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Beforehand on Battle for Past, our two groups of heroes met by happenstance of overbooked lodging, earlier than stress-free collectively in a restorative spa. There, Ekon stirred a retired champion — Abaddon, The Architect — to rejoin the competitors. Knowledgeable that they’d additional be combating as a crew of six, the group entered the ring to seek out that they’d be going through none aside from The Architect. His physique engulfed by swirling, face-filled sand, Abaddon weathered numerous assaults earlier than standing poised to crush Lenore and Ekon inside his hulking grasp…

Battle for Past episode 4 recap

Disclaimer: Battle for Past accommodates mature themes and might not be appropriate for all audiences.

Within the third episode of Battle for Past, the following battle towards The Architect involves a disappointing conclusion. The non-native members of Treez Nutz be taught that they’ll’t go away Polakott till they win the competitors. Leila is confronted by one other worker and accused of binding him to the realm, for which he calls her evil. Sestia and Nikhil resolve to dismantle the competitors from the within, and free everybody who’s trapped right here. Nikhil’s sister, Malini, recounts for him the legend of how Polakott got here to be, along with his household marked because the chosen individuals.

Hand within the sand

Nonetheless engaged in fight from the earlier episode, Lenore and Ekon discover themselves standing within the palm of an enormous hand rising from the sand beneath their ft. Each efficiently evade the crushing grasp, and are pushed 15 ft away. Murdina notices Nikhil hovering above the top of The Architect, and casts gust of wind to maneuver him even increased, out of hurt’s approach.

Sestia calls a lightning bolt along with her energetic name lightning, charring Abaddon, and he or she additionally hits with one other radiant bolt from her Starry Kind. Abaddon partially shields the bolt with one other lifted piece of battlefield rubble, and makes use of his response to fling the momentary protect at Ekon and Leila. Ekon nimbly dodges, however Leila takes the total brunt of the affect. She makes use of hellish rebuke.

Ekon casts Adaine’s livid fist, sprinting towards Abaddon within the course of, however swinging extensive and lacking. Lenore asks if Ekon meant to try this, after which casts phrase of radiance. She swings as soon as extra along with her energetic non secular weapon, however misses. Leila casts command, calling for Abaddon to “Yield!” Abaddon doesn’t yield.

Nikhil assaults twice along with his lance, utilizing Divine Smite on each hits. He flies 15 ft straight upward once more, dodging a chance assault. Abaddon swings an enormous fist at Ekon and Murdina, knocking Ekon unconscious, earlier than his beforehand indifferent fist soars upward and swipes at Nikhil, lacking attributable to Nikhil’s protect of religion. Murdina scoops up Ekon in her arms, tanking a heavy blow as The Architect swings at her retreating type, and deposits Ekon subsequent to Lenore. As Murdina recovers barely utilizing her Second Wind and runs again towards Abaddon, Leila wonders out loud whether or not Murdina can do something water-related towards the sandy type of The Architect.

Not to be racist gif

Sestia takes Leila’s cue and casts tidal wave, utilizing her Cosmic Omen of Woe to cut back Abaddon’s saving throw. Murdina is caught within the wave and falls susceptible. Abaddon is unaffected in his immense sandy type, and Sestia notices that even the water seems to not have had an excellent affect. She hits with one other radiant bolt. Lenore approaches Ekon with concern, casting remedy wounds and therapeutic him considerably. Lenore misses Abaddon — “Eyebrow Daddy,” she calls him — along with her non secular weapon.

Leila casts dissonant whispers, and everyone round her hears the voices emanating from Leila this time, although her lips are unmoving: “You attempt, you attempt, you attempt… Yr after yr, cycle after cycle, you fail. And also you turn into hooked on that. You like the joys of the chase. You’re empty inside.” Abaddon is strongly affected, however because the whispers proceed, Leila realizes the identical phrases additionally apply to her, and is crammed along with her personal remorse. The Architect stumbles backward, and Murdina swipes at him from the bottom, connecting along with her claymore regardless of the drawback from being susceptible.

