Breath of the Wild Weapons – The Guardian Spear

In Breath of the Wild, Link is given a new magical sword called the Master Sword which can be transformed into many different weapons when the Master Sword is blended with certain elements. At first, Link only has the shield and the helm to use as his weapons, but in later games, additional items such as the Brave Sword, the Golden Sword, and the Master Sword are also available for purchase. In this article, we’ll take a look at these new weapons and how they can be used to fight off enemies or even just to pierce opponents and make them fall down in battle.

guardian spear

The first type of Master Sword is called the guardian spear. A mysterious blue weapon, the guardian spear looks similar to the Master Sword. It features a cross shape on its hilt and a blade on its pommel that looks like a dragon’s egg. When the blade is activated, it launches a powerful bolt of energy that can easily damage or kill an enemy. In addition, the wielder is able to lock onto an opponent by holding theagonal handle of the weapon.

The second type of Master Sword is called the turbo-charged spear. This weapon features a unique design that is very useful in combat. As the name implies, when a special button is held down while using the turbo-charged spear, it will launch three times as much energy as a normal thrust. The third blade is called the side blade and it can only be used when the second blade is already in place. When this is done, the third blade thrusts much faster and deals more damage. These plus variants of the guardian spear can deal an extra 40% more damage than a regular thrust.

Another item found in Breath of the Wild is the boomerang. This is a slightly stronger version of the standard boomerang. The great feature of the boomerang is that it can be thrown in a downward motion. A right-clicking motion while holding the bow will cause the boomerang to fly in a downward angle. The Zelda version of the guardian spear is slightly more powerful than that of the standard boomerang.

The final type of weapon that can be obtained in Breath of the Wild is the crescent bolter weapon. This is a very powerful curved sword that deals more damage than any other weapon. It can also be used like a shield but is not to be used by characters who have less than level equip load.

All weapons in Breath of the Wild can be equipped by a character after they have obtained the needed components from the Zelda items found in the game. Each of these weapons has different strengths and weaknesses. For example, the crescent bolter weapon deals more damage when the wielder is next to the target. If the wielder is further away, the damage dealt by the bolter will be less. Weapons can only be acquired randomly during quests or through gameplay.

The wakizashi, or short sword, is the first weapon one must obtain in Breath of the Wild. This sword deals more damage when it is edged. It has a higher base attack power and deals less damage when it is not edged. Two-handed wakizashi also has a high level of strength when compared to other weapons and it can also be wielded by Link when using the Master Sword.

In comparison to other weapons in the game, the crescent spear is unique in the way that it can not be used as an item or a shield. Link must hold it in his right hand to use it. If an enemy comes at the spear’s edge, a finisher is produced to counter the enemy. These are the basics of the spear. It can also be used as a blade that deals more damage than normal swords, although the damage dealt is lower than most blades in Breath of the Wild.