DND Banshee Review

dnd banshee

DND Banshee Review

The Banshee is one of the most well known, most popular and most reproduced miniatures from the World of war craft collection of Disney. She was made in several styles and with several poses but always with the same look and the same pose. There have been many different styles of Banshees over the years and even though some have become collectibles others just remained as fine collectibles. This article will talk about the Banshee I have and describe exactly how it was painted.

The story began long ago during Halloween when Walt Disney World first opened their first Halloween park called Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It had everything that anyone could ever want from a Halloween show and it was a huge success. So they decided to expand to a full theme park that same year and called it Disney’s California Adventure. It included an attraction called Space Mountain, Tomorrowland Express and also the infamous Disney’s Hollywood Studios rides and shows. They also added a new scary attraction called the haunted Mansion and a brand new castle for those who like to get into the Halloween mood.

Around this time there was another proposed expansion to the park by another designer which would have called it the Disneyland of the Pacific Ocean. This would have included the same rides and shows but at this point in time it appeared that only one of them were going to be expanded. I was very excited for the first time about the new Baneshee miniature figure and her unique color scheme which I will talk about below. I have pictures to go with this article but first lets look at how she looks now.

My Banshee miniature figure was made out of mostly metal parts and painted black. Her skin is a dark greenish color and her dress has some sort of a Zebra print design. The paint on her face seems to have been glossy as it is. She has a really great looking black eye make up and a neat little black bow is attached to one of her eyes.

The second version of Baneshee that I got is the original paint job that was done for the movie. Since I got my Baneshea figure in the movie I was able to get her in the same design. Her skin tone is still the dark greenish color but she has some clear blue and silver details added to her look. The dress pattern on her body is the same but it looks more like a princess’ gown rather than a Disney character’s outfit. The look on Baneshea’s face is one I can get a lot of enjoyment out of and her hair is now painted in a really nice color that complements her look.

Now onto the review of the movie version of Baneshea. Her poseability is a little better than some of the other Disney Princesses so I wasn’t able to take her out of the packaging that easily. The figure was built well though and has lots of articulation. The actual outfit she wears is not the same Baneshea costume as was worn by the main character in the movie. The figure is painted and sculpted almost identically to the original so it is enjoyable to play with. It is definitely different from other Disney collectibles and it looks like something that you would be happy to put together yourself.

As far as the quality of the figure goes, the figure is about as realistic as you can get for an action figure. I am not sure what the factory produced figure looked like but the one I got is no where near that. If you are going to pay good money for an original Disney Princess figure you want to make sure it is going to be made of high quality materials. The Baneshea figure I got is extremely well made and looks very authentic. The paint job and outfit look as if it was made by someone who has done this type of figure before.

I have always loved Dnd Banshee and the series she appears in. I am not sure how old the original version was but it does seem to be a popular one. The animation is top notch and the figure is designed for fans of the animated series. My daughter absolutely loves the figure and all the Baneshea products from DC come with a 5 year limited warranty. So you see, you don’t have to be stuck with a Baneshea figure that doesn’t even look as authentic as the one you paid good money for.