Choosing an Orc, Night Elf, or Dwarf Priest

When playing an Orc Paladin, you should know how to play the various races available for your Paladin class. First, know that an orc can reach level 10 with only a few short quests. They have superior defense and Hit Points, plus extra abilities. Just keep in mind that Orcs are best when grouped together, or using a variety of buffs. It’s often better to play an orc while grouped than it is to play one as a solo warrior.

orc monk

The most common type of orc monk in World of Warcraft is the lawful-mage. Other wise known as “Mordent Evenshade” or simply “Evenshade”, an orc monk could be considered a very effective tank. Healing other players while tanking can add up quickly. Every time an orc monk heals an ally by nature, he provides that ally with a dodge bonus for a short period of time Y (once the ability is active).

Another very popular race for a Paladin to play is the Pandaren. They’re an Alliance race, so the palyer may pick up the Light or Purifier specialization. While playing as a paladin, you get the same benefits from tanks like tanks do. Your pet also receives health regeneration as well as temporary boosts to hit and armor rating. You get a small chi pool and a small radius of stealth with your Panda stance. The main weakness is that you don’t get as much health as you do with the Alliance’s tanking spec, and the damage you deal will not always be reduced by your armor.

The next race to consider for your Paladin is the Tauren. Taurens are Horde characters, but their features are mostly related to their racial traits. They get improved stamina, improved weapon mastery, and the ability to cast Improved Counter Attack or Ignore Pain. In addition, the Tauren are capable of improved defense against different types of attacks including magic and melee. Overall, Taurens make excellent Paladins because their skill power allows them to survive longer and deal more damage at the same time.

Of the remaining races, the Dwarf has an especially close relationship with the Paladin class. They both share the shared skill ability to improve healing and damage done, and the same weapon expertise skills. A Tauren can also take Improved Evasion instead of Improved Toughness if they already have the former. If a Tauren doesn’t have a superior armor rating, the damage and healing capabilities that they share will only get worse with better armor.

Orcs are perhaps the best choice to accompany a Paladin because they can boost their healing and damage dealt through a combination of Improved Overheal, Improved Spirituality, and the powerful Gift of the Naaru ability. These skills increase the paladin’s endurance, allowing him or her to be healed up faster and to deal more damage at the same time. This leads to improved energy regen and overall health regen, allowing the warrior to fight longer and harder. Additionally, Orcs can greatly improve their chances at gaining intelligence, as well as other special abilities such as the Intense Attack or the Focused Attack ability.

The Troll is perhaps the class that is most likely to use Hit on its primary weapon, but even then, it is not the preferred choice. Instead, the Troll has the same skills as all the other races do, with the exception of Intense Energy. As with any other class, improving Hit, Spirituality, and Energy regen can significantly improve a Troll’s overall performance. The Intense Attack and Focused Attack are particularly nice, as they allow the Troll a chance to get very strong burst damage, especially if it is able to hit its opponents from a distance.

Finally, the night elves have many options with their racial skill trees. These trees are designed to enhance certain aspects of the night elves’ personality, namely their physical prowess and their mental capability. Most importantly, Night Elves can acquire items which give them increased defense power, enabling them to defend themselves better against their foes. Ultimately, a night Elf is going to do just fine with any race, although some combinations may be better than others.