All Terrain Goblin Race

All terrain Goblins are specialized war machines. Their name comes from the terrain on which they are built. They have a hard wearing and mud covering shell which is great for working in the mud, staying hidden and being undetected. They can also be fitted with anti-aircraft guns and other modifications to enable them to take on any target that may come their way. They can be used in offensive as well as defensive ways and are ideal for use in many terrain battles.

all terrain goblin

They are very versatile in use and can be used in a number of ways. One of the most effective ways is as a troop carrier. Their speed and extreme maneuverability makes them an excellent choice for troops on the move. This makes them a valuable asset to any army whether they be on the offensive or defensive.

Goblins are also well equipped to carry smaller arms and ammunition. They are also well armed to ensure they do not get taken out before the battle even starts. Goblins can fire their ranged weapons quite effectively if trained for it and this is something which makes them highly valuable to any army.

The all terrain variant of the Goblin can be fitted with different types of armour. Some varieties are fitted with heavy duty tracks whilst others are lightly armoured. They can withstand bullets and arrows but can be badly damaged by a direct hit from a larger weapon. Their tracks can however be reinforced and be made to be bullet proof.

Goblins are well armed with a number of weapons. One of these weapons is the Club. This is a two handed sword that can cause some serious injury when it hits its target. It has a powerful bite to allow it to cleave through armour. Other weapons include thenee mortar, axe and spear.

As with any army of course there are a few disadvantages. One of these is that they are poorly built. When you add on their fragile state it’s no surprise that these war machines often have to be repaired after engagements.

Despite this they are considered to be very useful. They are effective against larger Orcs and Trolls. This is because their design allows them to remain hidden until they are ready to attack. Once they are attacking they are very hard to kill as they are very tough. If you face one successfully then you will know that you are dealing with an opponent of great strength and skill. These are strong and large creatures and can easily smash through any defence with great success.

There are, as we have seen, many variants of the All terrain Goblin. The Troll variant is particularly interesting because it combines the damage resistance afforded by the Troll with the ability to cause stunning blows with its teeth. Once again the all terrain variants of these creatures are very hard to destroy. Even when they are destroyed the damage they cause is usually very minimal.

The most famous of these variants is the Gargoyle. A Gargoyle is a very old and dangerous creature, almost certainly older than any of the Earth elementals. It has cleft hooves and its body is made out of a combination of stone and leather.

It can climb and attack with great speed and is well-known for using its tail as a sword. Its eyes glow hot and it is a very good fighter. The only weakness is that it has very large feet. Other than that it is one of the best choices of units in any army.

At the other end of the spectrum we have the Bat. A Bat is very similar to a Troll in appearance and capabilities. They do not however, share their agility and ability to deal out great amounts of damage with their teeth. Instead a Bat uses its fangs, which are very damaging, to deal out quick damage. And yes, the damage they do does equal that of a troll!

There are two types of All Terrain Goblins to choose from; the Bat and the Gargoyle. You can purchase them separately but I would suggest that if you are going to go down this route you should buy them as a part of one unit. The Bat is the weaker of the two and you don’t want to waste your money on something that will just die out very quickly. But then again, both are powerful units and worth purchasing. Just remember to keep them in groups so they are better at hitting anything that crosses their path.