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The Wild Past the Witchlight brings whimsical and depraved misadventures to those that dare to discover the Witchlight Carnival and past. The Dungeon & Dragons journey is about within the Feywild and affords followers of the sport and its neighborhood easter eggs and appearances by iconic characters from earlier editions.

Here’s a listing of easter eggs I put collectively as I browsed the e-book. Let me know which of them I missed!

*** Warning! Main spoilers forward for The Wild Past the Witchlight! ***

Alice in Wonderland

It is no shock that this journey attracts inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. The sequel to Lewis Carroll’s e-book, By means of the Trying Glass, is referenced within the first chapter of The Wild Past the Witchlight when the characters are sure for the Feywild. 

Dragon Quest and hags

Early within the journey, the gamers can overhear Mister Witch and Mister Mild complaining {that a} catoblepas attraction has been a complete failure and that they need to change the creature with a blue-painted giraffe. It is no shock {that a} catoblepas attraction would scare off attendees — they’re violent and pungent swamp creatures. Extra importantly, catoblepas are identified to be saved by covens of hags, hinting on the journey’s major antagonists. In the meantime, the blue giraffes might be a reference to the blue giraffes discovered within the online game Dragon Quest X

Chult and Zakhara

The Witchlight Carnival options video games that gamers can get pleasure from, together with almiraj ring toss. The presence of almiraj — which seem as rabbits with horns — counsel that the carnival has handed by way of Chult or Zakhara. Almiraj had been introduced from the distant lands of Zakhara to Chult, which is featured within the Tomb of Annihilation journey.

Dumphrey Frogart

A bullywug knight named Dumphrey Frogart serves as a pilot for the balloon that takes characters from Hither to Thither. Their identify is a reference to Humphrey Bogart, a basic Hollywood movie star.


Elkhorn has been Strongheart’s most stalwart companion through the years—unflinchingly loyal, tirelessly optimistic, and fiercely dedicated to the destruction of evil in all its types. He’s not particularly vibrant, so he fights together with his coronary heart reasonably than his wits.

Supply: The Wild Past the Witchlight

Like Strongheart, the dwarf fighter Elkhorn initially appeared in 1983 as an motion determine. He was a member of Valor’s Name, an adventuring occasion that opposes Kelek and the League of Malevolence. Elkhorn has stood by Strongheart’s aspect for years, regardless of the hazard. What he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for with brute energy.

Granny Nightshade

Granny Nightshade guidelines over Thither, however the hag beforehand appeared in Ghosts of Saltmarsh. In that journey, she dwells within the Dreadwood. 

Jabberwocky, snicker-snack

The jabberwock returns to Dungeons & Dragons in The Wild Past the Witchlight. The creature is D&D’s model of the Jabberwocky, an odd creature launched in a Lewis Carroll poem. (You possibly can learn extra concerning the connection right here.) The journey additionally contains the greatsword Snicker-Snack, one other time period coined by Carroll.

Kelek in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight


Kelek is a grasping, narcissistic sociopath who revels in chaos however is a coward at coronary heart. The truth that he’s very smart makes him much more harmful. Greater than something, he needs the employees of energy within the possession of his most hated foe, Ringlerun

Supply: The Wild Past the Witchlight

Kelek is the founding member of the League of Malevolence, which pursues energy for the sake of it. The sorcerer first appeared within the 1983 Superior D&D sport complement The Shady Dragon Inn.

Magic: The Gathering

Ellywick Tumblestrum is an ally to the characters and is known as a planeswalker. A planeswalker is a robust creature within the lore of the Magic: The Gathering (MTG) buying and selling card sport. They will journey between the completely different planes of existence. Ellywick additionally obtained her personal card within the Adventures within the Forgotten Realms card set. Her presence in The Wild Past the Witchlight ties D&D and MTG nearer collectively.


Mercion strikes the stability of a pure chief and a protecting caregiver. She has a direct method that reassures and conjures up these round her. Mercion doesn’t worship a deity, however reasonably a great: that reality provides life to artistry and wonder, and that those that embrace deceit ought to be censured and punished. Mild is her area.

Supply: The Wild Past the Witchlight

Mercion is one other member of Valor’s Name. She is a cleric and appeared as an motion determine in 1983. 

Milo, Chris Perkins’ canine

In an interview with D&D Beyond’s Amy Dallen, The Wild Past the Witchlight principal designer Chris Perkins revealed that his canine, Milo, has an easter egg in the journey. Milo might be discovered within the bottom-left nook of the map of Prismeer.

Milo in Prismeer


Molliver is a thief with a coronary heart of gold. Though prone to pocket just a few selection gadgets after a profitable heist, Molliver provides away most of what they steal to these in want. Consider them as a type of Robin Hood character. 

