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Beforehand on Battle for Past, six heroes got here collectively in two groups of three to compete in a grand competitors within the realm of Polakott. The grand prize? The chance to vary one second from their previous. Should you missed episode 3, here is a recap of the present!

Battle for Past episode 3 recap

Within the third episode of Battle for Past, each groups of heroes meet as circumstance locations all of them in a single room. They take a second of respite in a restorative spa, participating in mild leisure exercise, earlier than getting into the sector as soon as extra as one workforce. There, they encounter somebody they’ve met earlier than: a champion, spurred out of retirement by passionate phrases from Ekon.

Disclaimer: Battle for Past incorporates mature themes and is probably not appropriate for all audiences.

After which there have been six

After a well-fought battle, Lenore, Leila, and Ekon are ushered by Kyshaar, a half-orc porter, to their room. There they discover Sestia, Murdina, and Nikhil, freshly showered and cuddled up in mattress along with mugs of tea. Kyshaar explains that the room was double-booked and apologizes, as that is really her fault.

Kyshaar acknowledges Leila as a fellow worker, and asks Sestia the best way to say in Widespread “snitches get stitches.” Ekon says he’d identical to to sleep for a bit. His arms are bandaged from the heavy wounds he sustained in battle. Nikhil often re-warms their tea utilizing hellish rebuke however requires that Sestia slap him for the spell to work.

Warm things up Battle for Beyond gif

Murdina asks whether or not she will be able to get a small in-room pool. Kyshaar mentions that the six combatants have appointments at a spa that has therapeutic and restorative properties, however vows to convey Murdina a pool regardless. As Kyshaar leaves, a feminine goblin in an emerald tunic and billowy white pants enters, remarking on how many individuals are within the room. That is Kyshaar’s boss, Liora. The group insists that the packed room was their thought.

Liora is overwhelmed by every little thing going unsuitable: double-booked rooms and spa remedies, in addition to being short-staffed ever since Leila entered the competitors. Nikhil neither acknowledges Leila nor that she is a fellow worker. Sestia provides Liora some calming tea to ease the stress. Liora explains that they are going to all nonetheless be preventing on a workforce, however that inter-team battle may be good for scores.

Who can I stab? Battle for Beyond gif

Kyshaar returns with a copper kettle for extra environment friendly tea-making, to Sestia’s delight. Nikhil says the joke’s on her, he likes getting slapped! He asks for Leila’s identify once more, earlier than welcoming her to Polakott. Leila reminds him that she works right here.

Liora is once more getting agitated by the group’s buffoonery. She “doesn’t have sufficient ladles” for his or her nonsense. She reminds them to maintain their palms off the spa ladies as she prepares to ship them off with Kyshaar to get better. Nikhil needs the group to know that he’s okay with spa males, too.

Deal with yo’ self!

As Kyshaar leads the group to the restorative swimming pools, they descend a spiral staircase that surrounds a grove housing the blue-leaved tree that Sestia, Murdina, and Nikhil beforehand confronted. The smells of saltwater and lavender attain their noses. Leila may be very excited as she’s by no means been allowed within the spa earlier than. They strategy a mud pool and sizzling tub, surrounded by lovely bioluminescent fungi. Nikhil instantly does a cannonball.

Lounging within the hottest a part of the pool is a muscular, battle-scarred human male with giant eyebrows. Ekon reveals off his personal scars. The person’s competitors days are behind him, he explains. Ekon tells him that “competitors is life,” and doesn’t assume he’ll ever imagine it to be over for himself. “We’re all constructed with a function. And I really feel like when your function is to combat, you’ll combat. If a bard was to lose his voice, he’ll nonetheless write songs. If a warrior is to lose his weapon, he’ll nonetheless combat. He’ll simply discover a new battlefield.”

Ekon is the primary particular person in a very long time to garner this man’s respect. Nikhil barges in on the dialog merely to ask whether or not the person is eager about a towel room tryst. (Nikhil rolls a 29 on Persuasion, with Sestia’s steerage.)

You don't have to respect me! Battle for Beyond gif

Lenore and Leila watch this in shock. Sestia is ecstatic. As Nikhil retreats to the towel room, everybody hears the sounds of a tiefling being thrown round. As Leila and Ekon dance across the topic of what occurred within the towel room, Lenore thinks they need to be open about sexual issues. In spite of everything, as a cleric of the Life Area, intercourse is kind of in her wheelhouse. Sestia fetches Murdina from the new tub, the place she has been submerged this whole time. She notices that Murdina might need been crying whereas under the water’s floor.

Because the group leaves the spa and begins to feast, the blue-leaved tree involves life and desires them good luck. Nikhil has some phrases for “the bee tree,” which speaks as much as right him: “Hornets.” “Oh, we’re simply making up bugs, now,” Nikhil retorts. Leila greets the tree as a good friend, and cheerfully tells it, “You’ll get ‘em subsequent 12 months!” The tree hints that the group’s subsequent opponent is fairly powerful, however doesn’t need to give something away for concern of getting in hassle. Nikhil threatens to show it into flat-pack furnishings if it doesn’t give them the main points. The tree refuses to inform Nikhil, whispering as a substitute to Leila.

Nikhil provides bushes to his record of enemies, which up to now solely incorporates bees (misspelled “BEASE”). The tree asks what their workforce identify is, as a result of Harpy will probably be asking for one. Whereas Leila workshops just a few names primarily based on the phrases “want” and “good friend,” Nikhil suggests, “This Is a Legally Binding Verbal Contract: A Proceed of 25% of All Merch Goes to the Combatants.” The tree suggests “Treez Nutz” and Nikhil admits that the tree is rising on him.

