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Even for those who haven’t watched Crucial Function or learn the Explorer’s Information to Wildemount, there’s an excellent likelihood you’ve heard of the Calamity, a big occasion within the historical past of Matt Mercer’s setting. However what’s the Calamity? Let’s discover out as we dive into the earth-shattering occasion that reshaped the world of Exandria.

Prologue of Exandria and its deities

Lengthy earlier than the peoples of Exandria had entry to arcane magic—the power to form the world by power of will and depth of information—the gods walked amongst them and granted their chosen divine energy. However the primordial forces that dwelled throughout the coronary heart of Exandria rose up and introduced destruction upon the mortals, giving rise to a divide amongst the ranks of deities.

A number of the gods wished to desert Exandria, heartbroken on the sorrow precipitated to their creations by the primordials. So disillusioned had been they that they threw their lot in with the primordials in order that the world could be returned to chaos. The opposite gods sought to arm their mortal creations, and so gifted them with the facility of arcane magic. With this energy, the kids of the gods had been capable of not solely flip again the primordials however banish the Betrayer Gods who had turned towards them.

Countdown to the Calamity: The Age of Arcanum

As with all nice falls, the Calamity was preceded by the peoples of Exandria reaching mighty heights. Generally known as the Age of Arcanum, the mortals took the present of arcane magic and used it to carve mighty empires. Cities floated within the skies, the earth was formed by the need of mighty wizards, the planes of existence had been explored and mapped, and terrifying monstrosities such because the Aeorian reverser, nullifier, and absorber had been born.

Of their hubris, the mortals sought to supplant the very gods that had gifted them their energy. Magical plagues such because the frigid woe (see under) had been engineered to stymie the therapeutic powers of paladins and clerics, and gadgets had been engineered to bend time and house. Some mortals even stole the mantles of godhood for themselves, one such claiming the title of god of demise for herself. In the meantime, some mages sought out the banished Betrayer Gods and launched them from their prisons, setting free deities who had turned merciless, bitter, and rageful.

These Betrayer Gods rampaged the world over, beginning by razing the town of Vasselheim. Town was destroyed, however the area itself was principally spared because of the arrival of the Prime Deities.

Frigid woe

Frigid woe is a particular illness developed by Aeor’s mages that can not be cured by typical remedy or magic. The one means a creature contaminated with the illness will be cured is by discovering and consuming the manufactured antidote, a milky liquid saved in gold vials present in Eiselcross’s ruins. This illness was created to decelerate the forces of the gods and get across the therapeutic energy of their clerics and angels.

The illness is transmitted by inhaling blue spores that Aeor’s mages created way back. When a creature comes into contact with these spores, it should succeed on a DC 11 Structure saving throw or turn into contaminated with frigid woe. It takes 1d4 days for the signs to manifest in an contaminated creature. These signs embody fatigue, chills, and visual blue veins that seem on the creature’s physique. The contaminated creature’s pace is diminished by 5 ft so long as it stays contaminated. Each 10 days after signs seem, an contaminated creature should succeed on a DC 11 Structure saving throw, or its pace is diminished by one other 5 ft. If a creature’s pace is diminished to 0 because of this illness, the creature dies and its physique turns right into a statue made from ice.

A creature can drink the antidote as an motion, ending all signs and results of the illness immediately.

Supply: Explorer’s Information to Wildemount

The battle of the gods

The gods waged battle throughout the panorama, and the belief between mortals and their creators was torn asunder. The Prime Deities couldn’t consider their creations would throw their lot in with the Betrayer Gods, whereas mortals had been shocked to see the divine forces flip towards them. So mortals and gods alike turned their consideration towards their very own battles. Gods turned the panorama into blasted wastelands, whereas the peoples of Exandria unleashed new and devastating magic.

