D&D Gnoll Miniatures – Getting Started

D&D Gnoll Miniatures are miniature collectibles, specifically plastic miniatures, of gargantuan creatures, often seen in dark fantasy settings. The original concept was by Jim Shore, who also co-created the classic Tarzan series. “Gnoll” comes from the German for “stalked goat,” and is commonly used to describe dark forest-dwelling miniatures that resemble gnomes. This concept has become so popular that countless imitations have been created. While a good many of these do manage to capture the essence of the originals, they usually fail to capture the charm and unique style that made them so popular in the first place.

Many people familiar with this genre will have their own personal favorites. One such person is Bill Martin, owner of the D&D Gnoll website. Martin has been a long time Gnoll collector, and not only has thousands of variant and original models available, but he offers regular updates as well. If you are interested, he is one of the best sources for miniatures and related items.

Another great source for authentic miniatures come from Oriental Trading Company. While not directly related to D&D Gnoll miniatures, Oriental Trading offers a wide variety of styles. Their Fantasy Miniatures come in both plastic and resin, and are modeled on famous fantasy races such as the High Elves of Warhammer and the Dwarves of Middle Earth. These models have a fantastic array of skills, and can often be customized with items such as armor or weapons. Oriental Trading also has some of the best fantasy figures available, and most of their figures are over ten inches in height.

If your interests lie in a more modern source, there are dozens of quality lines of miniatures to choose from. Most are very closely related to D&D Miniatures, but many are created with the help of a skillful sculptor. A good example of this is the Lord of the Rings Miniatures, which feature characters that are very close to those featured in Tolkien’s books. These fine miniatures come in several scales, and are sometimes based on different settings such as Middle Earth, Mirkwood and Gondol Isle. You will find many hard-to-find options as well, and these often contain miniatures that aren’t found anywhere else.

A third great option come from Fantasy Flight Games. The miniatures that can be found here are scale models of cars, planes and boats. While most are three inches in height, some can be up to seven inches, and some rare offerings can be as large as fifteen inches! This allows you to choose from a full range of eras and settings, and provide an environment for your game that is uniquely yours.

Finally, another great option that you may want to consider is collecting rare miniatures. Many people collect the Lord of the Rings miniature figures, but if you really want a hard-to-find item, why not start a new collection? There are always new miniatures coming out in the fantasy market, and there are also always some that have been out-of-print for years that you can get on the internet. You can also find lots of different rare items here, and can build your collection over time as you collect more of these miniatures. This is a fun and exciting hobby that can appeal to a wide variety of different people, and can even become quite a profitable business if you want to.

If you do your search on the internet, you’ll find that you have many options to choose from. You can start small, with just a few miniatures, and work up to larger sizes as you go. You might not want to start with anything too large, as your collection will grow. Also, since each miniature can be considered a unique entity on its own, you can collect quite a variety of these miniatures to create a great collection that you can call your own. The best thing about this particular hobby is that you can get started right away, and start collecting just about anything you want to, and never run out of items to add to your collection.

Remember that you can buy these miniatures on their own, or you can buy them already painted and ready to go. The choice is up to you, but either way it can be a good way to start your collection. Remember, a good rule to go by is that the larger the figure, the harder it will be to handle. These larger items, like the gargoyles and dragons for example, will need more care, but the smaller items should fit easily into your hand.