Nikhil shoots two beams of eldritch blast, hitting with one. Abaddon partially deflects the blow with a chunk of rubble and heaves it at Nikhil, who nimbly dodges out of the best way. Nikhil notices that the combat appears to have left Abaddon, who turns to the Grasp of Ceremonies and asks what the purpose of this all is. “Allow them to win,” Abaddon cries, earlier than Ekon sits up and makes an attempt to stir Abaddon again right into a combating spirit. “As a substitute of sitting there like a tragic sack of sand,” Ekon prods, “rise up and combat.”

Ekon asserts that every time Abaddon returns to the place he got here from, he’ll surprise what would have occurred if he had really tried. “What do you imply, ‘whenever you return again to the place you got here from’?” Abaddon asks. “You can not go away until you win.” The group is shocked; Abaddon seems to be telling the reality. Leila’s eyes go white and the announcement of Abaddon’s withdrawal emits from her mouth: “Victory goes to Treez Nutz!”

That battle got really sad

A hole victory

Leila is happy for his or her win, however the non-locals on the crew seem unsettled. Sestia asks how lengthy Abaddon has been right here. He shrugs: “You recognize, I finished counting.” Sestia turns round and walks away, muttering “He may nonetheless be alive, he would possibly nonetheless be—”

Nikhil is nonchalant concerning the group’s misery. He calmly explains, “For those who’re caught right here without end, y’know … You could find individuals, and you will get married and have households.” He says that generations will be caught right here. “It’s what it’s,” he says. Murdina has obligations to return to, which appears to harass Nikhil. He argues that to suppose the multiverse will make an exception for them is hubris.

Leila asks Ekon what he needs to vary. He tells the group that he comes from a tribe of warriors the place violence and energy equal energy. He acknowledged that his age meant {that a} blade would possibly quickly finish him, however he wasn’t able to die, so he put aside his barbaric methods and discovered wizardry. This was the only biggest mistake of his life.  When he returned to the tribe, he was banished for being a coward. Abaddon says he believes in Ekon’s energy, and presents him a house whereas in Polakott.

I will be your tribe

Liora the goblin seems and ushers the group off the battlefield, scolding them for the miserable ambiance they delivered to the battle, and telling Leila that the Grasp of Ceremonies received’t be comfortable. Murdina asks Liora if it’s attainable to win as a bunch, to which Liora responds, “On the finish, solely one among you’ll win.” Liora appears stunned that the group didn’t activate one another on this final match, eliminating the weaker hyperlinks. She additionally wonders why the group isn’t on the celebratory dinner for having made it into the ultimate bracket. Nikhil has a pocket filled with itineraries that he uncared for handy out to the others. Liora tries to not cry, asserting that “Robust girls don’t cry. They push down their tears and so they flip it into hearth.”

Crying is OK

Lenore wonders whether or not she couldn’t keep and be useful to individuals right here, particularly since many are getting used towards their will by any person else. She asks Leila concerning the Grasp of Ceremonies. Leila claims she doesn’t know something, and that she doesn’t really keep in mind a lot past this present cycle, earlier than cheerfully parroting, “All I do know is that I’m right here to serve!”

Lenore asks Nikhil about himself. He didn’t seem like paying consideration. Lenore wonders whether or not he hit his head, since his reminiscence appears to be so poor, however each he and Murdina reckon that it’s simply his persona. He says he doesn’t suppose too arduous about who or what’s in control of the RajMedan. Essentially the most direct approach for him to get solutions is just to win, after which come again and win once more. Lenore questions why he wouldn’t go away the cycle, to which Nikhil responds, “The place would I am going?” He leaves to search for Sestia.

Sestia is crying in a nook, calling out the title “Tovayu,” which attracts consideration from a smokey-eyed half-elf service provider named Bailey. He wraps Sestia in a jacket emblazoned with the phrases “Wizard Daddy” and a picture of Ekon’s face. Nikhil arrives, and it seems that he and Bailey have historical past, too. Nikhil scalded Bailey’s hand in an experimental prank. Whereas Nikhil is struggling to seek out the fitting phrases to consolation Sestia, she embraces him in a hug, to his confusion. He’s not used to any such state of affairs.