Leila tells the group that they’ll be preventing the person from the spa. Lenore is confused: “Didn’t he say his preventing days have been behind him?” Leila says that Ekon’s speech will need to have labored and that the terrifying champion of days previous has determined to return out of retirement. The group ascends the steps to arrange for battle.

Into the sector

The tunnel to the battlefield seems to have grown in measurement because the final time the characters traversed it. They step out into what’s now rolling waves of coppery sand, the scent of coconuts and dates within the air. Oases dot the panorama, and ruins of clay-baked brick lie earlier than them. Harpy’s booming voice publicizes that The Architect, Abaddon, has emerged from retirement for this match. Leila provides Harpy their workforce identify, Treez Nutz. Few within the viewers get the joke.

The workforce watches because the sand round them roils, and a throne bearing the shirtless determine of The Architect rises from beneath. Abaddon addresses Ekon, thanking him for uplifting him to combat as soon as extra, and asking, “Will we draw blades collectively, as brothers?”

To Ekon, that is most likely essentially the most engaging provide of his total life. He says, “However the story started with those at my aspect. It’s too late to rewind that story.” Abaddon counters that this complete contest is about rewinding story. For Ekon, a remorse even larger than the one he seeks to vary can be to surrender the prospect to combat the best warrior he has ever met. He additionally feels a accountability to raise Leila, and to ensure that she is on the closing battle.

The architect of destruction

The architect monster artwork

The sands round Abaddon and his throne start to maneuver as soon as extra, remodeling him into an enormous swirling tempest coated in faces. He picks up the throne and locations it on its head like a crown.

Leila casts help, focusing on Ekon, Sestia, and Murdina. Leila senses the telltale scent of mud within the space, indicating terrain that may be tough to navigate. She shortly tells the others earlier than taking cowl behind an outcropping of ruined brick, gaining complete cowl from The Architect. Nikhil flies straight upwards, pointing his golden lance on the tempest and casting eldritch blast, connecting with one beam. Abaddon makes use of a response to partially replicate the beam utilizing a chunk of ruined structure. Nikhil casts expeditious retreat and continues flying upwards, out of attain. Abaddon grins. “My flip,” he says.

The Architect throws a chunk of a crumbled wall at Nikhil, who deflects it with protect however continues to be pushed again 15 ft. Fragments of boulder and brick rain down across the group under. Lenore wonders aloud whether or not the ferocity of this assault towards Nikhil says something about his efficiency within the towel room.

Murdina expenses headlong at Abaddon, putting twice along with her claymore. Sestia sticks with the technique that labored for her within the final battle, casting name lightning whereas in her Starry Kind. Abaddon dodges the total affect however is hit by a starry arrow Sestia manifests from her type. A brand new face seems within the gap left by this radiant bolt, and Sestia notices glee and pleasure within the faces adorning the physique of this tempest. Disarmed by this response to harm, she runs in the wrong way.

Ekon mutters, “Let’s make this battle one for the ages,” and casts witch bolt at third stage. Abaddon as soon as extra shields himself partially from the blow with particles lifted from the battlefield, earlier than hurling the remaining piece at Ekon, hitting squarely and knocking him again 15 ft. The affect pushes Ekon right into a sinkhole, and he begins to slowly be enveloped. Lenore shouts that — this time — she’ll combat and save Ekon. She casts non secular weapon, which resembles an amazing blue heron within the form of a sickle, and carves out a small piece of the tempest, whereas additionally extending her mace to Ekon and pulling him free.

Leila hops onto the wall and casts dissonant whispers. Abaddon retreats, harried by the malevolent voices in his head: “You might be nothing. Your glory days are over. You’ll by no means make it once more.” All of the faces within the sand seem extra melancholic than earlier than. Murdina doesn’t count on Abaddon to depart so instantly and fails to attach with the swipe of her claymore as he hurries away from the battle.

Nikhil taunts The Architect, calling for him to yield. Abaddon refuses, and Nikhil assaults as soon as extra with two beams from eldritch blast. Each miss. “Don’t pull your punches, Nikhil!” shouts Abaddon, earlier than submerging into the sand instantly. He reemerges among the many grounded group, knocking Ekon, Lenore, and Murdina inclined as they fail to keep up their footing.

He's gonna fist you Battle for Beyond gif

The Architect slams his heavy fists down, narrowly lacking Lenore however critically hitting Ekon, knocking him unconscious in a single blow.

Murdina, considering Ekon is useless, seeks to avenge him, slicing by the fist of the seemingly remorseful Abaddon. Sestia strikes her lightning storm overhead as soon as extra, utilizing her Cosmic Omen of Woe to cut back Abaddon’s saving throw towards the strike. Lightning explodes items of the enormous arm nonetheless shrouding the crumpled physique of Ekon. Ekon rolls a hit on his first loss of life saving throw. Lenore runs over to Ekon and casts treatment wounds at third stage, reviving him in a fury.

I am back! Battle for Beyond gif

Lenore’s non secular weapon swings and strikes true once more. Leila calls upon the identify of the ruler of this enviornment, utilizing her Channel Divinity, Order’s Demand. Abaddon sadly is proof against being charmed. She casts protect of religion on herself, calling for him to yield. The Architect chuckles, and calls to Nikhil, “Come at me, large boy!” Nikhil is insulted that Abaddon can be so disrespectful.

Ageism gif from Battle for Beyond

Nikhil drops into freefall like a diving peregrine falcon, and carves closely by the tempest type along with his lance, cleaving off the whole lot of its injured arm. The arm scatters into the sand under, earlier than rising up as a hand, clenching Lenore and Ekon tightly in its grasp…

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