circle of Spores druid can profit from 5 ranges or extra within the class, due to the Hexblade subclass, the hex spell, and the Pact of the Blade and its associated invocations.

Means rating unfold


When you’re multiclassing into warlock, chances are high you are trying to choose up eldritch blast. When you plan to, you may need respectable Charisma to be able to constantly land your spell assault rolls. Though your AC will endure from having decrease Dexterity, you’ll be able to fall again on barkskin, select the Armor of Shadows invocation for mage armor, or take the Hexblade subclass for protect.

For Circle of Spores druids, look to the second potential rating unfold for inspiration. The Hexblade subclass permits you to depend on Charisma for melee weapon assault and injury rolls, so you have got so much to realize by investing within the potential rating. 

Advisable druid subclass: Any

Any druid subclass can profit from a small dip within the warlock for invocations. Nevertheless, Circle of Spores good points much more due to the Hexblade subclass.

Circle of Spores provides you all of the instruments it’s good to wade into melee vary, with a injury bonus on melee weapon assaults, momentary hit factors, and a response that punishes enemies for remaining near you. You even have entry to flame blade, which additional bolsters your injury. While you’re not in melee, spells spike progress can preserve enemies from getting shut whereas warmth steel generally is a dependable supply of injury in opposition to heavily-armored foes.

Advisable warlock subclass: Hexblade

Hexblade is never a poor alternative for martial builds trying to multiclass, and that is no exception for the Circle of Spores druid. The warlock subclass grants proficiency in martial weapons, protect, and Hexblade’s Curse. You additionally get entry to booming blade and green-flame blade as a warlock. With the Pact of the Blade and invocations like Improved Pact Weapon, Thirsting Blade, and Eldritch Smite, a five-level dip into warlock is a simple promote. Admittedly, although, there are higher lessons to mix with the Hexblade than the druid.

The Genie additionally deserves a callout, notably for Circle of Stars and Circle of Wildfire druids. The first-level characteristic Genie’s Vessel permits you to add your proficiency bonus to a single injury roll made after you hit with an assault roll, comparable to with guiding bolt and scorching ray.


The place many druids revere nature’s mysteries, you intention to review them. The druid-wizard multiclass advantages from full spellcasting development, spells from two very completely different lessons, and arcane traditions that allow you to get extra worth out of your spells. You do not want an enormous dip in wizard to see the worth in it. Nevertheless, you may want 13 Intelligence to multiclass as a wizard. The flexibility rating is often a low precedence for druids.

Means rating unfold


Your potential rating unfold might differ from the above primarily based on which spells you intend to take as a wizard and the way deep you are going into the category. When you intention to pick utility spells like determine and buffs like mage armor, you will not want greater than 13 Intelligence. Nevertheless, the wizard spell record affords a variety of nice spells that you will need to sling at enemies. So, I’ve made it a better precedence than Dexterity right here and would even think about prioritizing it over Structure.

Advisable druid subclasses: Circle of Wildfire

As a result of unbelievable number of spells discovered on the wizard spell record, any druid can profit from a small dip within the class. Though you will not fall behind on spell slot development, the extra wizard ranges you are taking, the additional behind you may get on druid spell ranges and options. That stated, the Circle of Wildfire is a notable possibility for druid-wizards.

Circle of Wildfire blends the restorative and damaging halves of nature. The subclass’ Enhanced Bond improves the injury you cope with spells that deal fireplace injury, of which the wizard has a lot.

Advisable wizard subclass: College of Evocation

Almost each wizard subclass is worthy of a evaluation while you’re a druid-wizard multiclass.

College of Evocation performs properly with the Circle of Wildfire. Sculpt Spells permits you to forged space of impact spells with out hurting allies, which is particularly helpful in case you plan to take fireball. With your full development of spell slots, you generally is a fireball-spamming druid with therapeutic spells on reserve.

Pattern construct: Ly Danafel, a druid 6/wizard 5

Wildfire druid artwork

Artwork by Kane Carter (@veldrin)

Ly Danafel was born in a distant village close to The Nice Sand Sea, far east of Waterdeep. The village was peaceable and self-sufficient, with farmlands stretching for miles. However the summers have been blisteringly sizzling, and Ly remembered villagefolk often speeding into the fields to place out little fires that began all on their very own. Due to this, she thought for the longest time that fireplace was a horrible factor.

However then one 12 months, a blight struck her village’s farmlands. She remembered waking up in her residence with ash on her lips and strolling out to see acres of land in flames. Her mom informed her that the lands wanted to burn to cease the blight, lest extra crops be misplaced to it. And it was at that second that Ly found that fireside may do as a lot good because it may do horrible issues.

Ly now wanders the land doing managed burns to keep the well being of pure lands.

Michael Galvis (@michaelgalvis) is a tabletop content material producer for D&D Past. He’s a longtime Dungeon Grasp who enjoys horror movies and all issues fantasy and sci-fi. When he isn’t within the DM’s seat or rolling cube as his anxious halfling sorcerer, he’s enjoying League of Legends and Magic: The Gathering along with his husband. They dwell collectively in Los Angeles with their cute canine, Quentin.

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