Nikhil has a uncommon second of perception, asking Sestia whether or not she didn’t come right here to repair another person’s mistake. Sestia tells Nikhil that she let her pal come right here alone, and needs to undo that call, however is now attempting to examine a situation that saves everyone in Polakott. She can also be anxious about combating the remainder of her teammates, as a result of they’re good. This will get Nikhil heated, shouting that, “Not everyone who comes right here has probably the most heroic impulse. And even when they do, they’re searching for a straightforward approach out!” He doesn’t have persistence for outworlders who can’t repair their issues the arduous approach. He thinks that it will be humorous for him to maintain successful, shutting down the competition from the within. Sestia agrees, entreating Nikhil, “Let’s break it. Let’s simply ****ing break it.”

Whereas the remainder of the crew relaxes within the spa, Leila asks Lenore what she plans to do when she will get out. Lenore wonders if what she did in her previous made her who she is, and thinks that if she modified it, a lot else would change within the universe. As Kyshaar arrives to fetch them for dinner, Ekon posits that one member of their group successful would possibly change all of their fates, because the winner would retroactively by no means have been a part of their crew. Sestia and Nikhil arrive, and Leila asks whether or not Sestia has been crying. Nikhil claims that he was the one crying, and although Leila doesn’t imagine him, she is impressed that he appears to care about somebody aside from himself.

Kyshaar leads them to the eating corridor, a phenomenal round stone constructing filled with geometric metallic tables. A fireplace genasi named Filendaar stands cooking with speedy pace within the middle of the room, making ready a colossal rack of ribs from some unknown beast. Ekon says that the place he’s from, there’s a saying in his native tongue about ribs of this measurement: “Yabada badu!” When Leila asks Filendaar for meals, he seems to the remainder of the group and coldly responds, “I don’t serve her, and I don’t serve anybody along with her.” They roll initiative.

Meals combat!

Filendaar, fire genasi monkThe fireplace on Filendaar’s physique intensifies, and he angrily pummels Leila along with his flaming fists and head, growling to her, “You may at the least give me peace in my very own area!” Leila seems confused, and makes use of hellish rebuke. Nikhil stands there consuming a barbecue rib, and greets Filendaar as a pal. Seeing the fury with which Filendaar is attacking Leila, Sestia and Nikhil ponder whether this isn’t a lover’s spat. Leila shouts to them each, “I don’t know intercourse!”

Lenore tries casting quick buddies on Filendaar. He tells Lenore that her head is as empty as her smile. Sestia asks Filendaar what the issue is — possibly she may help him. Filendaar says that Leila is the wench who certain him right here. Sestia surreptitiously tries to win Filendaar over to her plan to destroy the competitors from inside.

(Jasmine is upset with Aabria for Sestia having used this tactic, as a result of this was going to be a very cool combat.)

A vicious cycle

Filendaar nonetheless questions why they’re all with Leila, stating, “I have no idea her relation to the creators of this place, however it is a being of pure evil.” Leila stammers that she solely folds towels. Filendaar realizes that she isn’t mendacity, however says that is nonetheless some merciless trick, telling Nikhil, “You don’t know who she is.”

Leila asks who she is — she actually doesn’t keep in mind a lot from earlier than this cycle. She solely remembers Olin, and that she is right here to serve. Nikhil asks from which deity Leila will get her skills. “The Creator. The god of the video games,” she says. Leila asks Filendaar who he’s, and why he’s in Polakott. He leads the group downstairs, to a room known as the Vestibule of Valor, the place they discover mementos of previous champions. Filendaar factors out numerous elaborate statues, the final of which is a spitting picture of Filendaar himself.

