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Because the climate cools and the owlbears slumber of their snowy dens, a quietness settles over the realm. Your adventures take you down an extended icy street to a sleepy city discovered on the outskirts of a pine forest. The winds are biting as you enter a tavern. The barkeep provides you a heat drink and a seat by a crackling hearth. But whilst you ease into your seat, an uncertainty settles over you. Have the evils that lurk within the shadows lastly supplied you a respite, or are they only ready for the proper time to strike?

You awaken within the morning with a begin. The fireplace is lifeless at your ft. A present is in your lap. Will you open it?  

Pleased holidays! In 2021, we’re marking the event with a nine-day D&D introduction calendar — referred to as an advent-ure calendar! (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Take pleasure in splendorous days of surprises from D&D Past. To get began, click on on a panel under!  

Michael Galvis (@michaelgalvis) is a tabletop content material producer for D&D Past. He’s a longtime Dungeon Grasp who enjoys horror movies and all issues fantasy and sci-fi. When he isn’t within the DM’s seat or rolling cube as his anxious halfling sorcerer, he’s enjoying League of Legends and Magic: The Gathering along with his husband. They dwell collectively in Los Angeles with their cute canine, Quentin.

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