Dice of Planar Summoning: Conjure Monsters With the Roll of the Dice! – Posts

If you open a portal to a different realm, you by no means know what may emerge! With the Cube of Planar Summoning, totally different monsters from Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse seem while you roll a crucial hit or a crucial failure! On a pure 20, you may recruit the help of the elegant ki-rin, the lawful marut, or the scintillating flail snail. One should be cautious when practising conjuration magic, nonetheless. On a pure 1, you can as an alternative summon the terrifying nightwalker, the insidious elder mind, or an all-devouring astral dreadnought!

The Cube of Planar Summoning are actually out there for buy and gifting on {the marketplace} for $5.99. Try the video beneath to get a preview of how they will look in your digital character sheet!

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