D&D Cabinets – What is It?

D&D Cabinets specializes in high-end, custom cabinetry for both residential and commercial applications. Our mission is to offer custom solutions for both traditional and contemporary design aesthetics. We are a family owned business founded by a group of architects. We specialize in home remodeling and construction projects throughout the Sacramento region.

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D&D Cabinets was founded in 1950 by Richard T. Kelley and Richard L. Kelley. They started with a small kitchen cabinetry company and named it D&D because they were selling wood instead of metal. Now D&D cabinets is a California cabinet company that makes just contemporary furniture specifically for the Sacramento region. We have been working with homeowners and the local home builders for more than 42 years. We have made many modifications and upgrades throughout the years. Recently we have added new features such as a full-time last updated warranty, lifetime warranty on woods and steel frames, and a national lead time guarantee.

Most of our cabinets are hand crafted with a high gloss finish. If we have a new client we will often do a test fit before installation begins. It is always important to make sure the finish is adequate. If the new finish is not up to par we will ask the client to either re-stain or give us the opportunity to redo the entire piece. If the original finish is not up to par, then we will usually recommend a re-stain to bring it up to par.

Most of our cabinets are designed with the new modernist approach to cabinet design. Our cabinets are very contemporary with simple styling. Our mission is to provide the best craftsmanship possible at an affordable price. We believe every home should be a reflection of the taste and personality of its owner. D&D cabinetry provides us the opportunity to provide our customer with the highest quality cabinets while keeping our manufacturing costs low.

All of our cabinets are designed with a long-term purpose in mind. The most common reason for seeking out our services is a newly constructed home. Typically, we begin by reviewing the existing home’s construction method and the style of the cabinets. Once the client is satisfied that the existing home is balanced and conservative, we will then design a few of our own cabinets. This is our way of “innovating” and providing a more stylish and contemporary look to the room. This allows us to create a focal point that will make a statement.

Every room in the house should be highlighted. When it comes to our cabinetry, we have found this is quite easy. Most of our customers are thrilled when they see their new cabinets come to life when they open them up.

Most of our customers prefer a rustic country feel. Our cabinetry is comprised of wood, and each piece of wood is designed with a purpose. Whether you are seeking traditional, contemporary, or rustic cabinets, we have the perfect piece for you. If you are simply looking for a way to add beauty to your kitchen, consider our custom woodworking cabinets. These cabinets are an ideal way to give your kitchen a great facelift without breaking the bank.

We understand that not everyone has the budget to spend on high-end cabinetry. If this is the case, our budget friendly lines of cabinetry are sure to fit your needs. With our low prices and high-end designs, we offer all of our customers a great deal of flexibility in finding the best fit for their needs. For more information on how we can help your home, please contact us today.