CTHulhu DND Review – Game Review of CTHulhu Vs Vampires

The Cult of Cthulhu Dnd is a dark, narrative-based role playing board game based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Players take on the role of an exploring airman in search of the dark gods of Cthulhu (the author of the mythos). Armed with a deck of dice, players make their way through unknown and dangerous realms while trying to discover the truth about the death of their fellow crew member. Will they uncover the mystery of the dark god, or be swallowed whole by his powers? Will they save humanity, or plunge headlong into madness?

cthulhu dnd

One look at the beautifully illustrated Cult of Cthulhu Dnd game board will give any horror fan the chills just by glancing at the beautiful art work. The tiles are colorfully illustrated with creatures from the infamous “Lovecraftian” world: dragons, owls, fish, mermaids, minotaurs, and more. The dice are a dark green with black flecks. Each player has a specific color scheme to match their character, and each tile represents one of those colors. With a simple die, players can quickly determine their position on the dice board – and the dice itself!

As the airman progresses through the game, they must collect items along the way that will help them on their mission. When the characters lands on an item that is of interest to them, they must ponder it for a number of turns and then either purchase it or discard it. Then, players must roll the die again and see if it is a head or a tail. If it is a head, then the players must continue on their adventure and must try to uncover the horrifying truth about Cthulhu.

Tile and die design is very nice. They are brightly colored and very well detailed. The backs of many tiles are actually ribbons with a light blue background. The game board is a great size, and some of the tiles even have small knobs on them that make it easy to remove the tile backs when the players want to switch game tiles. This makes the game play very smooth and enjoyable for all players.

The game includes two different game settings. The first is the City of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, which is set during the very early times in the history of the town as a colony. This is a very interesting setting because players must contend with British colonial forces as they try to conquer the city. The other setting is the Mythos World, which takes place hundreds of years before the City of Shrewsbury.

In the City of Shrewsbury, players take on the role of either the British forces or the creatures and aliens who are trying to conquer the planet. This is actually the main thrust of the game, and a few supplemental settings are provided for the players enjoyment. Players must also contend with a giant squid who lives within the sewer system and is responsible for a variety of pipe disasters. The monsters are not so much a threat, but they are an addition to the ever changing environment of the Mythos world.

Each player gets five basic tiles to play with, and three of them act as the teams. These are used for each round of the game, and players take turns having their turn at choosing a team tile. The team tiles randomly generate a new set of scenarios for the players, and each scenario plays out differently. Some of the scenarios include getting rid of an existing demon, dealing with a trio of vampires, and fighting a classic Great Old One.

In order to start the game, all players flip a tile. Then each player must then pass a sanity check in order to see if they can do what they need to do on their turn, and if not, they must go another round. Being a very fast paced game, each round is only about forty-five minutes or so.