D&D Giant Strategy Guide

The D&D Giant is a table top resin playing field that represents the best of what the game can offer you and your players. It is a durable table top and the materials used are top notch. You are guaranteed to have hours of endless play time with your friends and family in this awesome resin field. All of the features that the Giant has come with are top notch also.

dd giant

One of the best parts about the Giant is the way it is played. All players can hurl rocks at each other and the Giant makes for a great mini game that is easy to pick up and start playing. All you need to do is throw a rock and watch it roll down the hill. This game is played in three different levels: the beginning, the middle, and the end.

For the beginning level you will find the giant standing on the edge of an open field. You are warned not to touch him or else he will attack you! As you begin you will notice that the Giant is guarded by two small boys who are in the process of learning how to battle each other with their ad & projectiles. The little boys will be happy to use their missiles & missiles as well as their rocks to throw at the Giant.

In the middle level you will see a couple of warriors trying to throw their big catapult at the Giant. The catapult allows you to get close to the Giant and start tossing your rocks at him. This is where you will notice that the giants shield blocks your catapult. You can destroy the shields and get inside the Giant’s shell but you will likely have to defend yourself from his claws and attack his body until he uses his wings to fly away. If you are playing the multiplayer version of D&D you will need to defeat 10 opponents before the Giant will fly away.

Once you have defeated the giants you can take their bones to loot the bones. After you have loot the bones you will notice that there is an oil drop on top of them. The oil will allow you to raise your defense skill quickly. Using the bones in this area will cause the giants in the future to become envious of your power and to want to take your power away. The oil makes it possible to have your pet (The friendly roll player) fight and level up alongside you. You should note that if you have more than one pet then you should have the oil equipped to use on all of them so that you have more pets to help you.

In the final room of D&D Giants you will find three giants who are locked in combat. One of the giants has a great catapult fire attack which can hit multiple targets for high damage. The other two Giants will each have a few short ranged missiles that you can use to take them out quickly. When you have the Giant archer charged it will allow you to shoot at the Giant with a bow and at the same time use the catapult fire on them to quickly take them out.

Once all of the Giants are defeated, a chest appears where you pick up a [BALLURE]. The chest contains a variety of weapons that you can purchase and use against the giants. You can use the throwing rock launcher to hurl rocks at the Giants, you can use the throwing knives to cut down their weak bodies and you can also purchase the stone thrower which makes it possible to hurl large stones at the Giants.

The final room of D&D Giants contains three more giants who are guarded by a single Hill Giant. Once again the giants all have some sort of weapon to use against you. A single Giant will attack you with a mace or club while the other two will use throwing rocks. Once you are down a few times they will start using their weapons on you but eventually you will be able to take them all down with a simple strategy.