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Vestiges of Divergence are legendary relics found in Vital Function’s world of Exandria. Heroes of previous ages wielded these highly effective artifacts through the Calamity, a battle of the gods that pitted the Prime Deities in opposition to the Betrayer Gods. These magical objects have been an necessary plot level in Vital Function’s actual-play campaigns. With Vital Function’s first large journey e-book, Name of the Netherdeep, simply across the nook, we’re operating a refresher course on these harmful arcane objects!

Whether or not you’re a very long time Vital Function fan or completely new to the world of Exandria, this text will provide you with invaluable insights as to the historical past behind the Vestiges of Divergence, what Vestiges of Divergence are and the way they operate, in addition to an instance of a Vestige offered in Vital Function’s marketing campaign setting, Explorer’s Information to Wildemount.

Spoiler alert! This text incorporates spoilers for the primary two campaigns of Vital Function.

Why do Vestiges of Divergence exist?

To be able to perceive the Vestiges of Divergence, you will need to first perceive the occasion that necessitated their creation, the Calamity.

Exandria was a land of marvel and magic. Magnificent fortresses had been in-built a day with the assistance of arcane practices, highly effective mages used their mastery over life and dying to create wondrous creatures, and one mortal mage was even in a position to ascend to godhood by slaying the earlier god of dying.

Pushed by jealousy and greed on the thought of one other mortal ascending to godhood, the archmage Vespin Chloras sought the facility of the Betrayer Gods. These deities had been locked in prison-like planes after a earlier rebellion in opposition to the Prime Deities, a gaggle of righteous gods, many millennia earlier than.

Vespin was profitable in his makes an attempt to contact the Betrayer Gods. With the gates of their jail open, the evil deities’ malice started corrupting the minds of mortals, turning them to evil. As soon as their forces had been rallied, the Betrayer Gods and their legions launched a shock assault on the fortress metropolis of Vasselheim and had been solely thwarted because of the direct intervention of the Prime Deities.

Calamity artwork from Explorer's Guide to Wildemount

The Calamity and the creation of Vestiges of Divergence

With the Betrayer Gods strolling the Materials Aircraft and constructing a military to crush those who opposed them, the Prime Deities aligned themselves with the individuals of Exandria and went to battle.

The Calamity rolled throughout Exandria, inflicting destruction on an unthinkable scale. Either side of the battle noticed their divine heroes settle for legendary artifacts from their patrons and gods. Not prepared to depart their destiny within the arms of the gods, archmages cast their very own magical objects of immense energy. When the mud cleared, two-thirds of the inhabitants of Exandria had perished, the entire nice cities apart from Vasselheim had fallen, and the land was left scarred by the cataclysmic forces that the gods and their chosen had wielded.

At an ideal price to the Materials Aircraft, the Prime Deities had been victorious over the Betrayer Gods. To be able to make sure the Betrayer Gods had been by no means once more allowed entry to the Materials Aircraft, the Prime Deities erected the Divine Gate. This gate prevented any god, together with the Prime Deities, from ever bodily getting into the mortal realm. This occasion turned often known as the Divergence.

The highly effective artifacts that formed the devastation of the Calamity had been misplaced, buried within the rubble of this misplaced age. Because the civilizations of Exandria started to rebuild, a few of these legendary relics had been found and have since gone on to affect the lands of Exandria as soon as extra. These harmful magical objects are identified in Exandria’s present age because the Vestiges of Divergence.

Vestiges of Divergence within the present age

Since Exandria started rebuilding after the Calamity, misplaced Vestiges have been uncovered the world over. These highly effective objects, usually in a dormant state, stay a well-kept secret that solely these expert within the arcane arts can determine. The primary season of Vital Function follows the adventuring celebration Vox Machina and their quest to gather quite a few Vestiges with the intention to defeat a gaggle of evil chromatic dragons known as the Chroma Conclave.

How do Vestiges of Divergence operate?