The circulation of magic itself was disrupted on this battle. Floating cities reminiscent of Eiselcross had been despatched plummeting to the earth. Your complete area of Wynandir, as soon as dwelling to a number of highly effective ruling homes, was remodeled right into a ruined panorama that also bears the scars of the battle. Finally, the Prime Deities had been victorious, though at nice price. It’s stated that two-thirds of Exandria’s inhabitants perished within the battle. As soon as once more, the Betrayer Gods had been banished.

Two armored gods fighting on a barren field

For people who witnessed the battle, it was a very terrifying sight. Asmodeus rode into battle on his mighty phoenix, Desirat, and clashed with Erathis, the Legislation Bearer. Gruumsh, the orcish god, misplaced his eye to the elven deity Corellon, the Arch Coronary heart. Each the Raven Queen and Ioun, the Realizing Mentor, had been almost slain by Tharizdun, the Chained Oblivion. It took the coordination of 4 deities—Avandra, Ioun, Moradin, and Pelor—to lastly defeat and banish the Betrayer God, however a excessive worth was paid by all.

The Divine Gate

Though victorious, the Prime Deities felt nice guilt for his or her function within the destruction wrought throughout Exandria. Seeing their darkish counterparts banished, they elected the identical destiny for themselves, selecting to depart their kids to their very own gadgets. The Prime Deities left the mortal world and sealed the connection between the 2 realms with what would turn into generally known as the Divine Gate. Though divine magic and affect may go into the mortal world, the gods themselves can be ceaselessly locked away in their very own domains, very like the Betrayer Gods of their wretched prisons.

It took centuries for the injuries of the Calamity to heal, and there was a protracted and painful interval of regrowth. However Exandria did heal, and the civilizations of its peoples regrew. Nonetheless, the scars left by the battle have made Exandria, significantly Wildemount the place the worst of the preventing occurred, a wild and harmful place. Darkish cults, vicious monsters, and historic magics nonetheless linger, each threatening and tempting people who would discover the darkest depths of the world.

Vestiges of Divergence and Arms of the Betrayers

Many relics from the Calamity will be discovered to today, probably the most well-known (or notorious) of which being the Vestiges of Divergence and the Arms of the Betrayers. These highly effective weapons had been solid by the Prime Deities and the Betrayer Gods to be wielded by their mightiest champions. 

The Vestiges of Divergence take many kinds, from the ornate optics of Danoth’s Visor to the weighty tomes which are the Grimoire Infinitus. It doesn’t matter what kind the Vestiges take, all of them share one frequent trait: their capacity to develop in energy with their person. Beginning dormant, a Vestige can turn into woke up and at last exalted, revealing the total energy positioned inside it by its creator. Some Vestiges, such because the Stormgirdle, grant you energy over the heavens themselves, whereas others can grant you lethal talents in fight or the facility to smite down the mightiest foe.

The Arms of the Betrayers are vicious and lethal implements that include inside them imprisoned fiends. Some are delicate instruments, reminiscent of Silken Spite, a rapier possessed by a murderous yochlol named Sinnafex. Others are brutal, like Grovelthrash, the ultroloth-possessed warhammer. Many mighty heroes hunt down the Arms as a way to destroy them.

Exandria in the present day

Xhorhasian adventurers

Exandria hasn’t totally recovered from the Calamity, and nowhere fairly exhibits these lingering wounds like Wildemount. From the wastes of Xhorhas—as soon as dwelling to the darkish metropolis of Ghor Dranas based by the Betrayer Gods—to ice-covered ruins of Eiselcross, the marks of the Calamity will be discovered in every single place. However with these darkish reminders comes the prospect for journey and alternative.

Heroes in Wildemount can hunt down relics and glory inside ruins of the Age of Arcanum, or artifacts from the Calamity deep throughout the historic battlegrounds now rife with monsters. The Cobalt Soul and their rivals, the Cerberus Meeting, scramble to assemble up historic and misplaced information from the darkish depths of Exandria’s previous. However no matter what heroes and villains search from the Calamity, hazard and journey are sure to be discovered.

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