Statue of the cook

Ekon realizes that Filendaar will need to have as soon as received the competitors, however ended up again in Polakott in some way. “That’s what I requested for,” explains Filendaar bitterly, “To feed the hungry. That’s what you don’t get … There’s nothing you possibly can ask for that they received’t twist in some way.” Filendaar turns into enraged, shouting that Leila was within the commentator’s field that point, that he slew her, and he received. Leila says that no matter he as soon as knew her as, she’s a special particular person now. Filendaar calls her a idiot and a puppet.

Ekon realizes that the creators of this place should be gaining one thing from this unending cycle. Lenore reminds them that this place runs on applause. Filendaar asks what Sestia got here right here for, and he or she tells them of Tuvayo, a human man who got here right here to ask for extra time for them collectively. Filendaar knew him, telling Sestia, “He received the competitors after me … He requested to reside without end. What’s extra immortal than a legend?” Sestia collapses.

Ekon needs to grasp the underlying magic of Polakott, and casts detect magic. Sestia presents steering and her Cosmic Omen of Weal, and Nikhil helps. Ekon is requested to roll an Arcana verify, and rolls a complete of 32. Ekon sees that whereas there’s a bodily part to this realm, a lot of the coliseum is comprised of phantasm and transmutation magic. The group resolves to determine a option to cease the cycle of the RajMedan.

Because the group retreats to their quarters, Nikhil’s sister Malini pulls him apart. She’s anxious that he’s getting too connected, however he says he can care for himself, earlier than asking if she will be able to remind him of the legends that their dad and mom instructed. Malini tells him the tales she remembers being handed down by their household.

Sahengaria and her chosen individuals

Sahengaria was a goddess of ambition, of victory over tyranny, of information … And he or she shined her mild on Polakott, and it gave option to one of many biggest kingdoms of mortals. The place beforehand we had been wanderers and misplaced, no matter airplane we had been part of, we had function. And we had data. We banded collectively and bent the land to our will; put down roots; tamed the wild animals, and made them perform our will. And her mild pushed away the darkness of ignorance, of complacency, of simply scratching by … As a result of she implanted in us this mild, our individuals wished to know extra. Why is it simply sufficient to be fed? Why not be taught every thing, the secrets and techniques of the universe, the that means of life? Perceive the character of mortality, the ethics of morals?

We gave rise to the best colleges and the best wisemen of ideas who wished to unravel these secrets and techniques. And so they studied and pursued this data with a starvation that made them query every thing, together with she who had given them every thing. And so they questioned, “If there’s Sahengaria, what different gods and goddesses are there? Why do we expect she’s all the time proper? Why not peel again this curtain and look past it?”

We grew curious about different deities, in different philosophies, and an excellent pantheon got here to Polakott to carry counsel with our ancestors. To talk to them, wiseman to wiseman. We erected temples, we gained new data, and Sahengaria felt that her chosen individuals not favored her the best way they as soon as had. She conspired with the lord of destiny, Nassavani, and the goddess of rebirth, resurrection, and purification, Aagshni. These three hatched a plan to steal away Polakott and its chosen individuals, away from all of those different deities, and preserve it for themselves, in a particular little pocket. So that they ripped it out of the earth, and introduced us right here.

— Malini

Nikhil appears to actually be paying consideration, a lot to Malini’s shock.

Something might matter

Nikhil questions whether or not being chosen by Sahengaria is essentially a very good factor. Malini urges him to maintain his head within the sport. Nikhil replies, “I may be doing that for the primary time.” Nikhil asks Malini what she thinks about all of this. She needs Nikhil to win, in order that he can ask why their individuals had been ripped away from the chosen land that they dominated over and hidden away in a pocket dimension. Nikhil says that half one of many plan was Malini remembering the tales. Half two depends on him. Malini clasps his forearm, calling to him, “We reside without end…” Nikhil finishes the phrase, “…as legends.”

As Nikhil retreats again to the dormitory, Leila notices a chest on the foot of the mattress that was not there beforehand. She opens it to discover a pair of golden palms holding aloft an amethyst within the center: The crown of the Grasp of Ceremonies…

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