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The astral dreadnought, a hulking creature with razor sharp teeth, two massive claws, and a single, starry eyeThe Astral Airplane is an unlimited, ever-present dimension that your social gathering can wind up in it doesn’t matter what marketing campaign you are enjoying. The upcoming Spelljammer: Adventures in House books use the Astral Airplane as a set piece for rollicking, spacefaring adventures, however its makes use of do not cease there. The Astral Airplane is an ever-present manner of touring to the Outer Planes, so whether or not you are off to the fantastic aircraft of Mount Celestia to beseech the gods for his or her help or the grim aircraft of Hades to rescue the damned soul of a companion, you may possible want a technique to get there. That is the place the Astral Airplane is available in.

Whereas those who enterprise into the Astral Airplane will not want to fret about meals or oxygen, the aircraft is way from hospitable. Harmful creatures roam the expanse of the Astral Airplane’s silvery seas, one of many extra fearsome of which is the gargantuan astral dreadnought, an historical monstrosity of insatiable starvation. 

This text will cowl every little thing it’s good to know earlier than unleashing this terrifying beast in your social gathering.

The Astral Airplane

The Astral Airplane is a boundless realm of thought and dream that has existed in Dungeons & Dragons for the reason that first version. To be taught extra about exploring this dream-like realm, see the Astral Airplane part beneath “Making a Multiverse” within the Dungeon Grasp’s Information.

What Are Astral Dreadnoughts? 

The wizard Mordenkainen soars through the Astral Plane astride a ki-rin—unaware of the astral dreadnought slinking toward them.

Astral dreadnoughts have stalked the Astral Airplane for the reason that daybreak of the multiverse. Nobody is aware of how these creatures first got here into being, although some theorize that they have been manifested by a god of the Outer Planes who wished to forestall incursion from the Astral Airplane. 

At roughly the identical dimension as an historical purple dragon, astral dreadnoughts are the apex predators of the Astral Airplane. Past their formidable claws, razor-sharp tooth, and almost impenetrable carapace, astral dreadnoughts have an innate connection to the Astral Airplane that grants them extraordinary and horrifying powers. 

Those who survive encounters with these monstrous creatures converse of the astral dreadnought’s eye as certainly one of its most potent weapons. Any creature that meets the gaze of the astral dreadnought will expertise its mortality within the starry reflection of its eye. As a result of the astral dreadnought emits an antimagic subject from its eye, the sensation of mortality is very sturdy for spellcasters.

The Astral Dreadnought’s Demiplanar Donjon

These unfortunate sufficient to be the sufferer of an astral dreadnought’s feeding—if one survives the method of being swallowed—will discover that being dissolved by abdomen acid might be a greater destiny than the one awaiting them. You see, the “abdomen” of an astral dreadnought is an extraplanar area known as a Demiplanar Donjon. Something eaten by the dreadnought is shipped to this demiplane, the place it stays for eternity (or till the dreadnought is killed). The demiplane operates otherwise from the Astral Airplane because it has gravity, breathable air, and natural matter decays. Which means that those that are swallowed and haven’t any manner of escaping will stay trapped till they die of hunger or dehydration. 

What Will You Discover in an Astral Dreadnought’s Donjon? 

In case your social gathering is planning on looking an astral dreadnought, it will be apt to arrange for what they could discover in its demiplane. To assist get you began, roll on the desk beneath for some concepts.

Demiplanar Donjon Contents



A githyanki ship that takes 1d10 x 10 hours to restore to working order. The crew is nowhere to be discovered.

The left arm of a lifeless god. 

A hero of eons previous who was lengthy thought lifeless.

The crumbling ruins of a fort.

The stays of an adventuring social gathering. Their gear will be represented by a roll on the Treasure Hoard: Problem 11–16 desk within the Dungeon Grasp’s Information.

A portal to one of many Outer Planes.

How Astral Dreadnoughts Hunt Their Prey 

The insatiable urge for food of the astral dreadnought implies that they aren’t choosy about their prey. Astral dreadnoughts are inclined to eat something they arrive throughout, which is not a lot contemplating that the Astral Airplane is principally empty.

Astral dreadnoughts aren’t notably crafty creatures. These hulking monstrosities do not scheme or plot the demise of their prey. As an alternative, they use their overwhelming power and dimension to incapacitate their prey, then proceed with their meal. One technique the dreadnought has proven to own is the power to innately detect spellcasters. When a creature with magical capabilities is encountered, the astral dreadnought will focus its eye on the spellcaster to render their magic ineffective.

The astral dreadnought’s main concern in fight is easy methods to preserve the utmost variety of creatures in its antimagic subject whereas nonetheless being in vary to assault. Its Chew has a spread of 10 toes, and its Claws have a spread of 20 toes, which permit it to take care of far. However, sadly for the astral dreadnought, its eye’s antimagic subject is conical. So even at 20 toes, the antimagic subject will probably be considerably narrower than if the dreadnought have been additional away. 

