D&D Angel Miniature Toys – The Angel Express

For years, I have been a big fan of D&D Angel mini-figure toys. They are consistently great quality, and they are always fun for kids to play with. However, I didn’t get into them that much until recently. Recently my son wanted them as part of a larger group of Angel themed items for his birthday. I was happy to pick them out as he loves them.

dd angel miniature

The new D&D Angel mini-figures have really caught my attention. While I wasn’t sure about them when I first looked them over, I have had no problems with them so far. They are made by the popular toy company, Hasbro, and they feature the characters from the hit movie, “Wreck-It Ralph”. They are highly articulated, and extremely colorful. The & adores is clearly evident as you can see their face light up with a bright blue & red light, as they move around the Angel arena.

The box sets come with four mini-figures; Angel, Buzz Lightyear, naughty Dog, and a background character. All of these mini-figures are highly articulated, and extremely appealing to kids. The & adores is painted in gray, and has an awesome display box that displays the movie’s popularity.

The price range of the D&D Angel mini-figure product should set your mind at ease. Usually the prices start around sixty dollars, and go all the way up to a few hundred dollars. This varies greatly depending on what specific Angel product you are looking at. The & adores has a few different products to offer, such as action figures, collector cards, and a few different play sets. The & adores action figures are great collectibles, but they are not as good as they used to be.

Buzz Lightyear of the D&D Angel mini-figure toy looks exactly like the actual mini-figure toy. He is about five inches tall, and has a really cool look about him. He also has on spring-loaded jointed ankles, and a backpack for his storage. His helmet is a clear plastic, and can easily be removed. His backpack also opens, revealing a really neat space for your child to play with him.

While we’re talking about the action figures & collector cards, I have to tell you, they are among the most adorable thing that I have ever owned. The D&D Angel naughty dog is about ten inches long, and comes packaged in a really nice hard to obtain collector’s box. On the back of the cute dog is a neat little card with his name, and a heart symbol. The inside of the box is also pretty neat, and features the D&D Angel naughty dog as a collector’s item. He comes with two things when you open the box: a malleable “naughty dog” plaything, and a very cute (sometimes painful) playing tape with D&D’s tagline “Play with naughty dogs & reveal their inner D&D hearts”.

The second mini figure that comes with this toy is a little girl who loves fairies, and is about three inches long. She comes with a pink dress, a fairy godmother (maybe there’s a hidden Easter egg inside?) , and a D&D angel themed plaything which looks just like the real thing!

All of the D&D Angels are highly articulated, so your child will have hours of fun playing with them. One thing that you might want to get worried about, though, is that they are highly collectible. This toy was extremely popular when it was first released, but it is now considered a collectible item. So, if you’re collecting these items, then be careful about who you purchase them from. Check out the reviews on this toy on various collector websites and auction sites to see what others have had to say about them!