D&D Spaceship

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D&D Spaceship

D&D Space Ship is one of the classic games from the mid seventies and it still attracts new players today. In this game the role is one of a group of space ship crew members. You command a variety of crew members to accomplish missions while exploring space. Each player is allowed to play a specific character which can be female or male, human or robot, etc. You can also choose from different classes, crew and equipment available in the game.

The basic set up is as follows: Start with five dice; five counters of playing cards plus one die for each crew member. Start playing with one group of characters per game session. Use a dark table cloth and dark colored, sturdy playing cards. These materials will create a sense of adventure, danger, plus horror atmosphere in your D&D spaceship board game. The dice may be used for two types of roll: Movement roll and combat roll.

Movement roll. This is the roll where the movement of the dice is determined. dice is rolled when player characters takes action and that action results in the movement of the dice. Movement is simple, each character has four movement rolls per game session, and the Ship can move three spaces forward, two spaces forward and one space back.

Combat roll. This roll is used to determine the outcome of the game. dice is rolled when player ships are engaged in combat. There are three actions that can be performed during combat, rolling dice is used for all ships in combat. Movement, combat roll and boarding action are the three actions that can be performed.

When a player ships is not at combat then it can perform an action to research. Then it can research an alien artifact. Once it researches an alien artifact then it can send its crew to gather the intelligence. Once all crew are on board then player ship can send its crew to gather data on the current mission.

When a player ships rolls the dice then that result is then added to the &D roll. This helps to keep a track of what the ship has done and what the results of each action were. Once a player ships has done all their rolls then the &D pool is depleted and new dice are rolled for the next action. So each action has a corresponding die that needs to be rolled.

The dice are used to move the ships through the different stages on the space chart. Every turn the dice are moved one space forward and each space back. When a ship is to move forward, roll a dice and keep adding them to the dice pool until the required number is reached. Then the dice are moved one space at a time to continue moving forward. When a ship reaches the end of its move it then has to roll another die and add it to the dice pool again for the final movement.

I love this game, the graphics are crisp and it’s easy to learn. There are a few simple rules that are presented to players before they get started and then they are good to go. It’s a light, fast paced action game with a little bit of science fiction. What more could you ask for from a space themed game?

As far as the dice go, they are plastic, but they don’t have any detail. I would say that they are okay. They won’t scratch your paint work, but I wouldn’t recommend using them for detailed pieces. If you were going to paint space themed pieces then I highly suggest buying some vinyl tiles and putting the dice on them. It will look great and keep your space themed pieces looking fantastic.

As far as the actual game play of D&D Space invaders is concerned it’s pretty straight forward. You’ll roll the dice, create the attacks, make repairs (if needed) and keep the shields up. There are a variety of cards that players can buy to spice up the game further, like special items or collectible cards. The main theme of the game is to make as many tokens as possible, so there isn’t a great deal of time spent on card design.

In my opinion the game is great fun for kids. It gets quite a bit of playtime, and the different space themed characters and games make this game appealing to both boys and girls. If you’re looking for a kid friendly version of building anything else then I highly recommend D&D spaceship. I haven’t played many other games with this premise, but the mechanics seem to work well.