A combat in opposition to an astral dreadnought could seem comparatively easy to a celebration of adventurers. Keep out of attain, blind the attention, and do not get swallowed. This false impression will finish abruptly for any characters utilizing magic to challenge their kind into the Astral Airplane. The dreadnought’s Sever Silver Wire trait permits it to chop a personality’s silver twine—mechanically and immediately killing any creature utilizing the astral projection—when it lands a essential hit.

Taking part in With Astral Dreadnoughts at Your Desk 

Astral dreadnoughts are a foundational set piece for campaigns that journey into the Astral Airplane. Searching certainly one of these lethal beasts may very well be how the social gathering wins over a bunch of githyanki, or they might want to trace and discover the dreadnought that devoured a relic they should purchase. Within the huge, open vacancy of the Astral Airplane, an astral dreadnought is a surefire manner to supply a big problem to a high-level social gathering.

The plot hook beneath is for events at a excessive sufficient degree to solid astral projection—or has another technique to get to the Astral Airplane—and might defeat the CR 21 astral dreadnought.

The One That Acquired Away

“Aye, ya shoulda seen ‘er. Twice the dimensions o’ my ship, pale because the moon, and that eye—oh gods, that eye—made me really feel like I used to be staring into my grave it did. I did what any good captain would do and I turned tail and ran. Did not matter. It caught us and killed me complete crew. Took me leg off on the knee, however I used to be in a position to blind it and get away. Turns me abdomen thinkin’ that beast continues to be floating on the market digesting me crew.

The wizened githyanki captain shudders and drinks deeply from his mug. “Inform ye what, in the event you hunt it down and convey me again it is eye, I will give ya what yer after.”

The characters can meet the githyanki captain at an inn in a setting that gives entry to the Astral Airplane. Since Wildspace intersects with the Astral Sea, Spelljammer campaigns work notably nicely right here. In any other case, extraplanar areas like Sigil or the Metropolis of Brass are a superb place to start out.

As soon as the characters have labored out their take care of the captain, he’ll inform them the final neighborhood the place he encountered the dreadnought. Whether or not or not you need to inform your gamers precisely what they’re looking is as much as you.

Exploring the Astral Airplane

The silvery seas of the Astral Plane

As soon as the social gathering reaches the Astral Airplane, bodily or by projecting their astral kind, finding the astral dreadnought takes 1d4 × 10 hours of journey. For each 10 hours of journey, have the social gathering roll on the encounter desk beneath:




The social gathering encounters psychic wind.


A nycaloth and two mezzoloths ambush the social gathering.


The social gathering stumbles throughout a ruby colour pool that results in the 9 Hells. It is guarded by three barbed devils that assault the social gathering on sight.


The social gathering comes throughout the physique of one other astral dreadnought that seems to have a large chew taken out of its neck. The contents of the dreadnought’s Demiplanar Donjon float round it. Most of it’s ineffective detritus, however a seek for 1d4 hours reveals an arrow of slaying. 


The social gathering comes throughout the physique of a lifeless god. The husk is being commandeered by a drive of ten githyanki warriors. So long as the social gathering does not attempt to land on the husk, the githyanki will not be hostile.


The social gathering stumbles throughout the githyanki captain’s destroyed ship. It takes 1d4 x 10 hours to restore to working situation.

Huge White

The astral dreadnought that attacked the githyanki captain has a pale white disguise and a scar by way of its eye. Sneaking up on the dreadnought requires a DC 19 Dexterity (Stealth) verify. When it sees the social gathering, the dreadnought will deal with spellcasters with a vicious dedication and won’t assault martial characters till the spellcasters have been handled.

If the social gathering must retreat or is dropping the combat badly, permit them to make assaults particularly on the dreadnought’s eye with the intent to blind it. The dreadnought’s eye has AC 22 and immunity to psychic harm. If an assault lands, the dreadnought takes no harm however should succeed on a DC 15 Structure saving throw or be blinded till the beginning of its subsequent flip.

Defeating the Dreadnought

As soon as the dreadnought is defeated, permit the social gathering to go looking the contents of its Demiplanar Donjon. The journey again to the githyanki captain will be as eventful as you want, although events utilizing astral projection can finish the spell with an motion to return to their our bodies with none additional bother.

Into the Stomach of the Beast

The Astral Airplane is a staple set piece for high-level, plane-hopping adventures. Whereas it’s a primarily empty technique of touring to the Outer Planes, it gives a novel panorama coupled with creatures that can’t be discovered anyplace else. The place will your subsequent journey by way of the silvery sea take you? 

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