Molliver may even use their ability set to guard the widespread people, sometimes even dealing with off in opposition to the vilest of threats. The character initially appeared in 1983 as an motion determine. They’re a member of Valor’s Name.


Ringlerun turned an adventurer to higher fulfill his yearning for arcane data. One in all his adventures took him into an underwater tomb, the place he tricked a marid into surrendering a employees of energy. This employees enormously elevated Ringlerun’s capabilities and made him the envy of many rival spellcasters. Ringlerun has a very good coronary heart, however he’s simply distracted by mental pursuits. He would reasonably spend time in quiet contemplation or studying than in frivolous dialog.

Supply: The Wild Past the Witchlight

Ringlerun is a robust wizard who was a mentor of Skylla’s. Although Skylla finally got here to serve Kelek, Ringlerun stays a member of the heroic Valor’s Name.

The outdated wizard seems on the quilt of the Superior Dungeons & Dragons Participant’s Handbook, although it’s also possible to discover him within the sport complement Quest for the Heartstone. Like different heroes on this listing, Ringlerun acquired his personal motion determine in 1983.

Rollercoaster from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon

Within the map for the Witchlight Carnival, the rollercoaster from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon opening might be discovered. The long-lasting roaring dragon is proven beneath: 

Mystery Mine

Skylla in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

Shelly Mazzanoble

Gamers can get pleasure from snail racing on the Witchlight Carnival. Among the many large snails is Shellymoo, a reference to Shelly Mazzanoble, the world model supervisor at Wizards of the Coast.


Skylla, who generally goes by the alias Charmay, cast a warlock’s pact with Baba Yaga. It’s from this highly effective archfey that Skylla attracts her magic.

Skylla is spiteful and treacherous, as prone to betray her allies as to assist them. She talked Kelek into permitting her to function the first liaison between the League of Malevolence and the Hourglass Coven, claiming her pact with Baba Yaga made her higher fitted to the position than anybody else.

Supply: The Wild Past the Witchlight

Skylla first appeared within the 1983 Superior D&D sport complement The Shady Dragon Inn and has their very own motion determine. In The Wild Past the Witchlight, Skylla has turned away from the League of Malevolence to work for Endelyn Moongrave.


Strongheart is a fearless seeker of justice, risking his life to make sure that good triumphs over evil. He’s considerate, type, and rarely rash, but by no means hesitant to punish those that spit within the face of legislation and order.

Supply: The Wild Past the Witchlight

Longtime followers of D&D will acknowledge the human paladin Strongheart. He first appeared as an motion determine within the Superior D&D product line after which within the sport dietary supplements Quest for the Heartstone and The Shady Dragon Inn. Strongheart has had a longtime feud with Warduke, an iconic villain who was his former finest good friend!

Thaco the clownThaco

THAC0 is an abbreviation for To Hit Armor Class Zero and is used as the premise for figuring out if an assault roll succeeds in Superior D&D. In The Wild Past the Witchlight, gamers meet Thaco the clown within the Witchlight Carnival. He can sometimes be discovered puffing on his bubble pipe, with a painted grin, serving as a Witchlight hand.


Warduke very effectively is perhaps one of many coolest characters on this listing. Lore sensible, he was as soon as finest associates with Strongheart. Alongside their journey, Warduke traveled down a path of chaos and violence, inflicting the 2 of them to turn into sworn enemies.

The evil human fighter had his personal motion determine in 1983 and appeared in The Shady Dragon Inn as an ally to Kelek and his League of Malevolence.

The Wizard of Oz

Dorthy Gale’s companions in The Wizard of Oz get their very own characters on this journey. Every function a information in Prismeer:


Reverse of Molliver, Zarak is an murderer who has no loyalty to anybody however himself. This shady determine is a harmful foe that loves cash and doesn’t thoughts how he makes it. Regardless of serving Kelek, he wouldn’t hesitate to betray his allies if it benefitted him ultimately.

Zarak first appeared within the 1983 Superior D&D sport complement The Shady Dragon Inn and has his personal motion determine. He makes his return in The Wild Past the Witchlight as a member of the League of Malevolence.


The depraved cleric Zargash worships none aside from the Demon Prince of Undeath, Orcus. Zargash makes use of his immense energy to wreak havoc in servitude of Kelek and his League of Malevolence. Zargash first appeared within the 1983 Superior D&D sport complement The Shady Dragon Inn and has his personal motion determine.

What easter eggs did we miss?

Have you ever discovered different easter eggs in The Wild Past the Witchlight? Depart a remark beneath to tell us what it’s!

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