Vestiges of Divergence are magic objects that evolve with their wielder. They’ve three states that supply rising ranges of energy: dormant, woke up, and exalted. When attuned to worthy heroes, Vestiges evolve via these phases when their wielders accomplish important feats. To be able to stability the facility of these things with the problem degree of encounters, Vestiges of Divergence usually stay within the dormant state till their wielder reaches ninth degree. They often evolve into the woke up state between ranges 9 and 15 and at last obtain the exalted state between ranges 16 and 20.

It’s necessary to notice for Dungeon Masters planning on utilizing Vestiges of their video games that these magical objects don’t simply advance as their wielder ranges up. Usually, a Vestige of Divergence advances when its wielder experiences a pivotal second of their journey of self-discovery. This second can contain success over a mortal enemy, or it might be a profound failure that causes the wielder to study from their errors. The second may even be a life-threatening state of affairs that requires the intervention of the Vestige for the wielder to outlive.

DMs can use the next examples as pointers for shaping the evolution of a Vestige of Divergence:

  • A personality overcomes one in every of their biggest fears, bravely dealing with an in any other case paralyzing phobia to save lots of a fellow celebration member.
  • A personality is crushed inside an inch of their life by a long-hated foe. Within the face of defeat, they really feel a deep, dormant power develop from inside.
  • A personality loses a detailed ally in battle, their anguish and fury stirring the facility inside a Vestige of Divergence.
  • A personality discovers a side of their future that guides them towards a harmful trigger. Setting apart their fears, they settle for their destiny and accountability.
  • A personality efficiently takes vengeance in opposition to a rival who has lengthy tormented them.
  • A personality identified for restraint offers in to the amoral, violent urges {that a} Vestige of Divergence was cast to hone.

Supply: Explorer’s Information to Wildemount

Pattern Vestige of Divergence: Danoth’s visor

Danoth's Visor from Explorer's Guide to Wildemount

Danoth’s visor is a Vestige of Divergence from Explorer’s Information to Wildemount.

These mithral-frame goggles with clear diamond lenses had been utilized by the evoker Danoth Oro to identify invisible enemies and scout areas from afar.


Whereas sporting the goggles of their dormant state, you’ll be able to see usually in darkness, each magical and nonmagical, to a distance of 60 ft. Moreover, you may have benefit on Intelligence (Investigation) and Knowledge (Notion) checks that depend on sight.

Woke up

When Danoth’s visor reaches an woke up state, it beneficial properties the next properties:

You see invisible creatures and objects inside 60 ft of you as in the event that they had been seen, and you’ll see into the Ethereal Aircraft. Ethereal creatures and objects seem ghostly and translucent.

As a bonus motion, you’ll be able to communicate a command phrase and use the goggles to see into and thru stable matter. This imaginative and prescient has a radius of 60 ft and lasts for 1 minute. To you, stable objects inside that radius seem clear. The imaginative and prescient can penetrate 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of widespread steel, or as much as 3 ft of wooden or grime. Thicker substances block the imaginative and prescient, as does a skinny sheet of lead. This property can’t be used once more till the following daybreak.

As a bonus motion, you’ll be able to communicate a command phrase to modify the goggles into spyglass mode. Whereas on this mode, creatures and objects considered via the goggles are magnified to twice their dimension. Talking the command phrase once more reverts the goggles to their regular operation.


When Danoth’s Visor reaches an exalted state, it beneficial properties the next properties:

  • You robotically detect illusions you’ll be able to see and robotically succeed on saving throws in opposition to them. As well as, you see a vivid aura round any creature that isn’t in its true kind.
  • As an motion, you’ll be able to forged the antimagic discipline spell from the visor. This property can’t be used once more till the following daybreak.

For those who’re trying to embody Vestiges of Divergence in your recreation, Explorer’s Information to Wildemount supplies a full algorithm for these highly effective magical artifacts. The e-book additionally supplies seven Vestiges which might be ready to be found.

Unlock historical energy with Vestiges of Divergence

The upcoming Vital Function journey Name of the Netherdeep takes place on the planet of Exandria, which has been formed by the Vestiges of Divergence the Calamity left behind. As gamers discover the wastes of Xhorhas, Marquet, and the Netherdeep in an journey operating from third to twelfth degree, the ripples brought on by these magical objects will definitely be felt. We’ll hold you posted on particulars that come out on the journey!

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